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Beyoncé & Guinness World Records
  • Most liked photo on Instagram
  • Fastest pic to reach 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 million likes in Instagram history
  • ONLY picture to surpass 9, 10, and 11 million likes in Instagram history
  • Almost 9,000 tweets per second when she announced Blue, following her VMA performance of Love On Top 
  • Most Grammy nominations by a female artist (62)
  • First artist owned music streaming service (TIDAL)
  • Album that reached #1 in the most places at once (Self Titled: The Visual Album owns this title, 25 by Adele is second place, Lemonade is third place)
  • Fastest and highest selling album in iTunes history (Self Titled)
  • Second consecutive album that hit #1 in over 100+ places at once (Self Titled and Lemonade)

another assignment for the class I’m doing! They told us to grab any two characters from a game/movie/series and insert them in another game/movie/series. I first thought of choosing reaper and soldier and adapt them to dark souls because i rly love them but i didnt have any idea on how to adapt soldier and his rifle. And then. I thought of mccree all of a sudden and my friend suggested bloodborne, where you can carry guns! Because reaper isn’t reaper without his huge guns and mccree isn’t mccree without his pistol. So Yep. Mccree and reaper in bloodborne. (open the bigger pic in a new window if u want, it looks better bigger)


  • [text]: did you enjoy the pics? ;)
  • [text]: send me pictures
  • [text]: where are you? why aren’t you back yet?
  • [text]: i dont know if this is what i want anymore
  • [wrong number text]: (muse name) has gone out for the night, i’m all alone ;)
  • [wrong number text]: i just don’t know if i love them anymore
  • [wrong number text]: can we forget about last night? don’t tell (muse name) please!
  • [wrong number text]: i fucked her/him aha ;-) told (muse name) it was just a drunk kiss tho
  • [text]: i love you so fucking much
  • [text]: i hate you
  • [drunk text]: UR SUCH A BITCH I H9 U 
  • [text]: i cannot stop thinking about you
  • [text]: i need you. now.
  • [text]: please respond. im so worried about you
  • [text]: last night was so GOOD
  • [text]: what are you wearing? ;)
  • [text]: is he bigger than me?
  • [text]: did you sleep with her ?!
  • [text]: you’re just a slut
  • [drunk text]: yOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL !!>!
  • [drunk text]: dont tell (muse name) but theY ARE so hot
  • [drunk text]: im iss youu
  • [text]: bed or floor? ;-)
  • [text]: not to be desperate or anything but im currently home alone and on the verge of jerking myself off to pictures of you. would be better if it was the real you though !
  • [text]: i want you naked.
  • [text]: are you going to the party on saturday?
  • [text]: i want to show you how much i love you
  • [text]: do you hate me?
  • [text]: i’m so sorry
  • [text]: WAS THAT A SEXT
  • [text]: family dinner tomorrow night, and i’m prolly gonna finger you under the table..
  • [text]: I just bought new underwear for the sole purpose of you taking it off
  • [text]: netflix and chill? 
  • [drunk text]: lveae me alone for 29 minutes !!! jeezss
  • [text]: damn you looked so good today. kinda wanted to bend you over that table you were leaning on lol 
  • [text]: where are you i have something you need to fix (its a boner)
  • [text]: wtf is the notebook even about?? “if you’re a bird then i’m a bird” ? they’re both humans

“I just want to remind you all today, in case no one’s told you.. This is so cheesy but I just want to remind you how beautiful and loved you are. I know that right now it may be a scary time to be yourself, but I just want to say that you’re so beautiful and your differences are so beautiful. I’m inspired by you and I support you, and in case no one has told you how beautiful you are, I love you.”


Ship Posters: Andreil

Their I love you is in their Stay, in their Don’t Go, in their Welcome Home, in fingers hooked in belt loops and lingering looks across a room, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

boys of summer

”You know body positivity?” Magnus asks, drumming his fingers against his thigh.

”Isn’t it like, the celebration of all kinds of bodies?” Mahdi says with a mouth full of waffles.

“You want us to celebrate your body?” Isak smirks, leaning back on his chair.

“You’ve got great arms, Mags,” Jonas nods.

“Aww, thanks bro, you too,” Magnus reaches out his hand to squeeze Jonas’s arm. “No but what I mean is, I see Vilde look at these body positivity accounts on insta, right. These chicks posing in their underwear and shit, you know the stuff?”

“I’ve been over accounts of chicks in their underwear for a while now,” Isak sucks in an exaggerated breath. “But do continue.”

“So, I see her look at these pics, right, and from the way she talks about them, I get the feeling that she wants to try it out but is too afraid to do it, you know?”

“You mean post a body positivity pic?” Jonas asks, receiving a nod from Magnus. “It does take a lot of guts to put your body out there for everyone to criticize.”

