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A color that symbolizes happiness, hope and friendship. 

It was the color of your bedroom walls in your small apartment that Harry found himself longing to be at with tears down his face. 

Two knocks, a pause, another knock. That was Harry’s signature knock on your door. And even though it was 2 am, you had barely closed your eyes to sleep, instead writing in your journal at the early hours. 

Your eyebrows furrowed, standing up from the floor where you were seated and walked towards the door, peaking at the peep hole to make sure it was the man who you had became close to after your first spaghetti date and your countless hang outs after. 

And there he was, standing with closed eyes, face directed towards the sky as if making silent prayers and lips pressed in a line. You unlocked the door, opening it to look at him. He looked down at you, making you notice the tear marks on his cheeks and his red eyes. 

“I couldn’t think of anyone I’d go to now.” He said in a broken tone, hands tucked in his jeans pockets. 

Worryingly, you led him inside and seating him on your couch, taking his hands in yours. “What’s wrong?” You asked in a voice not a pitch above a whisper, not wanting to trigger him. 

“I just-” He stopped himself, shaking his head before sniffling. “I need someone to hold me. Will you? Will you hold me, Y/N?” He looked at you with pleading eyes. 

Taking him to your room and tucking the both of you in bed, Harry had his head on your chest, his long body tangled with yours as you stroked his hair, your heartbeat lulling him to comfort. Your eyes were fixed on the warm color of yellow of your walls, mind drifting to different scenarios that could have broken the young man before you. 

“Thank you.” He whispered tiredly, letting out a small hum when you wrapped your arms around him tighter as if it was piecing his broken pieces together.

And you know he was a private person; someone who liked to keep to himself but seeing him let down his guard and allowing you to hold him while he showed a side of him that he didn’t wish to be revealed to you so soon, you knew you were in it in a whole new level. You knew this wasn’t just a fling or a distraction, you knew what you had is something that is going to stay for a very long time. 

Yellow was the color of hope; the hope that was restored in Harry once your warm body blended in with his shelter-seeking one. 

Yellow was the color of the donuts you held in your hand for him and the boys during their soundcheck, a happy grin that was contagious enough for the 4 of them to match it with one of their own. 

“There you go, a good luck donut for each one of you for tonight’s show.” You opened the box, each one of them taking one donut. 

Harry the last one, a finger hooking your jeans’ belt hoop to pull you closer, pressing a kiss of gratitude to your lips. 

“Thank you, love.” He smiled before taking a bite of his donut. 

“You’re too good to us.” Niall hummed, licking the donut’s icing. 

You giggled. “Messing up our diets, you’re a true friend, Y/N.” Liam said, giving your cheek a chaste kiss. 

“Don’t tell your management, I already piss them off.” You stiffled a laugh, rolling your eyes. 

Harry chuckled, resting his hand on your waist before offering you a bite from his donut to which you gladly accepted. 

Yellow was the color of the nail polish bottle, the brush gently painting your nails by Harry. 

His lips puckered to the side in concentration, eyebrows furrowed as he eyed your nails, gliding the brush along carefully as  to not get the color on your skin. 

“I’m painting your nails when mine dry off.” You informed him, looking at your collection of nail polishes beside him. 

It was midnight but neither you or Harry were tired, deciding to paint each other’s nails. 

“Black?” Harry asked, his eyes not leaving your nails as he painted your last pinky. 

“I got this new grey metalic one, would you want that?” You asked him before blowing on your nails to speed up the drying process. 

Harry smiled up at you from his place on the floor, nodding. “Yes.” 

You smiled at how adorable he looked, leaning down to press your lips to his. 

“Hey, careful with the nails, they’re still fresh.” 

Yellow was the color of flowers you found on your doorstep, a smile drawn to your face as you took the large bouquet, closing the door as you entered. 

You put the flowers down, your hand on your baby bump, rubbing it soothingly while the other hand held the envelope that was propped against the flowers. 

To Y/N & Baby S. From H. x

Your heart melted, eager smile on your face as you opened the envelope, sitting down when your swelling feet began to hurt. You opened the paper, eyes first falling on the messy inked hearts he left throughout the paper. 

Dear Y/N, 

Yesterday, we had a real Jamaican tour around the place (I promise to give you one when you fly out here in two days) and I learned that yellow flowers represent friendship, trust and compassion. It’s also the colour that represents happiness and hope. 

Friendship because not only are you my girlfriend, you are also my best friend who I would always confide in. 

Trust because I trust you with every fiber in my body and I hope you return this trust in me, too. 

Compassion because you are someone I will always comfortably let my guard down around, knowing you still think I’m strong.

Happiness because well, you’re you. 

And hope because this is how I am towards our future together; our future with Baby Styles. 

Can’t wait to see you. I love you.

P.S Can you please get my yellow tropical shirt? I forgot to pack it. (Please)

Sincerely yours, 

Harry. x 

Yellow was the color of the first stuffed toy held by your newborn, Elle James Styles. A girrafe that Harry had bought for his daughter from back home. 

With an arm around your waist, your head leaning on him and his head leaning on yours, you watched the 1 month old baby who was a combination of you and him, sleeping peacefully in her crib.

“We did pretty well, huh?” Harry asked quietly, staring at his daughter with loving eyes. 

You giggled, wrapping your arm around him. “I did the pushing, Styles.” You joked.

Harry raised an eyebrow at you, “Yeah? So did I.” 

Your cheeks flushed, looking back at your oblivious daughter. 

Yellow was the color your small family wore, matching. A one year old Elle was sat on your lap in her yellow dress that had white little flowers along the bottom of it, a single daisy flower that someone from the backstage crew had given her was propped behind her ear, shown among her wide brown curls. You in an off shoulder pastel yellow top, black jeans and simple flats, your hair straightened down as you sat among the audience at the front on The Jonathan Ross Show. 

“I can’t help but notice, Harry, you’re matching with your wife and daughter?” Jonathan asked Harry who sat in his yellow suit. 

Harry smiled, glancing at you and his daughter who sat on your lap, playing with your hair while talking quietly to you in the language only she understood. You did catch some “Mumma”’s and “Dadda”’s though. 

