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The Beginning

A/n: This is something I’ve been playing with for a while now. I’m planning on writing more parts (if people like it anyway), so let me know what you think.

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My phone ring as I swept the machete through the last vampire’s neck, his head tumbling to the floor, the body crumpled to the ground joining the head seconds after. My eyes scanned the room making sure I was the only one there. Once satisfied I pulled out my ringing phone.

“What’s up, Bobby?” I asked after seeing his name on the caller ID.

“You finished with those vamps yet?” He asked.

“Yep. Just finished actually.”

“Are you up for another case?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“We’re not sure yet. You remember those brothers I told you about? Sam and Dean? You’ll be working with them. They’ll  catch you up on everything once you get there.”

“Okay. Where?”

“Farmington, Missouri.” Bobby told me where and when to meet the brothers, I agreed and hung up. I sighed at the thought of teaming up. I didn’t really like working with other hunters and usually avoided it at all costs. But it was Bobby asking and it was just one case how bad it could it be?

The next day I was sitting in the coffee shop waiting for Sam and Dean to show up. Bobby hadn’t told me a lot about the brothers, just that they were some of the best hunters he knows. I eyed everyone who walked through the doors, watching for someone who matched the descriptions Bobby had given me. Finally two guys walked in. One tall with long hair and the other slightly shorter with short hair, both wearing flannel. They stood at the doors, scanning the room, most likely looking for me. I waved them over.

“Sam and Dean?” I asked as they approached the table.

“You must be Y/n.” The taller one said. “I’m Sam and this is my brother Dean.” We shook hands and they sat down across from me.

“Bobby tells me you boys need help.” I said folding my arms on the table.

“Yeah, we have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this town.” Sam said.

Dean didn’t look too happy. Probably one of those people who don’t like asking for help from strangers. I understood, I’m the same way.

“All the victims are men,” Sam continued, “they all had their stomachs ripped open and their internal organs were missing.”

Dean, who hadn’t taken his eyes off me, finally spoke. “Two of them were missing their eyes.”

I nodded, taking the information in. Trying to think of what this monster could be. “Any Witnesses?”

“None.” Sam shook his head.

I thought for a moment. Running through a mental list of all the monsters I knew that ate internal organs, eyes, and only went after men. “I think you’re dealing with Pontianak.”

“A what?” Dean gave me a confused look.

“A Pontianak. The name literally means ‘woman who died in childbirth.’ They find the guy that did them wrong while they were alive and they dig into his stomach and they eat their innards.”

“What about the missing eyes?” Sam asked.

“If you look at them, they suck out your eyes.” I responded simply.

“Gross.” Dean commented.

I laughed at his response. “Wait till you smell her. At first it’s a really nice fragrance but then it turns…” I made a face remembering the disgusting smell. “It’s bad, very bad. You know she’s coming by her scent and the noise she makes. It sounds like a baby crying. The softer the cry and the more disgusting the smell the closer she is.”

“How do we kill it?” Dean asked, leaning forward.

“A nail to the neck.”

Dean’s sunk back into his seat, “This should be easy.” He said sarcastically.

“So what’s our first move?” Sam looked to me.

“We figured out who she was.” I pulled out my laptop and searched for women who had died in childbirth in the surrounding area. “Fifty… Okay…” I mumbled, refusing to be discouraged. I wanted to impress them, though I had no idea why.

“How are we going to know which one is her?” Dean raised his eyebrows.

“You sure ask a lot of questions.” I told him, paying more attention to the list of names on the screen than the brothers in front of me. “Got a list of victims by any chance?”

Sam nodded and dug some papers out of his bag and handed them over. I nodded a thanks and was about to look through them when someone walked by with a tray of food and it occurred to me that I hadn’t eaten yet.

“I need brain food.” I declared standing up. “What about you guys?”

“Yeah, we can go for some food.” Sam stood and we went to order our food, leaving Dean behind to watch our stuff.

I pulled out my wallet to pay but Sam put his hand over it, “I got it.”

“Dude, I can pay for mine.” I objected.

“Don’t worry about.” He said quickly handing money to the cashier, who was smiling at our interaction.

I rolled my eyes and went to lean on the wall while we waited for our number to be called.

“So, Y/n,” Sam joined me, “how long have you been at the job?”

I thought for a moment. “I went on my first hunt when I was eleven, so five years.”

“Eleven?” Sam looked at me shocked. “Isn’t that a little young to start hunting?”

I only shrugged.

“Five years? That would make you sixteen.”

“Yeah, and?”

“What about school?” Sam looked concerned.

“I still go to school.” I defended. “Why do you care, anyways? It’s not like you know me or anything.”

“You’re young. You should have a normal life, not be a hunter.”