“Yeah man, especially for chicks, they get so much hate online,” Mahdi chimes in.

“Yeah, I can see that, so I wanna do something to encourage her, to show her that I support her, which got me thinking, maybe I should do it first?”

“Ojjj, are you leaking your nudes,” Isak cocks his head.

“I was thinking of, I don’t know, posting a shirtless pic or something. Do you think that’d be weird?”

“Why would it be weird to want to support the person you love?” Isak asks, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes gone.

“Yeah bro, nothing wrong with that. Think how many shirtless pics that guy William probably takes per day just to support his ego.”

“You heard the man,” Jonas says. “Just do it, straight up.”

“Thanks dudes,” Magnus beams, taking off his shirt. “So, who’s gonna take the pic?”

“You wanna take the pic now? At school? The fuck?”

“I just told you? I wanna show my girl that I support her as soon as possible.”

“Jesus Mags,” Isak shakes his head and holds out his hand. “Give me your phone and strike a pose.”

“Wait, I’ve got a better idea,” Jonas grins and abruptly springs up from his chair before clapping his hands. “Mahdi, finish your waffle, boys, take off your shirts, it’s summer, we’re taking a pic.”

“We are?” Magnus cups his cheeks in excitement. “How should we stand?”

“Isak can be in the back row since he’s got the ugliest face,” Mahdi shoots.

“For your information, I’ve got the best legs so I’m gonna show them off in the front row,” Isak says, throwing his leg on the table.

“But wait, Isak, before we take the pic,” Magnus says, eyes widening, “can you get Even to come here?”

“Get your own fucking boyfriend.”


book cover redesign: illuminae

I should have told you I loved you every day.
I should have given you the stars.
And now it’s too late.


We know that that’s Adam in full Kylo in the first pic, but what if I told you that that’s Carrie behind that guy in full Leia. The hair and cloth bit is consistent. THE IMPLICATIONS.

Edit: Okay, so I thought that the hand in the second pic was Snork-Butt, but it appears that it’s probably not and in my adrenaline induced high from HELLO LEIA AND KYLO?? I was seeing things but in my defense it really looked like Snoke’s gold robe. If that is your hand, Finn (and it probs is), I’m sorry for calling it shitty, I love ya man! And BB-8, you’re safe…for now. (Original Post: “Also, that’s Snoke in the second pic. Shitty hand, gold sleeve. BB-8′s fuckeddddddddd”)

PS: I’m coming out with an in-depth, frame-by-frame analysis video of the BTS reel soon. I’ll post it on Tumblr for anyone that cares to watch.

My ECCC Experience

Warning – This turned into a book. I will put the bulk under a cut.

 Well, what a weekend that was. I see many people have shared their experiences & I wasn’t going to cause I didn’t want to be repetitive (plus I hate writing), but what the hell – here we go.

 It all started on Thursday night when my husband & I checked in at the Sheraton & then headed over to The Whisky Bar to meet up w/ about 25 other fans for whisky tasting & general mayhem. It was such a blast to meet other fans in the flesh & everyone was so lovely.

 Friday was very long & tiring, but also quite exhilarating. It started with waiting 3 ½ hours in line for the panel in VERY tight & warm conditions, but a good number of people had to wait in the cold rain, so I won’t complain. We ended up in the 8th row on the center aisle. We had a perfect view of the stage, but a bit far for any great pics from my camera phone, but I’ll share a couple here anyway.

 Since everyone saw the panel already, I won’t get into that except to say it was absolutely marvelous. Sam & Cait were glorious live & the energy in the room was palpable. Everything they said is pretty much a blur & I still need to rewatch it to make it all real.

 We went straight to the autographs after the panel, but they were already capped off, so we hung out for a bit & then headed to our dual photo-op w/ Sam & Cait. The organization was a complete shit-show and they had no idea what they were doing. We were moved all over the place & then smooshed all together against the wall to wait again while they figure it out. After about an hour, they got it together & we were on our way to stand in line.

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Wings and Embers

Fellow acomaf fans,

Because I love Wings and Embers (for those who don’t know, Wings and Embers is the bonus nessian story found in the target edition of acomaf) I turned the pics I found — taken by @bookofademigod (@this post) HUGE THANKS btw. Without you, we would’ve been missing a lot!— into text so I can easily reread it. And I thought why not share it?? So here it is!