He nodded, looking back at Jonathan. “We are.” 

“Is that your uniform? Do you all just normally wear yellow and match?” He asked, making the audience laugh and Harry to laugh. 

“We’re a very colorful family.” Harry spoke. 

“How old is your daughter? Her name is Elle, right?” 

Harry nodded, “Elle, yes. She’s 1.” The audience awed, gaining little Elle’s attention who looked around with a giggle before looking at Harry. 

“Dadda!” She made grabby eyes at him, beginning to fidget on your lap. 

Once again, everyone awed, including the other guests and Jonathan. “Go get your daughter, Styles. What are you waiting for?” Jonathan told Harry, feigning a scolding tone. 

You stood up with Elle on your hip, meeting Harry halfway who surprised you with a peck on your lips as he held Elle in his arms, making the entire room - once again - to awe. 

“You’re a family man, aren’t ya?” 

Harry grinned, bouncing Elle on his knee. “Very.” 

I think this is my personal favorite writing I have written on here so far to be honest. Let me know what you think! xx

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So I have recently discovered I am weak for SF!Paps... and as I adore the way you write him, would it be okay to ask for an imagine? Does he have any insecurities about the relationship, and if so, how does the S/O find out? I remember in a breakup imagine he mentioned "no one wanting a mutt drooling after them" is all and it piqued my interest (and broke my heart hahaaaa...)

(*I’m happy that you like the way I write him!  I had forgotten that I even wrote that part.  x]  The imagine is Drunken Insecurities and the Almost Break-up in case anyone is wondering. )

SF!Papyrus: Who wants a mutt drooling after them?

He most certainly does have insecurities.  After all, he’s spent his life being berated, so he doesn’t have much self-worth.  The fact that you could actually want to be with him–and be in it for the long haul–is unfathomable.  He’s had plenty of flings and one-night-stands, sure, but he’s never pursed anything lasting and never expected more than just an escape from his thoughts.

Until you came along.

He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.  He’ll act confident on the outside, making perverted remarks with that lazy smirk, or dragging you against him with an arm around your waist.  But even as he tells you how amazing you are or makes some sort of sexual pun, it feels as if there’s a part of him that he’s guarding.. a part of him that’s trying to keep you at arms’ length. 

You find out about these insecurities one night at Muffet’s–the one on the Surface.  Papyrus has been drinking, but when he gets up to pay the bill (and talk to Muffet a little as the two of them have become friends over the years), two other humans take his spot at the table to talk to you.  They’re flirting, and of course, you insist that the seat is already taken, but they make a few rude comments about the fact that he’s a skeleton monster.  Papyrus overhears and it takes every ounce of his willpower not to pummel them with a series of bone attacks or blast them away, but.. he settles for being utterly terrifying and placing a hand on each of their shoulders while glowering down at them, magic wisping in one of his eyesockets.  

“i believe they told ya this seat was taken,” he growls through clenched teeth, and the two humans practically trip over themselves in an effort to leave.  It’s not surprising; Papyrus probably looks like the grim reaper.  

Back at his house, Papyrus can’t seem to get what they said out of his head.  He’s worried because he’s always thought it.. that you would be better off with a human, that you might only be dating him for the novelty of dating a monster, that you could do so much better than him, that you really will get tired of a mutt like him drooling after you, that this will all amount to a fling and he’ll be forgotten the next moment..

After all, you’re an attractive person; you could get anyone you wanted.  Why would you settle for someone like him?

He pulls out a cigarette and lights up, but he really needs another drink, so he goes to the kitchen to spike some BBQ sauce.  

“Okay, what’s the matter?  You’ve been acting different since those guys showed up at Muffet’s,” you finally decide to point it out and cross the room to stand in the doorway, watching him mix his drink.  He doesn’t smoke inside unless he’s really bothered (Blackberry hates it), so you know something’s wrong.  

“nothin’.  my buzz is just wearin’ off.”  He shrugs and takes a long swig of the drink, followed by a drag of his cigarette.  Having his two favorite vices in each hand makes him feel a little more at ease.. but it would be better if you were in his arms instead.  

“Really?  Are you sure you’re all right?  What they said didn’t piss you off, did it?”

“nope.  they’re just some idiots that wanted in your pants. they’d say anythin’,” he comments, smoke seeping past his fangs as he speaks.  

He’s not about to say anything; he’s good at keeping his insecurities buried, and he’s not about to lay them on you and have you bail right then and there.  Instead, he pushes all of them aside and takes one more long sip of his drink, before he sets it down on the counter and tosses his smoldering cigarette into the sink.  “i know you’re mine, so i’m not worried,” he assures you with a lazy smirk, seeming more like himself.  He steps closer to you, opening his arms and pulling you against his chest.  You start to speak again, but he silences you with a long kiss.  You can taste the smoke, the sweet BBQ sauce, and the strong alcohol in his mouth, but with the skillful way his tongue moves against yours, you discover that you don’t care.  You feel drunk off his kiss, and when his fingers tilt your head back so he can delve his tongue deeper into your mouth, and his pelvis presses into yours, well.. you forget what you were even concerned about in the first place.    

jungkook trying to flirt with jimin pt. 3
  • jungkook: hyung, i think we should go out
  • jimin: but kookie, its raining
  • jungkook: no, hyung, i m--
  • jimin: i dont want u to get sick ok--

okay, so an article has been posted about how toxic the ya book community is. it was basically the black witch drama rolled out again after it happened in february(!) i personally see it more as a publicity stunt because why else post an article about something that has happened almost half a year ago? anyway, enough about that. for the people who read this post (thanks for reading):

almost one year ago i told ashley jokingly about my idea to make a youtube/tumblr series about the booklr drama i’ve lived through. she actually loved the idea. so i thought about it more and my plan was to tell what happened without stating any names (it’s unnecessary to say names when the situation is important) but with the intention of analyzing it. what went wrong? why did it start drama? why did it become big? why were people hurt? how can we prevent such an escalation again? how can we learn and evolve from it? what can we do to benefit from it and build a better community out of it? 

i haven’t done it because i was lacking the time and i was already annoyed about the possibility of someone feeling attacked by it and send a mob after me. i have never received hate mail and i don’t want to. i am not here to start drama. i just want to rant about the things that happened and how we can be better than that and build something stronger and better out of it.

in light of the recently published article (and my at least 25 minute long rant ashley ( @sparkylovesbooks) received) this idea came up again.

soooo what do you guys think?

