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Bruised and Battered Chapter 5

Dean Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story summary:  Being friends with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

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It was only mid-afternoon when the town your parents were being held in came into view. It was a welcome relief, but at the same time you weren’t ready. You didn’t want to go back to the way life had been before they had been captured by monsters. You didn’t want to be under their thumb once again. Being beaten and tormented by people who should love you.

“So, I’m thinking we get a room, regroup and figure out our plan.” Dean started saying. “We have no idea what we’re going up against.”

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Robin’s Nest: Part 13

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 11820

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

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     “If you keep scrubbing like that, your hands are going to be raw.”

     Biting the inside of your cheek, you look up to meet your husband’s eyes. You remove your hands from the soapy water and carefully dry them. As soon as you set the towel down Bruce takes your hands and starts rubbing lotion on them.

    You sit in silence as he does it. When he’s done he doesn’t let go, he gives them a small squeeze, and says: “You haven’t sterilized the kitchen in the middle of the night since before the twins were born.”

     You give him a small smile, “The kitchen looked a little dirty.”

     Bruce just smirks, “Don’t let Alfred hear you say that.” There’s another moment of silence before he asks: “What’s going on sweetheart?”

      You don’t answer right away. You run a hand through your hair, bite your lip, and fidget a bit in your chair. Of course Bruce sees right through you. Knocking your knee with his own, he gives you a small smile of encouragement. Taking a deep breath, you give in, “I got them to open up a bit.”

     “The boys?”

     You nod, “Yeah. Did you know they’ve all lost their parents? Or that Jason actually died? And your relationship with Dick is non-existent. And have you seen the bags under Tim’s eyes? Apparently he survives on coffee! And Damian, apparently Talia is his mother. Talia! She raised him with the League of Assassins! Terry, Terry didn’t say a word. And then there’s you! You just grow old and alone, and you don’t let anyone in and Bruce…”

       That’s when the tears start to fall. Bruce’s arms wrap around you a second later. He pulls you into his lap, and holds you close. He runs his fingers through your hair, and kisses your forehead, but he doesn’t say anything. He lets you cry; he lets you cry for those boys who never knew another mother.

     Boys who had grown up guarded and more interested in fighting crime than playing sports. You cry for Bruce, for a man who was terrified to lose another person he loved. The last thing you remember is Bruce assuring you that your family won’t end up like that.

       When you wake up the next morning you find yourself alone in bed. While that’s not particularly unusual, it is somewhat strange considering it’s a school day and you have seven children, one who is an infant who has yet to sleep through the night.

       A bit reluctantly, you get out of bed and make your way downstairs. The first thing that hits your ears is Terry’s hungry fussing. The panicked conversation is the next thing to hit your ears.

      “Dude, it is literally you in infant form, use the bond and get him to stop crying!”

     “What Bond?”

     “The bond you have with your other selves!”

     “That is literally the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard.”

     Taking that as your cue, you move into the room. The way their eyes follow you make you a little uneasy, but you have a baby to take care of. Scooping Terry out of his high chair, you bounce him for a few minutes and the crying diminishes into a whimper. Moving around the kitchen, you prepare the formula and you wait.

     Once you have Terry drinking his bottle, you level your gaze on the somewhat stunned looking young men in your kitchen.

     “Why are you watching the baby?”

      There’s a moment of silence before a much older Dick finally says: “Your Bruce asked if we could watch him until you woke up. He said you’d had a bit of a rough night and needed the sleep.”

      “And you said yes?”

       Damian scoffs, “Obviously.”

      You level the preteen with your best mom look, and take the small amount of satisfaction that comes with him looking away first. Readjusting Terry, you ask: “Have any of you taken care of an infant before?”

       Dick is the one to answer, “Children yes, infants no.”

        You smile, “And of course Bruce wouldn’t check on that.”

        In a somewhat surprised voice, Tim asks: “He wouldn’t?”

      You shake your head and begin heading into the living room. “No, he wouldn’t. Our older boys all have experience with dealing with newborns.”

     “They do?”

     You laugh a bit before setting Terry down in his pack and play. “Seven kids remember? Not to mention he probably forgot that today is Alfred’s grocery shopping day.”