“Sam,” I glared at him, “it is my life. I’m gonna do what I want with it no matter what anyone says. Besides, it’s not like we’re gonna see each other after this hunt anyways. We’ll be out of each other’s lives, so don’t try to tell me how to live mine.” Our number was called and I grabbed the try of food and walked back toward the table.

Sam slid in next to his brother. “Dude, she’s only sixteen.”

Dean looked up at me shocked. “And here I thought you just looked young for your age.” He shook his head in disbelief, “I can’t believe Bobby sent a kid to help us out.”

I ignored his comment and looked through the list of vics Sam had given me, occasionally popping fries in my mouth. “How ‘bout we focus on the case instead of my age? I think that’s a great plan.”

Sam gave me what I can only describe as a bitch-face.

I looked up the first guys name. “Robby Tanner, rapped a sixteen years old. Were his reproductive organs intact?”

Sam and Dean gave each other a look. “No, they were missing.” Dean answered reluctantly.

I nodded. “Sindy Wilcons was the rape victim,” I scanned down the list of women who died in childbirth, “and she died giving birth. Could be her.” I looked back at the boys. “Any others missing reproductive organs?”

“Um, yeah,” Sam took the papers from me. “ John Anderson and Mike Wilcons.”

“Was Mike her husband?” I asked.

Sam nodded.

I looked up the names Sam had given me. “Looks like Anderson was too. They got divorced and he ended up with everything.” I leaned back in my seat and crossed my arms over my chest. “I get why she’d have a grudge against him and Tanner but why Wilcons?” I said more to myself then them.

“What about the other two vics?” Dean asked between bites of his bacon cheese burger.

“Those the two with no eyes?” I asked.

He nodded, mouth full of food.

I looked through their files. “Well, I don’t see any obvious connection to Sindy and their reproductive organs were intact, which suggests she didn’t have a grudge with either of them. I’m guessing they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw her so she sucked out their eyes. These other three guys are the important ones, they all wronged her in some way. We need to figure out what Wilcons did and if she has any other men who pissed her off enough that she’d want to kill them.”

“We?” Dean raised his brow.

“Yeah, we.” I leaned forward giving them both a serious look. “I did the research to figure out what was up with these men.”

“Y/n, look we appreciate your help and I’m sure you’re a good hunter and all-” Sam started but I cut him off.

“Oh no, You are not kicking me off this case. I drove three hours to get here, I’m not just going to pack up and leave when the jobs half done. You guys wanted help and here I am. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

The brothers looked at each other, having a silent conversation. “Sam, no. She’s just a kid.” Dean said aloud.

“You’ve heard the rumors and the way Bobby talks about her, Dean. She can handle herself.”

“And there’s the fact that even if you say no, I still won’t leave and I’ll try to finish it before you.” I pointed out.

Dean sighed, “Fine. I guess we can work together.”

Now that that was cleared up Sam thought it was a good time to ask me more questions. “What got you into hunting?”

“And why do your parents let you do it?” Dean added.

“Really? We’re gonna do this?” I asked hoping to get out of question time.

They both nodded.

I let out a sigh knowing by the looks on their faces that they’d keep pestering until I answered. “A werewolf got my mom. My dad ditched me. So they don’t really let me do anything. That answer your questions?”

“No, it just raises more questions.” Dean informed me.

I ran my hand down my face. I was getting frustrated with the situation. “Look. I don’t really wanna go over my life’s story with two strangers. Let’s just get this hunt done and go our separate ways. Sound good?” I stood up to leave.

Gotta love those random phone calls (like the one I just got while trying to go to bed for my 11pm shift) saying that they’re from the “Government Grant Office” and that they want to give you money. Gee, thanks for telling me that you’re calling from “The United States” when my caller ID says “Washington.” That’s one thing (and the ONLY thing) you told the truth about…unless it was a spoofed number.

I got about 10 seconds in before I said “You’re a scammer, and I don’t want you calling me anymore because if you’re making this call, you’re an asshole. I don’t care if you were hired to do this; you’re an asshole for ACCEPTING the job. Delete my number” (I know they won’t delete my number).

But seriously…the government sends letters. They don’t call you. Not for ANYTHING. If you get a phone call pretending to be from the U.S. government, you are 100% free to hang up on them. Don’t tell them shit.

If you don’t believe me, ask if you can call them back. The number that called me, when I tried to return their call, led me to a message saying “the customer you are trying to reach is not available.”

So yeah…unless YOU set up the phone call, don’t tell ANYTHING to anyone claiming to be from the government, a familiar company, or anyone else. Odds are that they’re trying to pull one over on you.

Robertos inappropriate joke

Roberto: hey keithster wanna hear a joke!