Behind The Scenes 3 (18.5/21)

Auhtor’s note: I am posting this one so soon because…because… why the heck not?!? Sorry for any errors or cultural/environmental inaccuracies.

Genre: Fluff/ a bit angst (you’ll see)

Word count: 4074

City: Kuala Lumpar (continued)

Summary: Jungkook and y/n continued on with their date night and come across a few bumps towards the end.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF I made it based off of this scenario series.

You sat in the spot behind the driver’s seat, Suga’s spot. Despite the dinner you had with Jungkook and the fact that you were still mad at Suga, you still found yourself longing for a feeling of him.

Jungkook came up next to you. One arm wrapped around your shoulders and the other fell on your lap.

The van began to move and soon you were on the street and looking at the ground level of the city. As you stared out, memorized by the sights, you felt a familiar pair of lips brush up against your neck. Immediately you pushed him off you and harshly whispered, “No!”

“Jagi, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“

“Sshh!” you covered his mouth to keep him from talking.

He cocked his eyebrow at you. His eyes followed your gaze and they landed on Minho’s hunch over form.

Jungkook removed your hand and revealed a smirk you knew all too well. “Don’t worry, he’s not paying attention to us.” he whispered as he leaned in closer.

“No, I don’t want to risk it.”

“Watch…” Jungkook whispered. He looked over at Minho, “Ay, Minho… Minho!”

“What?!?” Minho barked as he made a lane change so sharp it practically gave you whip lash. “Don’t talk to me right now! Can’t you see I’m trying to get out of this traffic!”

“…Never mind.” Jungkook muttered. He turned to you leaning in for a kiss again.

“Nope!” you whispered more playfully. You looked out the large window to take in the view of the beautiful Malaysian city. Minho harshly navigated through most of it, but eventually stopped at a park that caught your eye. As he parked he mumbled what seemed like a prayer to himself and Jungkook helped you down from the van.

“Minho, we are just gonna be walking around!” Jungkook said as you wrapped your arm around his.

“Yeah, yeah. Just call me if you need me.” Minho huffed as he rubbed his temples.

Jungkook led you down the forested path. “Why did you want to stop here?”

“Eh, this park seemed nice… and I couldn’t stand Minho’s driving anymore and it seemed like a plus that there isnt any people here.” So far you and Jungkook had only seen one other couple that looked as though they were about to leave.

“So over all what did you think about our dinner? I thought the food was amazing!” Jungkook said.

“I loved it! Everything about the place was so great. You really made a good pick on that one.”

“Ha yeah… I bet you feel overdressed now though!” He joked.

You looked down at your dress and your heels and felt the dangling of your earrings and were once again aware of the thin gold chain hanging on your neck. “I don’t know what you are talking about!  This is my usual “going-to-the-park” outfit!” you laughed. “… You know, I’m surprised we haven’t come across any ARMY so far. After that little promo, I was expecting there to be a little mob again.”

“Huh? That’s true! But then again if they did, it would have ruined everything and I wouldn’t be strolling through the park with the most gorgeous girl hanging on my arm.” He smiled warmly.

As always, you looked away from him to hide your smile and as you did, the park’s swing set stole your attention. “Those swings look fun.” you said softly. You walked to go to them, but sadly there was an ocean of rain water that separated you from the swings.

“Well then let’s go swing on them!” Jungkook was already pulling you towards them.

“No, we can’t. There’s a huge puddle and its muddy all around.”

Jungkook studied the not-so-open area. “I know how we can get there.”

“How-“ Before you knew it, you were lifted off the ground and Jungkook was carrying you bridal style. “Wa! Oh my goodness!” You tightened your grip around him. “Is this really necessary?!?”

“Of course it is! I am not gonna risk you getting your feet all muddy!” He climbed up the short hill onto the damped patch of sand where the swings were located and gently placed you on the driest spot possible. It amazed you that he was able to walk around with you in his arms so easily.

“Thank you!” you gave him a kiss on the cheek leaving behind a red lip print.

You sat in a dry swing and Jungkook came around and gently pushed you. You swung back and fort. It wasn’t long before the two of you started talking about each other’s childhood memories at the park.

“…Swings were always fun.” you remembered. “I loved to try and swing as high as I could and then I’d just let myself fly off!” you said as the nostalgia hit you. “You know what? I want to try that again!”

“Jumping off the swing?”

“Yeah!” you beamed. You instructed Jungkook to stop pushing you and you took off your heels and tossed them to him. You used your legs to get the motion going and tried to swing as high as you could. The humid air ran through your loose pieces of hair and your insides moved with the momentum of the swing. Once you felt high enough, you didn’t give yourself time to think, you just let go of the thick chains. For a split second, it felt like you were actually flying. Your body was going higher and higher until gravity kicked in and you could feel your insides going up to your chest. The feeling of being in the sky was too good and you weren’t ready to come back down. Your landing wasn’t the best and you fell down to your hands and knees.

Jungkook quickly ran up to you. “Jagi, are you okay?”

A fit of laughter escaped you as a rush of adrenaline went through your body. “That was so fun!” I forgot how fun that was!” you squealed as you wiped the damp sand off your knees. “I have to do that again!” you giggled as you ran back to the swing.  

You flew off the swing in attempts at flight about another ten times. Each round you suck a better landing than the last and each time you felt yourself going higher and higher.

Jungkook stood off to the side, his smile growing the more he saw you enjoying yourself.

“Kookie! Don’t just stand there, come swing with me!”