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East of Eli concert in Rome with Chyler Leigh

Let’s start this recap by saying we only found out they were coming to Italy like two days before the concert itself. As Johann Frank too said on his twitter, this has been their most last minute show ever. It was amazing though, they’re all so talented and down to earth. I had such a good time and Nathan is so funny. When they took over the stage, East of Eli’s music managed to enthrall me completely. Obviously, seeing Chyler in person up so close (I was in the second row) was heart-stopping. I don’t know how it’s possible but that woman is even prettier in real life, damn! Nathan and Chyler made us laugh various times during the concert, so dorky and cute. I have a couple of videos I can share if anyone wants me to, either of them trying to speak Italian or of the live performances (Chyler’s voice ♥♥)

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Why you should love your cosplay body! ❤️ long body pos post incoming
Pic by @reidoll
(ty so so much for this beautiful photo!)
Ever since I posted this cosplay, I’ve been told I’m “too big for whore bikinis” (a relative), was sent an anon message that accused me of “sucking in my gut”, and sent hate about my body. Although the positive comments outweigh the negative, the negatives can still sting us. But you know what? These comments don’t affect me anymore. Through cosplay I’ve learned to love myself and my body. I’m not a small girl or a model like Ann. I’m a size 10/12 and yeah, my stomach isn’t completely toned. But you know what? I love Ann and I love myself. This goes out to anyone who was subject to hate about their bodies at #colossalcon and more. People are sinister, jealous, and will use words to hurt and shame you. Keep rocking your cosplays and learn to love yourself. I survived an eating disorder and bounced back thanks to the cosplay community and learning to accept myself. ❤️ you can too, no matter what size you are ❤️

Hoe Tip: Be a sweetie!

One of the best things you can do to make a sugar daddy fall in love with you is to embrace your sweet side. When I found out that my daddy was going in for back surgery, the first thing I told him was to let me know if I could bring him anything that day or if I could help at all in the days after. I made sure to send him some sexy pics the night before and to check up on him the day he went in. He was so touched that I texted!
The next day he joked to send coffee. I told him I was at work but I’d love to see him after. Picked up coffee just the way he likes it on the way. He was so grateful just to be cared about and cared for. He also wants to take me shopping after graduation and told me to practice my Italian 😸😸

It’s not hard to go a little bit extra. I didn’t ask him to pay me back for the coffee or gas to drive up. I just dressed extra cute for work and saw him after. Treat your sugar daddy as good as you would your favorite boyfriend. Spoil him back. Treat him right.

That is what makes you a keeper.

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

anonymous asked:

aww thank you so much for explaining the 2 week rule. Seems legit! To answer your question: Well I wasn't necessarily an antt. I'd also never been super involved with 1D tbh. I liked most of their songs & thought they're cute, buy a song or two & watched some interviews. So I didn't know lot about them besides the public narrative & I just never thought about it too much. (1/6)

The first time I heard about H/L as an actual couple was probably in 2014 & I looked into it a little bit, nothing too wild tho. I just brushed H/L’s behavior off. I’d been like: “Oh, but I do that with my friend?”, “Well.. My two guy friends act the same.”, “Nothing weird about that…” you name it. It wasn’t until I first listened to Two Ghosts until I started to look into it more. I remember (okay that sounds way too dramatic it was like 2 months ago lmao) buying H’s album. (2/6)

And listening to the songs in chronological order. Carolina seemed kinda fishy (keep in mind that was before the official narrative of Townes was talked abou it) & I was like: “Since when does H do drugs?” (maybe it’s my Johnny Cash heart that made me think of Coke). Then 2G came on & I just kept thinking about Louis for some weird reason. So I tried to be logical about it (& not go on tumblr at first!) & I started to look up old pics/videos & just got a weird feeling about it. (3/6)

Somewhere between “okay they’ve been married for 84 years” & “maybe I’m reading too much into this” I decided to want to make up my own mind & not “fall for” conspiracies. So I did what any 21 y/o would do: I asked my mom, lmao. She has no idea about 1D, H/L, etc. I had her listen to 2G & asked her what vibes she was getting. (4/6)

She told me & I quote “That’s a song about heartbreak & yet being so in love you can’t imagine ever being without that one person although the whole world is against you” (at this point I was a sobbing mess!). Then I showed her three videos, one of Hendall, one of Haylor & one of Larry and asked her if she gets the same kind of vibes from any of those videos. She picked H/L (it wasn’t even one of freddieismyqueen’s videos just some weird clips and no, my mom isn’t a Larrie now..) (5/6)

She’s just a woman who knows what it means to be in love & who is pretty good in reading people). Ever since everything I never paid attention to seems so obvious and !!! that I just have to ask myself how I didn’t see it before. (wow that was so long, soz xx) (6/6)

wow that’s quite the entrance into the fandom! love that you asked your mum lol i always do too. she’s got the best perspective on things. it’s interesting that you arrived at this point after we went through weeks of discourse (unbeknownst to you). thank you for sharing and feel free to ask any questions, i know this is a wild ride!