told you my taste in music is weird


“Everyday is all the same, like no matter what the reason is the seasons never change. I think of all the time I’ve spent drifting far away and zoning out as I’m clocking in”, I’m playing music in my head while waiting for dismissal. I can’t even keep up with what our instructor is saying, I’m too absorbed with my desire of going home. It has always been like this, attend school, go out with friends, and have some lone time contemplating life. “Seems like even cupid don’t know what to do, everybody’s got somebody but me”, that song suddenly popped on my head and I got shivers. It’s almost annoying hearing people talk to you about not having been in a relationship, I wonder if it’s a requirement. Sometimes I think, maybe I’m really not that attractive, then I look around, “nah, I really don’t mind”. I’ve been existing in this world for more than 20 years and about to graduate without romance in life, I guess I’m used to it. It’s not like I don’t want to, it’s not like I want it either, I just can’t imagine myself with one. I’ve always been afraid with the idea of settling down, imagining it makes me sick. Suddenly, I heard my classmate calling me out, then I realized I spaced out again. “What were you thinking just now?” My friend asked, “nothing important really” I said. “Well it’s time to go, guess I’ll find some guy on the way home, see ya” I told my friends then get out of the class. I put my headphones on then thought, if there’s someone I want to be with, this guy should love the songs on my playlist, I’ve never seen one, people always thought I have some alienated playlist but I don’t mind, unlike them who just goes with the flow, I wanted to submerge myself into real music.
“Hello Mr. Sun, today’s the day we change our plans, and end the war against our own selves” “I forgot again to stop the music last night” well it’s saturday and I’m out of good books, I badly need one. I rushed to the bathroom and got excited with the idea of going to a book store. I missed being there, I’ve been busy with my studies so I barely have the time to stop by. As I look for some interesting stories, a fancy note got my attention. “I’m searching for a perfect soul that I may never find”, it’s a line from Ryan Cabrera’s all night train. I smiled, then look for that someone who wrote it, also I bought the book that’s with the note. I suddenly got curious to whom it might be. But it’s only 9:30am and there are no other customer than me, so I continued the lyrics of the song instead and asked if he’s a boy or a girl then I left.
I found myself smiling while going out of the store when a guy caught my attention, he looks mysterious so I followed him with my gaze. He went on the spot where I found the note but he just scanned the books then look on other shelves. I was quite disappointed ‘cause I got my hopes up thinking he might be that person. When I’m home, I rushed to my room and stare at the book I bought, I’ve got an eye on this book the last time I went to the store but I have no extra money to buy it. Maybe it was fate telling me to buy it already since I ’m really interested to it. Or maybe, “no it can’t be”, I’m just imagining things. I tried to take a nap, but then I decided to head back to the store and search for the note. The person replied and the note says he’s a guy. Again I searched the surrounding, but there’s no one. I tried scribbling some lyrics of the song Amazing by Andrew Allen saying, “what is this life I’ve stumbled into, where’s it going to take me, where’s it going to take you?” then left when I bumped into this same guy I saw earlier. “Sorry” we both said and smiled at each other. He really is handsome especially when he smiles. I watched him from afar while he’s searching for books when suddenly he wrote something while he’s on the shelve I just left. I ignored it then went downstairs, but I went back to see what he wrote. I was so happy with what I saw, “If life is a journey, then I know where I’ll be, by the ocean, or that valley in the sea. But I don’t think anyone’s looking for me, especially you” he replied. As I thought, he really is that guy, and he even continued the lyrics of the song I wrote on the note. He saw me smiling and approached me “Hi, so it’s you?” he said and I nod. “It was just a habit of me to write notes randomly and it’s the first time that someone replied and I was so surprised” he continued. “If it’s just a random note then I won’t really care, it’s the lyrics that really caught my attention” I replied. “I didn’t know that someone knows that song” he said, “well I kind of like those type of songs so yeah, someone knows it” I replied, “so does anyone told you that you had weird taste of music?” He said while laughing and I said, “all the time” while rolling my eyes. “Well it was nice meeting you, I gotta go” I said, we said our goodbyes then went off.
While heading home I realized I didn’t asked his name, maybe it’s not meant to be. Maybe that incident just taught me to try changing my mindset and give love a try, maybe just that, nothing more. I barely convinced myself, and next thing I knew, I’m already walking towards the store again. He’s not there, offcourse. I was depressed so went to a coffee shop, good thing I brought that book with me so I started reading it while having my coffee. “Off the pages” I heard someone said. I put down the book and stared at this guy and smiled, “it’s you again” I said. He sat in front me and said “you actually bought that? That’s where I put the note right?” “Yeah, I really wanted to buy this book and it so happened that it’s with that note”.
It was the first time I liked someone, I never felt this before. I’m afraid, but for now I’ve decided, maybe I’ll give it a try. Unconsciously, I started singing “I’m gonna break down these walls I built around myself, I wanna fall so in love, with you and no one else”, instead of being embarrassed, I just smiled. Starting that day, we’ve been sharing music together.