Jungkook chuckled as he sat in the empty swing next to you and proceeded to swing his legs back and forth. You watched as he was able to go higher than you ever could. However, you noticed his hesitancy and it was his fear to let go early enough that caused him to have a rough landing, falling onto the sand and rolling on his side. Thankfully, he caught himself before he rolled into the mud and played it off by quickly jumping to his feet, turning his hands into guns and killing the fake people around him. “Get away zombies! Die! Damn dirty lurkers!” He shouted. He made gun sounds as he shot the air, walking backwards until he reached you.

“Wow! Look at my man, protecting me from imaginary zombies!” you laughed.

“I’m always gonna protect you baby.” He said in a cliché action movie voice and blew the imaginary smoke that came from the “barrel” of his finger gun.

“Too bad you couldn’t protect your suit. Look at you, you’re covered in sand!”

He looked down at the fine layer of sand the coated his body.

“Oooooh! Damia and Zara are going to kill you!” You teased as you helped him pat the sand off.  Lucky for him, there wasn’t any real damage to his suit.

“Is there still any on me?” he asked as he spun around for you to inspect him. As he turned away, you noticed a patch of sand on his butt. Without any warning, you gave his butt a series of light pats to get the stubborn sand off, thus causing Jungkook to moan the words, “Ah, yes, harder, harder!”

“Ya!” you laughed, sending kick to the back of his knee and making his stance falter.

“Aish! Y/n, my love for you as me weak in the knees!”

You couldn’t help but laugh some more. “Oh gosh you’re horrible!” Once you caught your breath again, you told him, “C’mon let’s go look at the rest of the park!”

“Wait! I must redeem myself!” He declared. He went back to his swing, this time remembering to let go on time. Of course, being the “golden maknae” he was, he stuck the landing perfectly, taking it further than necessary and going into an action pose with his fist punching the earth. “…And then my fist causes an explosion behind me.” He stood up and slowly walked to the line where the sand became mud with a dramatic stride. “And then I walk off all cool. I don’t look back though, cuz badass motherfuckers never look back at the cool explosions behind them” he narrated.

“Hey, badass motherfucker! Don’t forget your girlfriend!” you said as you pulled your heels back on.

“Oh yeah!” Jungkook ran back up to you, scooping you back in his arms and taking you back to the pathway.

You and Jungkook continued to explore the rest of the park, taking time to walk on the balance beams, hang on the monkey bars, and attempted to climb anything that wasn’t too slippery from the day’s heavy rain.

“This park is so fun.” you commented as you and Jungkook went back to the pathway.

Jungkook laced his fingers in yours. “I’m glad you’re having fun.”

You both walked on the calming path and ignored the one or two people that were also walking about.

Nearing the end of the path you both came across the cutest white gazebo that rested on top of a little hill. The rails were lined with pinks flowers and the inside was lit up by Christmas lights.

You and Jungkook were drawn to it and climbed up to it.

“Ya, y/n.” Jungkook said in a sudden serious tone.

You couldn’t help but feel nervous. “Huh?”

“You still owe me a dance.”

You let out a playful scoff. “We don’t have any music to dance to.”

“I am offended! You have a song bird standing right next to you! I will be our music!”

“Then start singing!”

Suddenly he broke out into song, singing the chorus to a Bruno Mars song. “Cool jewel be shining so bright/ Strawberry champagne all night/ Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like/ Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like/ Sex by the fire at night/ Silk sheets and diamonds all white/ Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like /Lucky for you, that’s what I like, that’s what I like”. He danced his way closer to you, practically grinding on you to the beat of the song.

You laughed. “This isn’t really much of a dancing song, now is it?” you asked breaking him out of his little performance.

“Ok, I have a better one!” He pulled you close. He grabbed your hands and placed one of them on his shoulder and placed his now free hand on your hip. He made the two off you sway back and forth as he began to sing another song. You didn’t recognize this song, but he sang it so beautifully. His voice was a sweet whisper in your ear, a song just for you.

His singing soon finished, but you two continued to sway in silence.

“Why did you stop singing?” you whispered.

“…So that I can-“ He didn’t even let himself finish his own sentence so that he could surprise you with a kiss.

This kiss was a lot like the first real one you had with him in Fukuoka, just not as sloppy. His lips were slow and gentle, really taking in the moment.

A loud cough came from the left of you and you both quickly pulled away from each other.

“Uh, was I interrupting something?” Minho asked knowing how awkward the moment now was.

“Shit” you cursed under your breath.

“…Um…Nope! You were just in time.” Jungkook walked up to him and handed him his phone. “You need to take pictures of us.”

Jungkook came back to a rather anxious you. “Let’s get ARMY raving. We should pose the way we did when you helped us in the photoshoot. I’m surprised no one ever realized it was you!”

“…Um, ok.”

You still remembered that poses you did with him. In doing so you felt as if you were taken back of a lifetime long ago.

The light flashed a few times and them Minho said. “Um, ok, I think I got it.”

“You didn’t do it right! Take it at a lower angle!” Jungkook said harshly, even startling you a bit. “And we still have another pose to do!” He barked.

Minho’s nerves got to him already and you noticed him shaking a bit with the pressure to take the pictures correctly. After squatting to the ground and taking a handful of pictures, he said, “O-ok, I’m d-done.” He very cautiously walked back up to Jungkook and returned the phone.

Jungkook snatched the phone back and shoved it in his pocket. “Just get us back to the hotel now!” He huffed as he grabbed your hand and patiently helped you down the steps.

The walk back to the van was an awkward and silent one. Minho nervously walked in front while Jungkook glared at the back of his head.

Now out of the park and just feet away from the van, Minho unlocked it. You let go of Jungkook’s hand and jogged into the van, wanting to escape the awkward and also have a chance to be free of the heels for the ride back. Jungkook however wasn’t as eager to get into the van.

You sat back in Suga’s spot as you tried to unbuckle the straps of the heels. Your heart stopped when you suddenly felt the whole van jolt. You looked out the open van side door only to see nothing, but when you looked to the driver’s side you found Jungkook pinning Minho to the side of the van. Jungkook looked beyond pissed. His eyebrows were furrowed and his voice was inaudible as he spoke through his teeth. He leaned in on Minho, his angry expression only intensifying. He glared at Minho for a good few second before he shouted, “You got that?!?” which you heard very clearly from the inside of the van.