Keith: no.

Roberto: well im gonna tell ya it anywaaay!

Keith: fine whatever.

Roberto: how do you catch a fish?

Keith: fishbait.

Roberto: how do you catch a squirrel!

Keith: what?

Roberto: //whispers in keiths ear// just put bait at the end of every one of the questions!

Keith: uh..okay? 

Roberto: how do you catch a tree!

Keith: tree bait?

Roberto: how do you catch a rock!

Keith: rock bait.

Roberto: how do you catch a eyemaster!

Keith: eyemaster bait.

All the princes: HAHAHAHA!!!

Roberto:i told you id get him to say it!

Keith: say what??



Roberto: its okay keithster! 


Roberto: roberto awaaaay!!!! //makes a fabulous get-a-way//

//side note i just heard this joke today from a friend who pretty much yelled it while we were shopping..i could just imagine roberto telling this joke to keith x’D pfft keith…not knowing what he said//

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It's funny how that anon came to white knight the suicide anon and clearly ignores the fact that you've been getting harassed by several people over an extended period of time which can make a person frustrated and agitated. The KS fans literally told you to kill yourself and this person tries to defend the anon who is triggered by the sight of the threat not directed at them wrather than the actual person who was threatened. Seriously.

yeah like?? sorry im being an asshole but im pretty damn tired of all this??? id turn off anon but ive been getting a lot of really nice ones so im just dealing w it and thats making me a litte snippy lmfao

master list

hey, friend. you’re probably wondering “wtf danielle, how did clicking ‘keep reading’ lead me here?!?!?!?!”. well, i’ll tell you.

the original post that was here (my master list) decided it was going to take out the links and not let me put them back!!!!!! so i had to make an entire new master list for my mobile friends which you can now find here!

i’m sorry if your expectations of finding any actual master list here were completely and utterly destroyed, but you know. blame tumblr.

i told myself i wouldnt do this again. i wouldnt let someone close to me, i wouldnt open up, i wouldnt make them know every inch of my body. i wouldnt let them know my thoughts without me speaking i wouldnt let them know my facial expressions and know what im thinking even before i have it figured out. i told myself that id know how to stop the pain before it became worse. i told myself i’d stop going to sleep at 4am to make sure i dont get that its over text while i was asleep, i stopped sleeping worried id get it when my eyes were shut out from the world. i told myself i wouldnt do this again and just when i thought i healed from the first storm the second one hit me. when things are good they’re good but when they’re bad i cant fucking breathe. i give and give and give never expecting anything back but sometimes its good to know that when you see me you smile a bit more than yesterday and sometimes i want a hug before you drop me off instead of a kiss and maybe im just tired of falling to sleep crying because i dont know what i did wrong, im tired of feeling like i do something wrong but fuck. i didnt know caring too much and making you my world was doing something wrong but i think now i understand you cant make people your world that only see you as their friday night, their temporary fun or even worse they dont even think of you when they say good bye.
—  id think of a title but my mind is still spinning 

A new girl that I made yesterday, named Cherise (thank you @syreni-sims for all the beautiful name suggestions, I picked one of those you told me!) is now on the gallery, cc free.

Her cc version is wearing:

ORIGIN ID: maimouth

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Williamsburg, VA

(I work for a pretty well-known, somewhat expensive, athletic wear store whose logo resembles an “H”.  However the location I work at is an outlet store, so the price is a lot cheaper for our clothes.  The customer in question had come in the previous day, and despite corporate policy, we held several items (all of which were clearance) for her because she had been so polite.  However the whole interaction on this particular day took forever, and her attitude got progressively worse as we went on.)

Customer: *At the register*  Oh I remember you, you helped me the other day.  I told you I’d come back.  Oh and don’t forget my 10% discount.

(Note: we give three 10% discounts.  One is to military and civil service personnel and the second corresponds to a coupon book offered by the mall.  We must actually verify these discounts by either checking ID or making sure they do in fact have the “VIP coupon book”.  The third discount is tricky, it’s our “team discount”. You have to get at least 10 of the same item in all different sizes, AND you must prove it’s for a team.  Normally the team manager calls and talks to our store manager, or even corporate at times, to verify for this particular discount.)

Me:  Oh sure, are you military?

Customer:  No I am not, but I get 10% off.

Me: Well I’d certainly love to give you your discount, do you have your VIP coupon book with you?

Customer:  Why would I have that?  Just give me the 10% off.  I come here almost every month and they always give me a discount for buying so much.

Me:  Unfortunately, I’ve never seen you in the past two years I’ve worked here and *jokingly*  you really don’t have all that much here.

(Second Note:  She only had 18 items, and since they were clearance the total was a little over $250, really this wasn’t all that much by our standards.)