Shoot your Shot Part 3 - Auston Matthews

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So today was move in day for my college so I didn’t have time to even start part 4 so I’m not sure when I will have that done by. I’ll try to finish it tonight so all I’ll have to do tomorrow is edit. I don”t know if it will be up tomorrow but I’ll try my best. Also, this one has Auston in it about 90% of the time.
Words: 1954
Warning: None I could be wrong


Auston told me that they had the day off so I told him to get a couple of the guys and meet back at my house in about an hour and a half. We exchanged numbers and I told him to text me when he was on the way. I ran upstairs and headed straight to the shower. Wrapping myself in a towel, I headed to my closest to pick out something to wear. I wanted to look good because I was hanging out with Auston but I also didn’t want to over dress for the occasion. It took me about 20 minutes to find the perfect outfit. After that, I did my hair. I didn’t bother on doing any make up today because I couldn’t put any near my stitches. Heading downstairs, I put my shoes on and waited in my living room for Auston to text me, Kenzie had surprisingly woken up and called me immediately.

“Oh my good Logan! They all followed you, can you get them to follow me? Did you DM them yet? They even commented on your picture. I told you it was meant to be.” She continued to ramble on for about 5 Minutes about her being right about him being the love of my life before I stopped her.
“Calm down Kenz, if you want you can come hang out with them with me today. Auston showed up at the house to apologize and asked if there was anything he could do to make up for it. I told him yes so, I’m taking him and a couple of the guys to go see the little boy and his father that gave us the tickets. You in?” I asked
“Yes yes, a million times yes! When do you want me to be there?”
“Well you could come to my house right away and get a drive with us or you could just meet us there.”
“I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes.” She told me
“Alright, see you then.” I said hanging up

Waiting for everyone to get here, I turned on the tv and start flicking through the channels. I got a text from Auston saying that he was on the way. As soon as I replied, Kenzie came running through my front door.

“Did I miss them?” She asked panting
“No, they’re on their way. Did you run here?”
“My god Kenzie you live like 7 blocks away! Here, drink this.” I said handing her a bottle of water

We sat on the couch watching some random show waiting for them to get us. Kenzie was to winded to talk anymore. I texted my dad making sure it was okay to visit the little boy. My dad thought it was a great and told me to text him when we were on the way and he would meet us by the doors. I’m a little worried about my dad seeing Auston because he was so angry at him last night. Even talked about suing him. It took some time to talk him out of that one. About 5 minutes later I hear a horn honk outside. Turning off the tv and grabbing the things I bought the family last night at the game, me and Kenzie headed outside. Getting out of the car was Auston, Mitch, and William. Kenzie ran outside and practically attacked them all with hugs while greeting them.

“Slow down there Kenz, I don’t think David would like you all over a bunch of guys.” I reminded her of her boyfriend.
“Sorry just kind of got excited.” She said backing off of them
“I’m not sure if she introduced herself while she was attacking you but that’s Kenzie and I’m guessing she knows who you are.”
“Well this is William and Mitch,” Auston said introducing us to him, “When you said there was something I could do to make it up to you, I didn’t think it would involve our friends.” He said winking.
“Well someone gave my dad the tickets for helping his son.” I said trying to hid the blush that crept onto my face. “I feel bad because his son was so excited to go to the game. He’s a huge fan of you guys so I figured you guys could go surprise visit him, if that’s okay with you guys?” I checked with them.
“That’s a great idea, I love meeting the fans. How old is he?” William asked me
“I think he’s 6.”
“He’s going to be so excited. I can’t wait to see his face.”
“Alright guys let’s go!” Mitch yelled at all of us while hopping into the front seat. It was me, Kenzie, and William in the back with Auston driving.
“I know we’re doing a good thing right now and that this is how you wanted me to repay you but I’m going to repay you another way with just me and you.” Auston told me before getting into the front seat.

