68 years since he last sat in a classroom, 96-year-old World War II veteran Bob Barger graduated with an associate’s degree from the University of Toledo on Saturday. After serving as a Navy pilot in the war, Barger returned home to Toledo and started taking college classes, but never finished his degree because he was busy with a job and raising a family. The school recently reviewed his transcripts from the late 1940s after he struck up a friendship with Haraz Ghanbari, a Navy Reserve officer and the school’s director of military and veteran’s affairs. The transcripts showed he had enough credits to qualify for the two-year diploma - something which was not offered when he was attending classes. “It was something I never dreamed of,” Barger said.


The Libro de los Juegos, (“Book of games”) was commissioned by Alfonso X of Castile and completed in Toledo in 1283. It is an exemplary piece of Alfonso’s medieval literary legacy.

The book consists of ninety-seven leaves of parchment, many with color illustrations, and contains 150 miniatures. The text is a treatise that addresses the playing of three games: a game of skill, or chess; a game of chance, or dice; and a third game, backgammon, which combines elements of both skill and chance.