      “I’m sorry, Bruce forgot?”

        Your smile widens, and then it fades, “Things really are different where you come from. Speaking of which, where are my husband’s counterparts?”

      Grown Terry, who’s simply been watching you this whole time simply says: “In the cave, where else?”

      Nodding, you simply smile and say: “I’m going to make breakfast; do you boys want anything?”

     To be honest you don’t expect anyone to take you up on it, when Terry and Jason do you can’t help but smile.

     No one says anything as you assemble a breakfast. When you finally slide plates full of food in front of them, they give you polite thank you’s and you watch as they dig in. You nibble on your own food, and study the young men in front of you. You study the way Jason’s body language says ‘Do not approach,’ you study the way Terry is more open than any of the others. He smiles, but doesn’t make eye contact.

     More than once you find your eyes sliding between grown Terry and baby Terry.

      When all the food is gone, the boys insist on cleaning up. You try to argue, but they simply scoop the dishes away. You watch them for another minute as you scoop baby Terry up into your arms.

       And as you bounce your youngest, you realize something very important. Terry and Jason don’t know each other. Their body language is that of total alertness and waiting for the other shoe to drop, as though an attack will come out of nowhere.

     As Terry begins to fuss again, you walk out of the kitchen and up the nursery. You change his diaper and put him in a fresh onesie before sitting down in the rocking chair. It’s the same chair you’ve had since Dick was born. The thing had seen more babies than most, and it had rocked more than its fair share to sleep.

     You read to Terry as you rock him, something you’ve done with all your children. You keep your voice light and airy, and he’s asleep before you finish the book. You can’t bring yourself to put him in his crib though, and instead you snuggle him a bit closer and continue to rock him.

      The sound of the door gently opening breaks you out of your thoughts, and you smile as a grown Terry slips in through the door. He doesn’t say anything, he just sits on the floor in front of you and watches. After several moments you ask: “Is there something you need to talk about?”

        His eyes flicker to the baby and you smile, “Speak softly and you won’t wake him. He’s a fairly sound sleeper, he just doesn’t do it for long.”

         Terry just smiles, “I just want you to know, my life wasn’t like the others’.”

          You raise an eyebrow in question, but you don’t interrupt. “My dad, well who I thought was my dad, died when I was young, and that left me mad, but then I found Bruce. And well, he is my dad, my birth dad . . “

           You smile, “Don’t worry, complicated is a common theme around here.”

           Terry just smiles and relaxes a bit more, “I had my mom growing up. She isn’t you obviously, but she’s a good woman. I also had my little brother, Max. I was well loved and, after hearing everybody’s stories, apparently very lucky.”

           “That doesn’t make your pain any less you know.” He just stares at you in surprise. “Bruce and I lost our parents around the same age. His experience was much more graphic than my own, so I didn’t like to talk about it, and one day he told me that, and it was like the weight of the world lifted. Loss is loss, Terry; we all have the right to mourn. It’s what we do afterwards that matters.”

           Terry gives you a sad smile, “I promise I won’t leave him alone. I’ll stay with him ‘till the end. He’s my dad after all.”

           “And what about you?”

           When that silly little smile takes over his face you know whatever he has to say is good. Running a hand through his hair he finally says: “I have a fiancé, Dana. She knows everything, promises she can take care of herself, but sometimes I wonder . ..”

           Your response is automatic, “Trust her. Trust yourself.”

           Terry smirks, “Is that all there is to it?”

           You scoff, “Not at all. Bruce and I have a designated date night. No superheroing allowed. He usually calls in someone from the League to go out with Dick, while Jason runs the computers. If they call him in, we know it’s serious and then he goes. We also have a set of rules set up, one of which is that either of us can pull the plug on Batman if we feel it’s getting in the way of our family.”

           Terry just stares at you for a minute before asking: “You think he would really go through with it?”

           Smiling, you finally stand. You ease baby Terry into the crib before kneeling in front of his grown counterpart, “The suit doesn’t make the man Terry, and it certainly shouldn’t define him. You do good work, but you can’t save everybody. Knowing that and accepting that is the first step to realizing there is a life beyond the suit.”