Customer:  No!  You’re giving me a discount or I’m not buying it.

Me:  Well ma'am, they do check the cameras every now and then and if I’m seen giving you a discount without checking to make sure you get it, I could get fired.  Since I’d rather not lose my job, I’m sorry, but I can’t give you a discount.

Customer:  But the managers do it all the time.

Me:  Oh really?  Which ones?

Customer: Your store manager!

Me:  Let me go grab her real quick then, but I can tell you, she’s going to say the exact same thing that I’ve said.

Customer: *ignoring my offer to grab a manager* Come on, what will it take for you to give me a discount?

Me:  Well, If you’re an AAA member, I can hold your items while you go get the coupon book, which would be free to you, so you can get the discount.  However, if you don’t want to do that; we’re having a promotion for the month of October through the mall and I’ll give you 25% off one item since I have that book that someone left.  *I went ahead and did that discount on her highest priced item which was marked $24.97 on clearance (PS: this item was originally $40)*

Customer: That’s not the same, and it won’t save me much.

Me:  You’re right, but the way I figure it, a little savings is better than nothing.  Plus I did it on your most expensive item, this $25 tank top, that way you got the most savings from it.


Me:  *shows her on the tag where it says $24.97 and somehow at this point I’m still keeping my cool*  Unfortunately it is that price.  Did you want me to take it off this transaction?

Customer:  OF COURSE I DO.  *picks up the tank top and throws it at me*  Now which item will you do the 25% off of now?  Or will you finally give me the 10% like you should.

Me: None of them. I had merely done it out of courtesy. Technically I could still have gotten in trouble for discounting that item as it wasn’t YOUR coupon book.

Customer: *realizing I’m not falling for her “pleas”  Well fine! I don’t want it.  *shoves it all away from her, knocking several items off the counter*

Me:  Alright then, have a great day and hope to see you again soon.  *I say this to a lot of customers, it’s just a habit of mine.)

Customer:  *wheels around*  WHAT’S. YOUR. NAME.

Me: *writes down my name, my bosses name and my store number*  Here’s all the information you’ll need.  Now please leave my store.

Coworker:  *turns to me*  How’d you handle that without blowing up at the customer?

Me:  Too many years of working retail and dealing with idiots.

(I went and told my store manager what happened and she just laughed, and said “I hope she does report you.  I think it’d make the district manager laugh too.”)

  • Skylar: It after dream and its about love mess with there talk to someone here right.
  • Cleverbot: Anything you can do I can do better.
  • Skylar: Thats an exciting word to say.
  • Cleverbot: We can talk about the first thing that comes up!
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  • Cleverbot: You are the one who doesn't make sense all the time.
  • Skylar: Argue it id think bus stop each year though what is your favorite without ever did make does skylar seem like tell him want to be friends big small wide teach word I.
  • Cleverbot: I wasn't talking about horses. I'm talking about snuggies.
  • Skylar: Sure bees there and people listening to people up there told you. Snuggies?
  • Cleverbot: No.

So I missed the fearless tour and always said Id never miss another tour of my little sis/bestie taylorswift and I haven’t,well I thought this year i most deff would have to miss it.things worked out and I just bought tickets!!!! I’ll be seeing U in Atlanta along with my mom and cousin!taylorswift im crying tears of joy cant wait to be around all the Swifties in one room again!yes im in" P floor seats 1,2,3 row 21 !!!im just Ive been wishing to make it and I told you taylor I wouldn’t let you down.i love you girl and I hope to finally meet you in Atlanta and get to talk with you,cause I hugged you at the B stage on the Speak now tour 11/11.this year has just had its downs with me and I just need to see you and have no idea how this year Ive leaned on you more then ever.ive had your back since 07 and forever!!i love you so much and really hope I get to finally meet you little sis!!!in ATLANTA OCT 24th!!!! And Im so happy your happy and found a nice guy!if he doesn’t treat you right I’ll go all Meredith on him be bringing out my claws!! tree-paine

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Today my friends and I were talking and one of them said if someone wanted to fight me and started punching me id yell "rape" and I said that wasn't right because you weren't getting raped then he said he was saying it to get attention so he wouldn't get punched and I said I understand you want attention but yelling rape when you're not being raped isn't right and they all told me I was overreacting and that it's ok bc they weren't making fun of rape. Are they right??

You should let them know that law enforcement have instructed people to yell “fire” when they are being raped because that gets far more attention and notice than yelling “rape”. It would also be good to explain to them that rape is the most disgusting and vile form of assault on a human being and to yell rape when you are not being raped belittles and silences the actual victims of rape, you are not overreacting, you are being smart. Good luck, and thanks for the question! 

-The Daily Feminist