The drive to the hospital was less then quiet. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Auston just said to me. Maybe Kenzie was right about him. Trying to get Auston out of my head, I texted my dad to tell him we were on the way. He replied and said he was waiting for us by the door. Poor Will in the back didn’t get a chance to even think because Kenzie wouldn’t stop ask him questions and talking the ear off him. I tried my best to help Will by talking to Kenzie but it didn’t work. I’m going to have to make I get the middle seat on the way home. Auston kept stealing glances at me in the mirror. Every time I would catch him I would give him a small smile and he would smile back and look away. He didn’t talk too much, which I thought was weird. Mitch was sitting up front playing a very strange range of music. Everyone was complaining about it. I think I was the only one who actually enjoyed his weird range of music.

“Hey Mitch, you have to send me your playlist sometime.” I told him
“You actually like this?” Auston asked me dumbfounded
“Not the whole thing, some of it is shit, but he has some good songs on here.”
“Wow Logan, just when I thought we were getting along, you insult my music taste.” Mitch said pretending to be hurt.
“Well I have better playlists than him so I’ll send you mine instead.”
“I would like that” I told Auston smiling, “Also, my dad might be a little rude with you. He was pissed that you hit me in the eye. Almost tried to sue you actually. I talked him out of it thought. Can’t promise that he’s still not mad.”
“Matthews, meeting the parents already? A little early don’t you think” Mitch said laughing. This causing Auston to hit him on the arm.  

The rest of the ride consisted of Kenzie driving Will crazy and Auston and Mitch roasting each other and me laughing at them. When we arrived, dad was where he said he was right by the door. I introduced everyone to him and he shook their hands. All except Austons’ of course. He just kind of looked at him and nodded.

“Sorry about him, he’ll loosen up towards you soon.” I whispered to Auston, “So dad did you tell the little boy we were coming?”
“No, I didn’t tell him but I told his father. I thought he was going to cry. The little boys name is Geoff by the way.” Dad told us
“What happened to him anyway?” Auston asked trying to get my dad to warm up. Dad just glared at him before answering
“He suffered from a brain injury.”
“That poor boy. He’s doing better though, right?”
“Dad can you try to be a little nicer to him please? He truly is sorry for what he did and you know he didn’t try it” I said my dad pulling to the front of the group so it was just us.
“I’ll try to be nicer but I can’t make any promises. He did hurt my little girl after all.”
“Well dad I’m fine and it’s not going to leave any permanent damage so please, please, please try to be nicer.” I begged him
“Fine I will.”

We made our way up to the Geoff’s room. His dad met us outside of the room shaking the hands of all of the guys and thanking every one of us. He was almost in tears while thanking us, talking about how happy Geoff was going to be. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as happy as he was. That was until I saw Geoffs’ face light up when he saw the boys walk into the room. He got up out of bed so fast wanting to meet them. Both my dad and his told him to stop where he was and get back in bed immediately so he wouldn’t hurt himself. We gave him the bag of stuff I bought him at the game. He got so happy over the jersey asking the boys to sign it for him. We stayed there for about an hour because Kenzie had work. Geoff and the boys talked about hockey, told jokes, they signed a bunch more things for him, and took a lot of pictures so he could show all of his friends when they came to visit him. Geoff was getting tired from the pain medicine he was on so we all said good byes to him and headed out. His dad couldn’t stop thanking us. As we were leaving, my dad told me I had to pick up Mads from day care because he was going to be home later than normal. I made sure I got the middle seat when we got to the car and Will thanked me silently so Kenzie wouldn’t hear. Auston dropped us all off one by one. Dropping me off last.

“Actually, can you drop me off at the day care? I have to pick up my little sister.” I asked him
“Of course, did you want me to drive you and her home?”
“No that’s fine, she likes to walk home. I take her to the café where Kenzie works and we get lunch and then we walk around and go into different store and stuff. It’s her favourite thing. She loves learning about all the different thing in Toronto. We do it about once a week.”
“You guys are really close, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, she’s my everything. When she was born she had a heart defect and they didn’t think she was going to survive. The day she was born she had open heart surgery. She ended up needing 3 more. Her last one was a little over a year ago. It was touch and go there for a while but she’s a fighter.” I smiled at him getting a little teary-eyed thinking about almost losing her. He put his hand on my knee trying to comfort me. “Would you like to come with us on our walk today? If you’re not busy or anything”
“No that’s okay. I don’t want to intrude on your sister time or anything.”
“I promise its fine. She always tells me that we need someone new on our walks so she can teach them everything about Toronto that I taught her.” I told him laughing as we pulled into the day care parking lot.
“Alright I’ll come with guys. I could learn a thing or two about this place anyways.” He told me smiling.

Zodiac highschool Chapter #1: Pisces - “Fuck yeah, we’re in a band!”

“Wow, finally free time”

- Hey Pisces!

I turned and saw Libra waving energically, she was coming with Scorpio.

- Hi! How are you doing?

- Hoping this semester ends as it started, too quickly - Libra said.

- Uh, it would never be too quickly - Scorpio sighed.

Libra and I smiled, and she chocked;

- True. But appart of that, we have an awesome idea! - she started telling with emotion - As Scorpio and I are at almost all the classes together we ended up talking a lot and we found out that we love music and we have similar music tastes. But, although you’re a weird exception that likes all kinds of music genres. I thought that we could make a band. I mean, why not?

- Are you serious?! Count on me, then. - I said happily bitting my sandwich.

- Yeah… As I said to Libra it’s a cool idea, but I’m an awful guitarrist - Scorpio told.

- Crap! You play the guitar too?! - I said in surprise.

- Sup. Libra told me that you play the guitar, so… we’ve got two guitars and a bass. The problem is that one of the guitars, me, sounds like someone scratching a blackboard. Plus, we need more people and a singer.

Libra looked at me with those big hazel eyes;

- Pisces you should sing, you do it quite good. I’ve caught you singing in the highschool corridor a couple of times.

My face turned red with shame;

- Wow… but in public is hard…

- C’mon if you can play the guitar in a band you can sing - Libra sentenced with a huge smile.

- Okay. If you’re not busy you can come to mine after class and we practise something.

- Cool - ended Scorpio.

The bell rang with authority, ordering us, the students, to go back to class. On my way to art class I saw Cancer talking to a black-haired girl in the hallway.

- … yeah, they are nice - said Cancer.

- Owww, are you looking at him? - As Cancer raised her eyebrow, she continued - You know, at the guy with the oversized jumper that’s coming.

- Hi Cancer! - I said when I reached her.

- Hello Pisces. What’s up?

- Well nothing at all… Oh, yeah! We’re trying to start a band with Libra and Scorpio.

- Aaaw, that sounds nice! … But… with Scorpio? I thought you didn’t like him.

- Libra likes him and it’s her idea. He doesn’t seem confortable either and… we haven’t talked much to each other, so I hope it doesn’t turn out bad.

- A band? - asked the black-haired girl.

- Oh! Sorry, I forgot! This is Taurus, she is new.

- Pisces - I said with a smile.

- Nice to meet you Pisces - she said after shaking my hand.

- Taurus, we gotta go or we’ll be late. Bye Pisces! - said Cancer.

- Bye.. - I sighed after the two girls had disappeared in the hallway.

The hours till the end of the day were boring. In the highschool exit I saw Aries shouting at Capricorn, encouraged as it was obvious by Saggitarius.

- Fight me like a man! - Aries shouted.

- Go fuck yourself Aries! - said Capricorn trying to go away.

“Aries is an asshole” I thought. I answered Libra’s textmessage, telling her my adress. She told me that she was gonna give it to Scorpio too.

Fortunately the day was nearly to finish and it ended in the best way possible, with music! After seeing what songs that we already knew I could find myself lost in the music. The fingers sliding through the frets, the voice through my throat and late that night a comfy bed and the sweetest sleep of all.

ask meme!

thank you to @ekhoecho​ for tagging me in this!! (also i know i told you this already but your taste in music is fuckin fantastic holy hell *_*)

RULES: Answer 30 questions and then tag 20 other blogs!