           Standing up, you offer him a hand, and he takes it. Quietly you guide him out of the nursery and down the stairs. He stays near you for the rest of the day. The others flit in and out, never staying near you for too long.

           When baby Terry wakes up, his cries sound through the entire house. Before you can even stand up, the other Terry beats you to it and simply says: “It’s good practice, right?”

           You just smile and plop back down. Not five minutes later the front door slams open and you can hear your children filtering in. Smiling, you go to welcome them. You receive your customary hugs from everyone including Wally, who had tagged along, and just as you’re about to ask about their days you hear someone say Wally’s name.

           Turning, you find the eighteen-year-old version of Dick staring at the boy with a look of wonder and sadness, and you know, then and there, that you have to help these boys in some way before they go back.

anonymous asked:

Who do you like more and WHY, Archie or Jughead?

I honestly like them both exactly the same amount. And here is why:

They are both kind of polar opposites. What one lacks, the other one has. Kind of like Betty/Veronica in the comics (although not in the show, those two characters are written on much more blurred terms). 

What I mean is, I like Jughead because he’s strange, because he’s a loner. He owns that, and he almost prides himself on it- he doesn’t shy away from those labels at all. He’s complex and he’s dark and this is what makes him interesting. 

I like Archie because he’s open, he cares about everyone, he’s your seemingly “boy next door” with a  big heart. He wants everyone to like him, everyone to confide in him, and desires to be the reason everyone is happy. 

What I don’t like about Jughead is his judgmental nature. It’s not even an “inability” to let people in, it’s just that he has no desire too. I wouldn’t want him walking the halls high-fiveing everyone he sees like Archie would, but it frustrates me that there are people within their inner circle that he doesn’t even try to get to know or befriend, even though they have continuously proven to be upstanding types of people. It genuinly rubbed me the wrong way when he said he would actively be shunning Ronnie and Kevin if it weren’t for Betty and Archie. He takes it almost too far, just for the sake of things. 

Archie, on the other hand, refuses to accept that maybe he’s flawed (sort of like Betty in many ways). He needs to please everyone and therefore doesn’t take the time to sit back and say “maybe I have issues”. He’s jumping from girl to girl to girl without even considering why. Jughead would probably write a 3,000 word thesis on the inner workings of his psyche if he was acting the way Archie does, yet Archie just keeps pushing full steam ahead, unable to face his inner demons (which lets be honest, Cheryl was right when she said they stem from his issues with his mother). 

But Archie isn’t a fuckboy, there are motives for why he acts the way he does. And he legitimately cares for everyone that crosses his path, and that’s super endearing in my eyes. It gets him in trouble sometimes, sure, but that doesn’t make his heart any less good. And being someone who has a strong desire to help the people around me (I am an empath, after all), I understand where he is coming from. Other people being happy makes him happy. He wants his Dad happy, his mom, Ronnie, Betty, Juggie and even Cheryl. And someone who can want the best for Cheryl? Well, that’s a pretty good person. 

Plus, now that we see Archie in the bigger plot lines, he’s gaining complexity. I loved when he told Chuck to “leave Betty the hell alone” and got angry on her behalf, and when he stepped up to help his Dad with his business, or even when he eavesdropped on the Blossoms about their involvement with the Lodge’s. He’s growing a pair of balls, and I like that. What I don’t like (even though I am happy he’s with Ronnie now) is the obvious desire to still keep a squeaky clean image (i.e.: didn’t tell Betty about him and Ronnie, won’t confronts Mom issues, etc). I would like to see him grow a little bit before he get’s into a real full blown relationship with Veronica. Like, as in, falls in love with her. Because Val is right, he’s a “hot mess” and for that to just happen, with no development from his past female ridden mistakes, then he stays flat. I think we will see it though, especially after they canonically wrote Cheryl calling him out for his girlfriend hopping and had her connect it to his Mother. 