He let go of Minho and stomped his way around the van. Seeing him climb up next to you, his anger was magically gone and he was giving you a shy smile. “Sorry about that jagi, I need to clear things out with him.” he said innocently.

Jungkook took his seat next to you, again putting his arm around you. At this point you didn’t know how to feel. You looked out the window and caught Minho wiping his eyes before he eventually got back in the van.


Upon arriving in the hotel parking lot, Minho bolted out of the vehicle and practically ran inside. Jungkook helped you down and you both took your time going back up to the room.

In the elevator, Jungkook held you in a back hug. “Tonight was fun.” He concluded.

“Jungkook… Did you really have to yell at him like that?” you asked softly, still not feeling too comfortable.

“Jagi” he turned you around to face him. He placed his fingers under your chin to make you look at him. “I was only bluffing. I’m not really gonna do anything to him. I just had to make sure he isn’t going to say anything.”

The elevator dinged and the two of you walked hand in hand to you room. Your heart fell to your feet as you turned the corner and heard Suga’s distinctive slurred voice loudly say. “Awwww, c’mon please!”

You were both angered and saddened by this. “Of course he’s drunk! Did he not hear me out?!? Does he really not care?!? Were my cries not enough for him?!?” you thought.

Upon hearing his drunken hyung’s voice, Jungkook immediately let go of your hand and upon hearing rap monster spit the words, “I said go back to your fucking room!” Jungkook stepped away from you.

The next turn revealed Rap monster stepping out of your room and pushing a very drunk Suga off him. Immediately, he sensed the two of you and his intense gaze was on you. “Finally the two love birds are back.”

“We aren’t love birds!” Jungkook snapped.

“Wow y/n… You look so… wow.” Suga mumbled as he stared at you, holding himself against the wall to keep his balance.

You tried to keep yourself from looking back at Suga, but from the corner of your eye, you found his frowning face.

Rap monster crossed his arms with a grin on his face as his gaze moved over to Jungkook. “All that stuff you posted says otherwise.”

“Those pictures were shit! Never make me go out on a stupid date with like that again! Spent so much money for fucking crap with a crappy ass bitch! Fuck!”

You furrowed your brows at him, playing long with the angry front. “It’s not like I wanted to go on the shitty date! You were the fucker that chose everything!” You fought back.

“Well it was your naggy ass that made everything even worse! Fucking bitch.” He grumbled.

“Fuck you!”

“Leave her alone!” Suga griped as he stepped up to Jungkook.

With an evil smile on his face, Rap monster left the scene unnoticed and left you all in the midst of an “argument”.

“Get off me!” Jungkook said, pushing Suga, making him almost fall back.

“Jungkook don’t!” you said sternly.

Jungkook played innocent. “What? What else was I supposed to do?”

You shook your head at him.

Suga stepped back up to Jungkook and asked him something that only made you feel even worse. “Aye, you got any beer in your room left?” he slurred.

“Yeah, but not for you!” Jungkook said. He grabbed your arm and pulled you up to the room door and tried to get it open.

“C’mon please” Suga begged coming up behind the two of you.

“Yoongi, just fuck off.” Jungkook groaned.

“You owe me Jungkookie!’ Suga said poking at Jungkook’s ribs. “You knocked your hyung out, the least you can do to pay me back… Help me forget.” You felt his eyes on you as his last words faded off.

“Just give him some!” you whispered to Jungkook.

“Fine!” Jungkook got the door open and the three of you stepped inside. He pulled Suga by the collar of his shirt and placed him by the coat closet next to the entrance. “Stay!” he ordered.

“Oki doki!”

Jungkook then came up to you. “I don’t know why Namjoon was in our room. I’m gonna check the room for anything suspicious and then give Yoongi beer. You check the bathroom. Leave the door open to keep an eye on Yoongi.” He whispered.

“Ok” you did as told and kept an eye on Yoongi through the help of the mirror. It took you a while to rummage through everything. As you jump from spot to spot you glanced at Suga’s reflection to find his lazy eyes staring at you every time.

When you found nothing, you leaned against the sink and played with your fingers. You refused to look up at Suga, who was still staring at you.

You heard his heavy footstep stumble into the bathroom. Part of you hope that he was only running to the toilet to puke, but as always you were wrong. When you looked up, he was standing over you, those sad eyes of his were looking down at you.

“Beautiful” He whispered.

You felt your face heating up. Part of you wanted to push him away while the other wanted to pull him closer.

You felt the tips of his fingers touch your skin, giving you goosebumps. The touch didn’t last long as his fingers wrapped around your necklace. He looked down at the necklace and his expression was becoming more distressed.

“Yoongi?” you peeped

“What the fuck?!?” Jungkook voice tore through the room as he walked in with one hand full of beer and his other grabbing Suga’s shirt and yanking him off you.

Suga still had his grip on the necklace and ripped the thin chain clean off as he was pulled away. His eyes remained on the necklace, as they began to water. He whimpered, “Aiko had this! This is Aiko’s e-except hers wasn’t yellow, it was gray!”

“You need to fucking leave!” Jungkook growled as he dragged Suga away. “Get the fuck out!” He practically shouted as he slammed the door.

With Suga out of the room you felt as if a weight was taken off your shoulders.

“I saved 2 beers for us if you want one.” Jungkook said now at the door way.

You shook your head. “No, beer is the last thing I want around me right now.”

Jungkook sighed and left to put the beers away.

You remembered the heels that were pinching your toes. Once you took them off, the cool tile under your feet felt like a sweet dream.

You undid your hair and set it free. It felt so good to let yourself loose. Despite the simple pleasure of your post-date routine, you couldn’t completely get Suga off your mind.  It hurt that he was still drinking and that he thought about Aiko over you, but what hurt the most was the fact that he was hurting.

