told you i'd make something!

Jonsa AU: Poldark

(i don’t watch the show but basically i saw the promo photos for season 3 of poldark and gasped really loudly and then proceeded to make this at 1am in the morning. what are priorities?)


He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.


incomprehensible urge to write a fic where leorio takes in a stray dog and constantly complains how expensive it is, but secretly he loves this dog

at one point, leorio is complaining sitting on the curb outside some kind of administration office, upset about a reduction of his monthly stipend, like “how can they do this I have a family to support?” and killua rolls his eyes at him like “you have ONE dog"


“no…that isn’t her… that can’t be her. that isn’t her. it can’t be…”