I would like to see Jughead be a little less “doom and gloom” as Betty said. I mean this in the sense that he doesn’t have to let anyone in, but he can still like…chill the fuck out a little bit sometimes, you know? And again, I think we are going to see that, from what the writers gave us this past episode. The Pops scene between him and Betty where he admits what she did was nice, and he had overreacted was lovely, but we already knew he could be sweet with Betty. What I really loved, was him saying that he doesn’t even really like Veronica or consider her a friend, but then in the same episode, has a pretty touching conversation with her (without really having to say much). We see him let her in a little bit, and in that moment, I think they kind of canonically cement their free standing friendship. It’s not because she’s Archie’s potential girl, or because she’s Betty’s friend, but just because they shared a moment of understanding with one another. And honestly, if Jughead gave her a chance, he’d probably see they have a LOT more in common than he assumes. 

 I am excited to see them continue to develop both of these boys in the future, and I think it’s easy to gloss over Episode 10 because of the party aspects but there was SO much meat and character/plot development in this episode, it made me so happy to see(dialogue still made me cringe at times, but whatever, I’ll take what I can get). 

So, yeah….I like Archie and Jughead the same amount. Ha!

Uncle Dean To the Rescue

Characters: Daddy! Sam and Uncle Dean and Uncle Cas

You are Sam’s preteen daughter, a standout basketball star. When you are being picked on in school, Uncle Dean comes to the rescue.

The Truman Tigers were down 25-21 with 1:00 remaining. The coach called a time out, and the girls quickly huddled around him.

“OK ladies. You CAN do this! Just remember what we practiced. Watch your man to man. I don’t want any fouls. I want you girls to try and get the ball to Winchester if she’s open. ”

He turned to you. “Sami, I want you to go for the 3’s, got it?”

You nodded. The girls circled up around you, the team captain. “Hands in guys.”


Tigers had the throw in, and Meghan tossed the ball to Avery, who tossed it to you. They had double coverage on you most of the game, but you went for the 3. Given that you were taller than most of the players and fast, you weren’t easy to cover. You nailed the 3 with 30 seconds on the clock. 25-24. You HAD this. The other team rebounded, and the ball was stolen by one of your team mates. They passed it to you, and with 5 seconds remaining, you landed another 3 to win the game, 27-25.

After the coaches post game talk, you walked out of the locker room to the two men who were waiting for you. You saw how the Moms all stared at them. It was weird.

“Great game baby!” Your Dad said. “You were really nailing those 3’s.”

You flushed with pleasure. “Hi Daddy. Hi Uncle Dean.”

Your parents weren’t together. Your Dad and Mom had broken up a long time ago. Mom knew all about what Dad and Uncle Dean did for work, as did you. You lived with your Mom, but your Dad visited when he could. You also spent frequent weekends and school holidays at the bunker when you could. Dad and Uncle Dean were awesome.

You had inherited your height from your Dad, and your hair and eyes too. You mom had named you Samantha, but everyone called you Sami. Uncle Dean called your Dad Sammy, so every since you were a little girl he had called you Smiley.

Dad taught you about monsters and magic and demons and spells, but you didn’t like that stuff. It scared you. You saw how sad Daddy’s eyes got when he talked about people he has lost…..Uncle Bobby, Aunt Ellen and Jo, Charlie, and Kevin.

You wanted to go to college and be a lawyer. Uncle Dean said you were good enough at basketball to get a free ride. Coach had told your Mom you were one of the most gifted players he had ever taught.

You liked it when Dad and Uncle Dean’s friend Uncle Cas was
was at the bunker. You knew he was an angel from heaven, but he was living on Earth or something. You taught him how to play basketball, but he didn’t ever miss. He also was really good helping with homework.

Uncle Dean taught you about cars. He had this Impala that was your Grandpa’s that he called Baby. He taught you how to fix stuff because “girls who fixed cars were hot.”
Dad said that he was not allowed to say that kind of stuff around you! You thought it was funny. Mom and Dad said you couldn’t date until you were at least 18. Whatever.

One Friday when Dad and Uncle Dean came to pick you up after practice, you were sporting a black eye. You had gotten in a fight in school. There was this Goth Chick Michelle Dawkins who hated jocks and kept picking fights with you.

“Hey Smiley! Whoa, nice eye!” Uncle Dean said.

“Sami, your Mom told me what happened. What’s going on?? What’s this girls problem?” Dad asked, concern in his eyes.

Tears welled in your eyes. “ She hates me Dad! She tripped me in the cafeteria, and pushed me into a locker. As tall as I am, she’s bigger than me. She knows I don’t know how to fight. She told me she’s going to get me after school and beat the crap out of me. I just want her to leave me alone! She says I think I am “all that” because I’m good at basketball.

When you got to the bunker, Uncle Cas offered to heal you. “I could smite her.” He said in his gravely voice.

I think I’ll just go to my room.“ You said.

Your Dad hugged you. "I love you Baby Girl. ” He said

Later there was a knock at your door. “” Smiley, can I come in? “

"Sure Uncle Dean.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to teach you to defend yourself. Fighting’ s not always the best answer but sometimes you have no choice. 9am in the gym.”

“Did my Dad say it was OK?” You asked. “We just won’t tell him.”

You spent the next day learning to fight. Uncle Dean was tough but fair. By drilling it over and over like basketball you finally got it. By the time you left on Sunday you were set. Dean wisely kept weapons out and kept it strictly body only.

Your text to him later told it all:

Uncle Dean, mission Accomplished!!!


Can you do a Jax imagine where you were born and raised around Jax and Opie but they’ve never really liked you and be hateful towards you until you leave and come back after a few years?

Full Circle

I grew up surrounded by the roaring of motorcycles, hanging around the crew. Proud little Delaney, the crew members liked me, I was just another kid at the end but Jackson and Harry hated my guts. I had no idea why but all they did was to annoy me and work their ways into my mind to make me feel bad at the end of the day while nobody was watching.

I never told mom or dad because I knew it was just kids messing around but I wanted to know the reason behind their constant games, the only one that respected me was Thomas, he played with me and kept me company making Jax and Opie stay away from me even if it was just for a little while. His death was devastating to all of us but it only made things worse for me, the boys wouldn’t leave me alone not even when we were somehow a lot more grown and we went through high school and they both prospected, the comments and nasty looks were still there. I asked my mom if I could move to southern California with an aunt, I used a stupid excuse of wanting to explore further from Charming and she accepted, when I told my dad I saw a glint in his eyes and he just nodded before sipping on his beer once again.

Years passed, I build myself a good life away from all the things the Outlaw life brought, away from the porn industry and the mess that was harder to clean up than to leave standing until I got a heartbreaking news, my dad, Otto Delaney had been condoned to 25 years in prison. I cried and I screamed before heading back to Charming that moment, I found my mother at the TM that served as a playground all those years before this moment. She was a crying mess on Gemma’s arms, her blue eyes looking at me with so much sadness, I knew this time was for real, there was no way of him coming out of this like he did many times before.

“Mom” I said, my eyes filled with tears that exact moment, she just nodded kissing my head and crying over my hair, I was hugging her tightly like I did so many times while I was young. A few minutes passed and I heard motorcycles approach, I knew the club had hired multiple lawyers and were working on trying to get dad out. I saw Chibs and Tig first who hugged me tightly before going to talk to my mother, Clay gave me a sad smile and immediately took off to my mother and Gemma. I saw Jax and Opie approach us and I immediately changed my endeavor moving back to my mom’s side with the excuse of looking for support on her embrace. Jackson approached me first, and I accepted the gesture of him putting his hand on my shoulder before Opie did the same, I just nodded with a short smile and heard Clay’s explanation of what went wrong.

After that moment the club did everything in their power to honor Otto’s family and take care of us, they gave us protection and helped us get through the pain. I visited my dad every chance I got but he begged me to stay away from Stockton. He told me about some shit going on inside the prison and it making it dangerous for me and my mother, I ignored his pleads and kept coming, I was a Delaney and being stubborn and strong was my greatest and worst characteristic.