You tried your hardest to unzip your dress, but you couldn’t, your hands couldn’t reach. It was in the midst of your struggles that you noticed Jungkook staring at you from the doorway. He had already removed his coat. His white button down shirt was untucked and only half undone and he had a smirk on his face. It only made you feel more frustrated. “Are you going to just stand there or are you going to help me?!?”

He let out a chuckle and walked up to you but he didn’t help you. Instead, he placed his hands on your hips. “Please don’t frown like that jagi.” There was a seriousness to his soft voice.

You put your hands down and looked at his reflection. “I can’t help it.”

You noticed a twinkle in his eyes. His arms snaked around your waist. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

Your face felt warm again. “Hm, maybe a few times.” A slight smile fighting to expose itself.

“I think I need to mention it some more.” He smiled. “You look so beautiful.” He hummed as his lips kissed your shoulder. “So gorgeous.” He gently moved your hair off your shoulder and his lips moved closer to your neck. “Stunning” he said with another kiss. “Breath taking” his lips jumped over the strap of your dress. “Ravishing” he kissed the crook of your neck. “So hot” his teeth nipped your skin. “Sexy” he whispered into your ear.

He turned you around to face him. There was a distinctive aura of determination about him. He kissed you deeply but pulled away, his lips still hovering over yours. “Do you still need help with your dress?” he asked teasingly.

“Uh-huh” you hummed as you pulled him into a kiss. You kissed him hard, trying to push the thoughts of Suga out of your head. Jungkook was your boyfriend and you might as well keep using him for the reason you decided to date him.

His hands were quick to undo the clasps of your dress and pull down the zipper. He slid the straps off your shoulders and tugged it off as you undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt.

The two of you made the short journey to the bed. You felt the backs of your knees touch the edge of the bed and you were ready to let yourself fall back, but he had a tight hold on you. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked suddenly.

You looked up at him with a smirk of your own as your hands began to unbuckle his belt and tug at the waist band of his pants. “Yes, now take these off.”

What vibes are you all getting off from Suga now? What do you guys think of Jungkook switching on Minho like that? Is Jungkook as genuine/soft as we think he is???

I'm not okay

Reggie. My heart! I can’t.
Fred you little fudge muffin
Sister MJ is literally me “always helpful if there are two opinions and one of them is my own” 😂
Love how Valerie was all self conscious about the biscuits but the squad was like FOOOOOOOOD
Are Patsy and Delia gonna be sharing then when she comes back? Idk
#NUNSEARCH2K17 has made a development. Nun has been located and a rescue mission needs to be planned. Sister Mary Cynthia is a precious little diamond and needs saving.
If they’d told Trixie she probably would’ve pushed her way in and wheeled her out on her own
That scene where Sister MJ put her hand on the glass.
YAS Shelagh you get your new house
Trixie has a new love interest, you dare hurt her Mr Dentist then be warned you will make a lot of enemies!
Nurse Crane has now moved on from adopting Delia and being a librarian and is now a driving instructor 😂 Sister Winifred has the kind of optimism I aspire to 😂 I need a lie down 😭


Grayson x reader

words: 1.895

warnings: none

notes: This is not really gonna be a series, so you can read this on its own, but I wanna make some sort of a feel-good-series with Grayson, so…if ya liked this make sure to check out Part I: sweet !

Ice cream isn’t a seasonal thing. No matter the temperature, weather or mood, ice cream is always a good idea. The sugary sweetness is just too good to give up on, despite the fact that with it getting colder you’re less and less motivated to exercise. Walking past Luna D’Estate every day doesn’t really help matters either.

Rico and Valeria told you they’d close the shop once it got too cold for selling ice cream, because apparently most people are of the strange opinion that ice cream is a food which should only be consumed when it’s hot enough to make them sweat. Which is completely wrong, of course, but you can see why it wouldn’t make sense for Rico and Valeria to keep their shop running with close to zero chances of profit.

Two days ago Valeria handed you three huge buckets of ice cream ‘to tide you over’, while they closed up the Luna. You’re lucky you’re living on your own because with a flatmate there’d probably have been some sort of intervention about the space ice cream is taking up in your freezer. Being on your own, however, you can hoard as much ice cream as you like, thank you very much.

You’ve created some sort of nest of blankets and pillows by your window where you spend quite a lot of your day reading, watching Netflix and ponder about life as you watch red and golden leaves fall outside your window. Also there’s usually a bowl of ice cream and/or a cup of tea somewhere within reach.

So that’s exactly what you’re doing when the doorbell rings.

You put your tea down and get up to let him in. Gray’s hair is a fluffy mess from the wind that’s run its cheeky fingers through the caramel coloured strands. His cheeks are slightly reddened, so is the tip of his nose, but his lips are as soft and giving as ever when he ducks down to you.

It’s been almost two months since that discussion about ice cream flavours. You’ve met his brother Ethan and found out that while Gray’s taste in ice cream might be questionable, it certainly is not when it comes to clothes. No matter how ridiculous you might think an item of clothing, Gray knows pretty well what looks good on him and what doesn’t.

“Is that … cinnamon?”, he asks and lifts his chin slightly, trying to detect what he’s smelling. He’s wearing a loose fitting sweater with rolled up sleeves, because they would otherwise fall over his fingers and he isn’t as big a fan of sweater paws as you are.

“Apple cinnamon”, you confirm, hooking your fingers under the hem of his sweater and feeling the soft inside, warmed up by his body heat. “It’s this new tea I found.”

Gray nods and tugs off his coat when you step back to give him space to undress. He toes off his boots and follows after you to your nest of blankets and pillows. Your laptop shows a still from the documentary you’ve just been watching and your tea is still steaming where you put it on the windowsill.

“You wanna try it?”, you offer and hold your cup out to him. He takes it and grimaces where he burns his fingertips against the hot ceramic. While he sips cautiously from the tea, you get one of Valeria’s buckets out of the freezer, spoon some ice cream into a bowl and carry it back to him with two spoons.

“Stracciatella?”, he guesses with a smirk as you sit down onto the pillows.

“It’s from the Luna”, you reply and scoot to the side so he can sit down next to you. He flinches and digs around until he pulls your old copy of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ out between the blankets. Oops. Gray snorts at your shrug and puts the book onto the windowsill next to your tea. “Valeria gave me some ice cream to tide me over until they open up the Luna again.”

Gray wriggles around until he has his legs on either side of you and he can pull you back against his chest, his own back to the radiator on the wall. You make sure to keep your blanket with you as you get pulled back and hit play on your laptop as soon as you’re settled. You hand Gray his spoon so he can have some of the ice cream as well and he loops one arm around your waist so his underarm is resting across your ribs and his hand is right by his knee. Warmth seeps from his big palm through the thin shirt you’re wearing into your skin, a sharp contrast to the cool sweetness of ice cream melting on your tongue.

“Why are people like this”, Grayson mumbles some twenty minutes later. He’s been rubbing his thumb in circles on your side, his head leaning on yours, and now and again his free arm sneaks around you and steals some ice cream from the bowl you’re holding. His eyes are trained onto the screen that shows an unfathomable huge blanket of human-made trash swimming on the ocean, and shows how animals get poisoned and eventually killed by it. “Why don’t people care about this sort of stuff more? At least not enough people.”

“I guess they don’t really know”, you mumble and curl a little more into him. The bowl is empty now and you set it somewhere next to you onto the floor with a soft clink. “They don’t see it, so it doesn’t feel real to them – and that’s why they don’t care.”

Gray hums into your hair and sighs. “Well, they should. Just because you don’t see something happening doesn’t mean it isn’t actually happening.”

“Maybe … “, you trail off when the movie shows a baby seal caught in some sort of plastic packaging and on the brink of exhaustion. “Some people don’t really have the time, I guess. They have other things to worry about, like feeding their family and getting their children through school. There’s probably a lot of people who can’t afford good food that doesn’t produce this much trash.”

You can almost hear him frown behind you. His grip around you tightens. “That’s shit.”

You nod and follow the veins you can see faintly under the skin on the back of his hand. He is warm, so warm around you, like some huge pillow, so familiar and comfortable – even though there’s nothing soft about his body, it still feels like you could sink right into him. Behind those pretty eyes with the long lashes and all his cheeky smiles, there is that gentle soul you’ve started falling for far too hard and far too quickly.

“The world’s unfair”, you agree with your fingertips running slowly over the bumps of his knuckles. His skin is a creamy bronze still, even though it’s almost November and the sun has been making itself rare.

“People should care more. In general and about each other”, Gray insists and when you turn your head to look at him, he has his brow furrowed and his lips are pursed unhappily. He looks genuinely bothered and you can’t help the smile that tugs on your mouth. “Don’t laugh at me, I mean it.”

“I’m not laughing at you”, you shake your head. His making-the-world-a-better-place streak is probably someday going to end in more grief than he deserves, but you wouldn’t want him any other way. “You’re right, Gray. People should be better. Should treat each other better. And the environment. And animals.”

“They’re probably angry because they don’t get to eat ice cream all day”, Gray suggests, a little smile curling his lips upwards. You angle your chin up a bit and press a kiss into the scar on his chin, beginnings of stubble prickling lightly against your lips.

“Yeah, that’s probably it”, you agree with a smile and an eye-roll and nudge your nose against his jaw when he snorts at you. “Everything should just be made out of love and friendship and cotton candy.”

You occupy yourself with drawing random patterns on the back of his hand for the rest of the movie. Before long you can feel Gray’s breaths getting longer and longer under your back. “You gonna stay over?”

“Mhm”, he grumbles affirmatively but doesn’t move. You shake your head to yourself but make no move to keep him awake. Gray’s ability to just fall asleep wherever he pleases has never failed to astonish you. He never looks younger, purer than in his sleep, too. As you’ve found out over the past months, once he’s fallen asleep there is almost no way of waking him up, so after trying different methods you gave up and now you usually draw something on him until he wakes up. One time he didn’t realize what you’d done and had walked out with a pair of badly drawn butterfly-wings around his eyes. It’d been hilarious.

When the credits are rolling, Gray’s breathing is deep and rhythmical. You turn around carefully in his arms so you can get a better look at him. It’s a slightly awkward angle because his arms are keeping you in position and your head is resting between his shoulder and neck. Hair is falling into his eyes, covering one of them, and his mouth is opened a tiny bit with his jaw slackened in sleep. You can see the spot on the hinge of his jaw where Gray forgot to shave and he needs a haircut – he is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

Your pen is almost out of reach, but you manage to grab it after a few seconds of awkward reaching, stretching, and grabbing.

Two episodes into Modern Family Gray wakes up again and you both make your way to the bed where he won’t get a crick in his neck when he (inevitably) falls asleep again. He dozes off once more but wakes up when his stomach starts grumbling and you cook together (he’s actually not a bad cook, though he usually sticks to the stuff he knows; when you cook something he hasn’t cooked before he tries to help you as best he can and watches your moves with focused interest; it’s as adorable as it is sweet). It’s only when he goes to the bathroom when he realizes.

There’s an audible groan from the bathroom and then a chuckle. “Again? Really?”

You try to fight your smile down as you turn around to him standing in the bathroom door. He’s pulled off his sweater and jeans and is only wearing a white t-shirt and some boxers. His mouth is pulled into half a smile and he is pointing at his face where you’ve drawn smileys around his freckles.

“I think it suits you”, you try to keep a straight face.

He snorts and circles his pointing finger around his face again. “Ya think?”

You nod earnestly. “You should seriously consider turning those into tattoos.”

“Cheeky.” He barks out a laugh and then charges at you, lifts you up before you can think of an escape plan, and tackles you onto the bed where you gasp for breath as he holds you down and starts tickling you. “I’ll show you what I’ll ‘seriously consider’.”

Part I: sweet

aquaburst07  asked:

Here's a question for ya. While reading your recap thing, I got an idea. What if Ezor is tied to Merla somehow? In the old series, she had those female robots, which I can see turning into female generals here, and had a device that can tap into other realities. So maybe Ezor is a double agent and told Acxa about Merla before?

