told you bro

Shout out to the verbally abused kids who are told it doesn’t count because there are no bruises.
Shout out to the abused kids who aren’t taken seriously because they were acting up/asking for it/there are no marks to ‘prove’ it.
Shout out to the manipulated kids whose parents guilt them into thinking they deserve those shitty words and actions they get.
Shout out to everyone and anyone who is abused or has been abused.
You are strong and wonderful and I hope that one day you can get away and be happy and have the life you want.
No one deserves that kind of treatment. I love you.

i’ve had two sessions of an irl Curse of Strahd campaign now, and it’s been great.

this is my kenku light-cleric, Radiant-Luminescence or Rad for short.

he says hello to everyone and walks headfirst into danger. 

Read up on the Tudors. Trump at this point is basically Henry VIII. (Bannon even said he feels like Cromwell). Except, well, he’s a Henry VIII who keeps getting told: “Nah, bro, you can’t, in fact, do that. We won’t bend to your whims. This won’t happen.”

That’s what the Twitter rants are about.

He honestly is shocked at being told “No!” to anything.

It ain’t the 1500s anymore.

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Has anyone ever told you about the McElroy Bros? Or suggested you listen to The Adventure Zone? If not, you should. The storytelling is hilarious and amazing. Makes one want to create.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Literally seconds after I published this, I realized you mean MBMBaM, which of COURSE I know. Durr.


Hyosu with an Eagles aesthetic

Cause I was playing with colours and needed an outlet for the build up of growing AFL feels

Hamilton makes me wish i was american. 2016 made me glad that i am not.

Take Apart Our Very Heart // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: secretagent!phan, angst, fluff

Words: 12.0k (whoops)

Relationship status: friends-to-lovers

Warnings: swearing, guns, kidnapping, mentions of death, mentions of homophobic attitudes, implications of sex

Summary: Agent Howell and Agent Lester, best friends and two of the top agents for the MI5, are sent out on a mission that could potentially get them transferred up to MI6, their dream position. However, issues arise and Dan and Phil are caught in a sticky situation that causes some undisclosed feelings to come forth.

A/N: warning: this is very poorly written, but I don’t know what to change to make it better lol. I have no clue how secret agents work, so I just kinda made it my own. I hope you guys still enjoy it.

The title comes from “Isle of Flightless Birds” by Twenty One Pilots.

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Namaste- Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit

Rating: 18+ NSFW

Words: 2809

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Notes: Well, here ya go. Its my first smut.

“You’ve already forced Tyler to take these classes with you. Why do I have to come as well?” Dylan pouts reluctantly while he throws his yoga mat down at the back of the class.

Holland picks up the discarded mat and walks to the front of the class directly behind where the instructor will be. “Seriously? And you’re making us do it up at the front?”

“Dylan. We all do a lot of physically grueling stunts on set, yoga can help strengthen you physically and mentally.” Holland simply replies.

“Dude. You will like it. Trust me.” Tyler raises his eyebrows at his best friend. Holland smacks his arm and rolls her eyes.

“I don’t see how-” Dylan is cut off by the instructor entering the class and setting up her area. Dylan’s eyes widen. “Holy. Shit.”

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we literally knew 0% shit about xander. there was 0% reason to ever like him. stop placing white male nobodies on pedestals.

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Homestuck AU where all the characters are just chilling out and taking turns telling the story to their friends

Bonus: it’s one of those party games where one person says a sentence and then another person says the next sentence until you have a full blown story. Except here, the story goes on forever.

Rose: With her skin glowing like the beauty of light itself, I lean in to kiss Kanaya glamorously on the staircase.
Dave: suddenly, she falls the fuck down all these stairs, just like I kept trying to warn her; i told you, bro
Rose: Damn it, Dave!
Dave: hey, it’s not your turn yet

Vriska: Green tendrils of flame rapidly swarm towards John as he prepares himself for total and absolute destruction.
John: then the wind kicks up and blows the flames out because i did the windy thing
Vriska: Damn it, John! You can’t just magic your way out of every situ8tion!
John: well look at that! i just did. deal with it
Vriska: Aaaaaaaargh!


Whoa Sonic are your legs okay?

Accidental possesion, part 2

Part 1:       

The moment I snapped a photo and ran to his bedroom. Threw all my clothes off and set on his couch. I grabbed my new cock and immediately jerked off that rock-hard piece of meat.

“Fuck yeah. Faster my big brother, faster!” I shouted looking at my quickly moving hand. I put on his sunglasses because I think they make him look cool. I spent the entire morning jerking off, making hilarious faces in the mirror and trying out his outfits. I got an idea to go out and enjoy this new body. I put on his hoodie and a grey shirt. The worst idea was putting on his boxers, because I had to hide that beautiful cock, that I miraculously gained that morning. I put on his black boxers and brown shorts. Sure, I could go and take the car, but I knew that a disaster might have happened, because I didnt know how to drive a car. So I decided to take a bus. “Why the hell not?”

I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus that would take me to the town. I took out his phone and snapped a picture.

Just look at him. Looking great as always, but with me in control. Everything his body does is because of me. I possessed him few hours ago and I already shot so many loads of cum, that I even lost track of counting. The bus stopped and I got on. I sat in the back. I got off and decided to visit my brothers friends. Few of them just came back from Syria and I wanted to know, if any of them would like to make up with me looking like this.

I texted Ryan: “Hey douche, want me to come over? :P :* “

Few seconds later he answered: “Hey Patch (My brother hates that nickname), I am not home yet. Just came out of the spa after solarium, looking even better :P but not for you, pussy. Need to keep bitches coming at me. Will be there in five. The key is hidden under the flowerpot. Dont mess the flat perv! :D “

Amazing, I can even surprise him. Maybe I could be able to seduce him. I entered the elevator and felt and urge to take a photo. But I decided to take a hot photo and send it to Ryan.

I sent a text “Wanna suck me big boy? :* “ encrypted with the photo.

He answered: “You are acting like I have never seen it. I already told you bro, mine is twice that big. Yours is nothing special, so stop showing off. Be there in a minute…”

What an idiot. I am going to make him pay for this stupid shit he is texting me now. I entered the flat. “Shit that’s a filthy place.” 

Text came with a photo of girls ass: “Hey I will be late a bit. Got to get this girls number. Just look at that ass. I will try to persuade her for threesome :P “

I sent him photo of my butt. “Mine is better, hurry :P”

In the meantime I decided to clean the flat It looked much better now. He was still nowhere, so I explored his wardrobes and found his uniform. “Damn, would be amazing if he would fuck me in this”

Then the doors unlocked. “Hey jerk, I didnt get that number so I think you could be my whore for the rest of the day” said Ryan entering the flat. “

I quickly took of all my clothes and pointed my ass towards the door.

“What the fuck dude? I was just kidding. What is this supposed to mean?”

I got up and looked seductively. “Come on big boy, dont pretend like you dont want to fuck me. He looked shocked, so I rushed in for a kiss. I closed my eyes and quickly leaned for a kiss, so that he couldnt dodge. The moment I touched his lips I felt that just like earlier. I thought I would vomit. I opened my eyes and saw that I was standing above my brothers unconscious naked body laying on the floor. 

“What the fuck?” came out of Ryan’s mouth. I need to find out what is going on.

Part 3: