told u i'd do the thing

work thoughts

heebity beebity here are some thinks I have thunk keepin my brain occupied at work

-concept: modern magic users have gotten in the habit in carrying their stuff around in rolling suitcases.  if you see a profusion of rolling suitcases, you’re probably surrounded by some kind of coven.

-spent a good 15 minutes fantasizing about reliving high school over in a fix-it fic kind of scenario.  unproductive, never helped anything, probably made me feel worse in a way but SO BEGUILING.

-love the idea of “to goof” being a german verb (which I almost misspelled voob, deserves a mention of its own).  Goofen.  Ich goofe.  Ich habe gegooft.

-postmodern jukebox should cover AJR’s song weak!!

-you know how you associate certain times or moments in your life with a feeling that is also kind of a smell?  I vote that we call that a “smeeling”.  to smeel.  the past-tense version of it is “smalt” because “smelt” was already taken.  THINK ABOUT IT…

-let’s be real, all our feelings about endeavor getting excited about todoroki using his flame powers in the sports festival boiled down to: “HE’S DOING IT BECAUSE HE WANTS TO, NOT BECAUSE YOU TOLD HIM TO”

-a note at the bottom of my grocery shopping list, sic.: “One good thing abt. min-wage jobs: u can outlast everyone + become top bitch”

Tonight! on Half-Serious Crackpot Theories That Are Technically Canon-Compliant: is REGGIE the bad egg?

((slightly cleaned up exchange, where me and @ariadnestane​ uncover the TRUTH))

scribblekin I have a (au?) headcanon that Reggie is not…evil or anything but also that he’s not actually the “sweet n good” brother, just better at being charismatic? sociable?…in a manipulative way.

where Paul seems awful but he’s just blunt and bad at interacting w/ people

ariadnestane nehanaejlazguwa it’s tru tho

scribblekin did you see those evil-plotting-clasped hands when he was talkin to paul during the league??and when he was watching the Paul vs Ash battle???

ariadnestane yes yie

scribblekin way too into gettin yer lil bro to try to crush another kid dude

ariadnestane TRU

I knew it…. there’s something wrong with him all this time Paul was tryna tell us we didn’t listen it’s too late

scribblekin and then he goes to people and says PAUL has always had a cruel streak?? reputation ruining gas lighting jerk


scribblekin maybe Paul has trust issues from being raised by manipulator?? hmmmmm? maybe REGGIe is why Paul is the way he is, that story we got about Paul seeing Reggie’s loss being the turning point- again was told to us BY REGGIE, that event might not REALLY be the only factor

it’s a sad headcanon actually so I’m not sure how serious I am but LIKE

ariadnestane And that’s why Paul is so wary / distant from Ash… bc he acts like Reggie - or Reggie acts like him rather…

Do Not Trust This Man