That would be an awesome twist! Ezor is the only one of the trio that is not pure on Galra looking in color. She’s red, which makes her stand out, and there’s the fact that she’s the only one that keeps insisting on Lotor being a screw up. Zethrid, Narti and Acxa are all like “Well he’s trying, we should have faith in him,” and she keeps noting how often he screws up and wanting to run back to the Galra. 

If she is a case of Merla and possibly working for her I would be amazed and think that it’s a great twist on the whole situation with how Merla is connected to Lotor and the possibility that there’s more to the Game of Thrones situation with the Galra. Merla using Ezor as a mole to get information would fit in with Merla’s character from the past, and we’ve also seen what a sneak Ezor is. 

Honestly I think you’re onto something there. And the device that can tap into other realities could be something that may come up later on given the Altean’s in that other world have one now too. 

anonymous asked:

So I was watching the behind the scenes of coda (again) and I'm still wondering why Andrew Lincoln said what he did on there. He talks about Emily and how he told her that she is so amazing and that's why she's so worthy of her "death". Umm - in my opinion it was the worst "death" in the whole series! Hmmm...

Seriously! Totally with ya, Nonny. That’s actually one of my main arguments. I’ve said this before (X), but the way he phrases it, despite his tone of voice, sounds like he’s being a total douche. 

But we know that’s not the case. AL is known for being pretty much the coolest guy EVER so he must have had some reason for saying what he said. It would only make sense if he’s referring to a return, rather than a terribly-written death, but that’s about the ONLY thing that makes sense. So until Beth returns or I understand exactly what he’s referring to, this is one TD argument I will harp on FOREVER

Thanks so much, Nonny! Xoxo! 💖

✨ ProperGenius Fic Rec! ✨

In honor of reaching a follower goal this weekend, I decided to do a fic rec list! I’m a huge fan of fic, so I hope you guys will enjoy these fics! I’ll try to tag any authors who I follow on Tumblr, but if I didn’t tag you, Im sorry! As always, please read the tags of each fic before reading just in case.

Bolded fics are my favorites! Enjoy!

  • A Sofa with a View by conductor_of_light aka @nondeducible​ (G): Lestrade POV fic. Greg crashes on the sofa and witnesses some Johnlock fluff.
  • Call Him Love by itsallfine (G): Super short, insanely fluffy parentlock.
  • We by AngstandPizzaRolls (G): This fic is teeny tiny but so cute. Basically, Sherlock spills the beans about his dreams. In front of everyone.
  • Messages Between Mates by icarryasonicscrewdriver (G): A very short fic where the Yard gets ahold of John’s phone. 
  • The Case of the Teddy Interrogation by AmyPound (G): Hamish Watson-Holmes solves a case. Parentlock, so cute.
  • The Incident in the Room with the Red Curtain by flawedamythyst (T): ACD Holmes fic. Basically, Holmes needs Watson’s help with a case that involves those with homosexual tendencies. A beautiful fic tbh. 
  • A Proper Blanket Fort by berrlyn_wohl (T): The boys build a blanket fort. Very cute.
  • 34 Minutes by bendingsignpost (T): Sherlock and John do an experiment in eye contact.
  • In Which John is a BAMFy MoFo, OMG! by Kantayra (T): The title is silly because this whole fic is silly. Basically, the yard gets a video of John rescuing Sherlock and it’s great.
  • Never-Ending Cycle by orphan_account (T): Christmas-y proposal fic. Incredible cute.
  • Bed-Sharing Between Flat Mates by testosterone_tea (T): A gorgeous 5+1 fic about they boys sharing a bed. 
  • A Discourse on the Inadequacy of a Duvet by guns_and_poses (T): The fact that some of y’all haven’t read this astounds me. Pure fluffy bedsharing. 
  • Big Brother by Kantayra (M): Mycroft doesn’t want John to take Sherlock’s virginity. He’s overprotective, but not in a creepy way. It’s crack-y but pretty funny and good.
  • Is This About the Dead Polar Bear? by cwb (M): cute, and told exlusively in dialogue. This whole series is great, but this is my favorite piece.
  • Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (E): Sherlock and John do an experiment where they can’t touch for a month. Lots of sexual tension.
  • Never Have I Ever by @hudders-and-hiddles​ (E): Sherlock and John go to a pub with the Yarders and play a drinking game. Love confessions!
  • Praise Me by testosterone_tea (E): Mostly porn, ya gotta love some praise kink
  • Floodgates by moonblossom (E): This is basically just porn, but it’s got a lot of feelings too
  • Possession by @caitlinisactuallyawritersname (E): 
  • Fa Subito by kim47 (E): John wears a suit. It’s great.
  • You’re the One That I Want at the End of the Day by @crimson-winter (E): Sherlock shows up at the surgery, they fuck on a conference room table.
  • The Prize We Sought is Won by deathfrisbees (E): This is… straight up military kink, don’t look at me okay.
  • The Penny Drops by Aptemis (E): John wants attention so he fucks Sherlock while he’s on the phone. Oops.
  • Diverted by 221b_hound (E): Sherlock is bored. John is shirtless. Yep.
  • 26 Pieces by Lanning (E): This one’s pretty long and plot heavy but so so worth it. I’m sure nearly everyone has read it but honestly read it again.
  • The Lights Are On by AmandaDBone (E): A gorgeous first time fic with lots of feelings.
  • Half A Dozen Dances by Ceruleandarkangelis (E): Sometimes Sherlock’s gotta go undercover as a stripper. Sometimes John Watson is aroused by it. Nice. 
  • Exquisite by sherlockholmesconsultingvampire (E): Sensitive Sherlock first time. There’s coming in pants. Basically porn.
Embarrassing-- A college!Ford x Reader fic

SO! this is part 3 of my college!ford series. sorry it took a while. 
Part 1
Part 2

this one’s NSFW, but there’s no actual sex. Reader is still gender neutral. again, it’s not necessary that you read the first two parts, but it might help set the tone. 

yeah… pretty much PWP and fluff. even tho this isnt really porn. WHATEVER. it’s lewd.

Keep reading