I was home one day alone, my mom went to visit my grandmother and I was happy about having some time for myself. I made some tea and worked for a bit on my computer until I heard glass breaking, I took my gun quickly and put my slippers on before heading towards the back door, pistol in hand, someone took me from behind and hit me with the back of their gun making me feel a little dizzy but I still manage to hit him before pointing my gun at him but suddenly someone else kicked me on the back of my knees making me fall and put himself on top of me to try and take my gun away from me. He did and I tried to fight him but it was no use anymore, he tried to pick me up but I screamed loudly before fighting him with all my strength.

“HELP!” I screamed praying one of the prospects was outside “HELP PLEASE” I screamed once again but it was no use, the man covered my mouth with his gloved hand while the other put restrains on my hands.  Suddenly I heard gunshots and the man on my back fell to the ground, I let go of a soft cry before looking through my blurry vision at the pair of boots coming quickly inside my house and taking the man out.

I woke up with a big headache, I looked around but there was nobody on the room with me. I heard steps around the house and I made an effort to come out of bed and walk around to see who was in the house.

“You shouldn’t be up so soon, darlin’” said the voice I dreaded the most, Jax was smoking a cigarette on my kitchen table while Opie ate some breakfast, I looked at them clueless.

“The fuck you doin’ here” I said and Jax let out a laugh.

“We took the bad men who wanted to hurt you last night, darlin’. Just making sure sleeping beauty it’s safe before one of the prospects comes to take the next turn.” He said

“Are you telling me you too are part of the ones that patrol and protect us?” I said and they both nodded.

“Of course we are” said Opie “You are family” he said and it was my time to laugh.

“Maybe dad is, even mom but you fucking hate me and so do I so I ain’t your family”

“We don’t hate you, who told you that” said Opie before I looked at him like if he was a mad man. “We never hated you” he said and Jackson nodded finishing his cigarette.

“Then why the fuck did you tormented me for 16 years of my lifetime” I said and Jackson and Opie looked at each other with a glint in their eyes like if this situation was funny.

”We both had a crush on you, little one” said Jackson and I almost chocked on my own saliva. “You know kids do that games plus we thought you liked Thomas” he said and I looked at him like mad men.

“You are both delusional” I said before sitting next to them to talk for the rest of the morning, catching up with their lives like if there wasn’t two dead men right in the back room.
Bloomtale - Chapter 9 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 9 is up!!! And the party starts NOW!! Just take a looksy~ <u<

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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You don’t have a life…. You don’t work, your currently now going to school.. Not paying your own bills. Not buying your own food… Don’t dare say you have a life other than going to a fucking bar

This was the last thing he ever sent me after I finally broke off from the abusive relationship. He said this because I told him I have a life outside of responding to him right away. He didn’t stop until my dad stepped in and told him to leave me alone.

I’m still searching for the last of his belongings so he can be out of my life for good. I will always love him. There is no doubt. But I know I am better off without him and he’s better without me.

Daryl x Reader (Chapter 4)

Hi my lovely followers!!! I’m continuing the Daryl x Reader chapters and I’m having so much fun writing them! Please send feedback 🙏 and if your imagines seem like they can be included in my chapters, lm going to use them. I hope that’s just as good as one shots ❤️

Imagine: imagine where daryl is in love with reader but too shy to say anything about it and is really quiet around her until on a run he confesses
Warnings: swearing
Word count: 1,312
Author: Caroline

The second those scumbags closed the door, I ran into Daryls arms. He hugged me in an embrace. I was sobbing into his neck… God I finally feel safe!
“Shhhh (y/n) shhhhh… I gotchya…” He was stroking my hair. I can’t breathe oh my gosh I can’t breathe. “Shhhh take a deep breath ok? I got yuh…” I started to catch my breath and calm down. But dear god I could listen to him all day. I love being in his arms… I love smelling him and holding him tight. I love his voice trying to calm me. I could get use to this. I was snapped back into reality when he cleared his throat and I awkwardly let go.

“Thank you Daryl.” And I realized I pushed boundaries. I picked up my staff… And started to walk out the door. I felt Daryl grab my arm and pull me back into his embrace. I was startled and we both started breathing heavily. My nerves kicked in… And I didn’t know what was to come next. Before I could speak he placed his thumb along my bottom lip.