  1. nicknames: i don’t think i actually have any! i’m open to suggestions tho ^^
  2. gender: female!
  3. star sign: capricorn :D
  4. height: 5′2.5. plz don’t judge i know i’m smol
  5. time: 1:06pm!
  6. birthday: january 5th… it’s so weird having my birthday so close to christmas haha
  7. favourite bands: in terms of western music? imagine dragons & panic! at the disco. in terms of k-pop? hoo boy. i stan a lot of groups. B.A.P, blackpink, f(x), KARD and mamamoo. :D
  8. favourite solo artists: western-wise, i’d pick melanie martinez, but also natewantstobattle because yes he counts. k-pop wise, then DEFINITELY hyosung, ailee and gain. :D
  9. song stuck in my head: exo’s ko ko bop but wITHOUT THAT UNGODLY MESS OF A DROP. seriously. look it up on youtube. people have made edited versions and it sounds a m a z i n g
  11. last show i watched: rick and morty! catching up on some of the recent episodes haha
  12. when did i create my blog: may 2016! ^^
  13. what do i post: oh god, what DON’T i post about, haha. mainly youtube stuff though! with a bit of k-pop/video games mixed in between. 
  14. last thing i googled: the strength of human hair because i was watching the tangled film theory and that shit is super interesting to me okay
  15. do you have other blogs: …i can barely manage having this one. XD
  16. do you get asks: i do, every now and again! :D
  17. why did you choose your url: i had no other ideas so i just chose my name w/ the last two numbers of the year i was born in. i’m so original. XD
  18. following: 196!
  19. followers: 245??? wait a fuckin minute when did pass 200 followers I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO MAKE A POST ABOUT THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING THANK YOU OML
  20. favourite colours: probably red and purple!
  21. average hours of sleep: recently i’ve been getting 7-8 hours, but i go back to school next week. so that’s gonna change pretty quickly. ><
  22. lucky number: 4! it’s always been 4, and i have no idea why.
  23. instruments: …is mayonnaise an instrument
  24. what am i wearing: pikachu pyjamas, gym pants and a hoodie. because comfort.
  25. how many blankets do i sleep with: just one! it’s all warm and fuzzy and it has foxes all over it :3
  26. dream job: either a computer programmer or - the thing i’ve been dreaming of since i was about 6/7 - working for nintendo. never gonna happen, but fuck it. i was a child. let me dream.
  27. dream trip: somewhere in asia (probably korea/japan - so seoul, busan or tokyo) or a major gaming convention! cause i feel like i’d just nerd out the whole time :3
  28. favourite food: not gonna lie, it’s probably popcorn haha
  29. nationality: i’m irish! i don’t seem to have the luck that’s supposed to come with it though…
  30. favourite song now: oh god plz don’t kill me but it’s probably weki meki’s debut song? it’s a mess of a song and i shouldn’t like it cause the line distribution is horrible but tHERE’S SOMETHING SO ADDICTIVE ABOUT IT. i mean ffs it’s called “i don’t like your girlfriend” they are being sassy af and i LOVE IT

i hope this isn’t breaking the rules or anything but i just wanted to leave this one as an open tag?? so if you read this and want to answer these questions yourself then go for it! :D (also i kinda just don’t want to tag a bunch of random people out of the blue haha)

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈

bingewatchingmylifegoby said: Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈

I got two of these so I’ll do them both at once. Ten things I like about myself will be hard because I don’t like all that much about me so some of them will be a little weird. Thank you lovelies, and here we go.

1. My eyes

2. My imagination

3. My writing

4. My hands (I like how I pick up things and how my fingers look when I type… I told you it’d get weird)

5. My taste in music

6. My intellect

7. My hair

8. The shape of my mouth

9. The way I make coffee; perfected over years

10. Sebastian is an internal influence at this point so he’s #10

Tagging whoever wants to do this

Omg you guys I almost forgot to tell you that today in my honors class, my teacher was telling us about his daughter and how he was puzzled, because her taste in music had changed drastically. He told us, “I’m not complaining, it’s just weird. She went from top 40 stuff to music like Asia and Journey and Kansas, she loves Carry On My Wayward Son. It was in the blink of an eye." 

And I didn’t say anything, but in my mind I was like