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Shout out to the verbally abused kids who are told it doesn’t count because there are no bruises.
Shout out to the abused kids who aren’t taken seriously because they were acting up/asking for it/there are no marks to ‘prove’ it.
Shout out to the manipulated kids whose parents guilt them into thinking they deserve those shitty words and actions they get.
Shout out to everyone and anyone who is abused or has been abused.
You are strong and wonderful and I hope that one day you can get away and be happy and have the life you want.
No one deserves that kind of treatment. I love you.

Whoa Sonic are your legs okay?

Hamilton makes me wish i was american. 2016 made me glad that i am not.



(Also I forgot Magenta’s eye shapes hhhhhhhhh sorry purrsia–)

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“You’re the third one to wander down here today.” At least it wasn’t third one trying to wander out, even if the former was a tad more boring than the latter.

“So, what’s your business down here? ‘Cause all things depending, I might have to forcibly remove you, and your family wouldn’t appreciate that I bet.”

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"Fucking finish it, you pussy," Levi said tauntingly, clapping his palms on the table before him. Sitting at the other end of it was Erwin, choking down a trail of fabric that hung from his mouth. His brow was knotted and pearling with sweat. "Eat my boxers like your life depends on it."

“sh… Uuuhhh… Uuuppp.” Erwin groaned. He pounded on his chest, like a big dumb ape, his eyes watering as he started to go light headed. He thought it would be easy, that his throat was stretched out enough from all the dick he ate.

“I told you to eat my shorts, bro! You told me you could, bro!!!” Levi all but screamed. He too was about to cry. His best friend–his /best/ friend–took on this double dog dare in front of their frat brothers and he’d be damned if this fuckhead was going to embarrass him.

“HE CANT DO IT!!!” Hange screamed, spilling beer from a red plastic cup all over their Theta Beta Alpha shirt. “ADMIT IT, YOU GUYS LOSE.” They doubled over in laughter, until it ended in a coughing choke.

Erwin spread his arms out, a look of determination on his face. The room went silent. He worked his throat like a snake, his eyes focused steadily on Levi. Levi jittered in his spot, his dick getting so hard from how turned on he was. His best bro was gonna do it, and after that, /they/ were gonna do it. “Yes. YES. That’s right, big boy. Swallow that shit. SWALLOW IT ALL.”

With a big gulp, Erwin braced himself. The room was silent. He breathed in deep, then let out a huge scream, like a big tough man… Or a bird. “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“HOOOOOOOOOOO!” Levi echoed.

“HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” They shouted together.

“Maybe we should get him to a hospital…” Said Moblit. But it was too late. Erwin and Levi had already gone up the stairs, leaving a trail of clothing behind them as they did.

we literally knew 0% shit about xander. there was 0% reason to ever like him. stop placing white male nobodies on pedestals.

Best nonbinary experience with a teacher I've ever had
  • Teacher: If you're a girl, stand up
  • Me, afab: *remains seated*
  • Teacher: *gestures at me to stand up*
  • Me: *stays seated*
  • Teacher: If you identify as a girl stand up