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Anonymous said: (Not tv related) my dad once told me & sibs that if he had to choose between us & his wife, he’d choose his wife cuz he met her first. I’m not a parent, so to me, hearing that sucked. I don’t have many parent friends, just trying to understand this??

Hey just a heads up guys…this post is will have nothing to do with TV, so feel free to keep on scrolling. My feelings will not be hurt at all. This post is just going to be on life stuff. It’s going to be intensely personal, so sorry for the TMI, I apologize but there’s just no way to answer this question without going there. But it’s an intensely personal ask and I feel compelled to answer it.

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I'm Only 16. Why Does This Happen?

“I’m 16 years old. I live in a small little town in Wisconsin with a population of 635 people. I was with my dad on my way to a local grocery store to turn in an application. I was wearing a long sleeve loose fitting black shirt and dark jeans. I was walking into the store as my dad sat in the car to wait, and when I got up to the door, a guy who looked about mid-20s was sitting outside and whistled at me, then said “Hey baby, how you doing?” I just ignored him and kept walking. He GOT UP and started walking towards me saying “come back here, we ain’t finished.” and “that ass looks good walking away though.” He followed me into the store a little ways and I told him to leave me alone loudly so people would hear. So he said “okay baby, I see. I’ll just wait outside for you.” He went outside, so I called my dad. I asked him to wait by the door outside for me because a man followed me and said he was gonna wait. My dad didn’t see all this happen because my car was a ways down in the parking lot. I got outside and showed my dad who he was. He went up to the guy and yelled at him asking him if he likes hitting on little girls and if he likes making women feel scared for there safety. He acted like he didn’t even talk to me but my dad gave him an earful. I was so terrified, I dont think I’ve ever been that scared for my safety before. And think about it, I’m 5’2 and 120 pounds. This guy was about a foot talker than me and a lot stronger. I wish some people knew how to treat others as human beings and not sexual objects!”

Submission from Niiki Hursch

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!

When i was 2 i first found out that not everything is meant to be
My parents decided their love story could be no longer
I don’t quite remember that day, but i do remember feeling confused. I thought the world was built for two. I remember my daddy looking me in the eyes and saying that even if he can’t see me as much ill still be his world.
I remember my mommy trying to explain to me that her and daddy were having issues and that it’s better for them and me if they were no longer partners in crime against the world. And they were ripping my little 2 year old world in half
I was 6 when my mommy and daddy both started a new world with other people. Mommy said its like im getting a new planet in my solar system. And she also told me that this planet came with two moons.
My daddy told me even though his new wife and 5 step children required a lot of his attention i’ll always be his number 1
I was 10 when i asked my mom what to do if i don’t like my dads new planet and moons. She told me there’s nothing i can do. They are now apart of my universe and i’m stuck.
Im 16 and i ponder what to do with my ghost planets. Those lost and forgotten. Mommy said they will never leave my universe. I attempt to fill this black hole my father left with all these stars but my mom also told me boys are never a solution, and they sure as hell won’t help me when i’m left alone in the darkness
Ive never been good at astronomy.
But i do know one thing.
No matter how many stars i steal, not everything is meant to be
—  Youll always be in my solar system // RDH

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Connor is sick and Jude takes care of him?

Here you go! Also sidenote, this is the first time I’ve had Jude call Connor, Con instead of Connor.

Someone to Take Care of You (unoriginal I know, titles are not my strong suit leave me alone)

Connor awoke to a pounding in his head.  He groaned.  Last night he had been feeling fine, but now it seemed like every bit of him was screaming in pain.

“Dad!” came a mangled yell from his throat.  There was no reply.  He rolled over, trying to rise out of bed and look for his dad, but the increased throbbing in his head told him that wasn’t a good idea.  So instead, he began pawing at his nightstand, trying to grab his phone.  Finally finding it, he called his dad.

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Dance Inside- Chapter 18

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I had been avoiding talking to Vic for a few days now. It was a little difficult seeing as we lived in the same house, but as long as he didn’t get me alone, it was fine. He tried, but I wasn’t ready to talk about what happened. I still felt so ridiculous for putting myself out there and having him reject me. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out.

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