Free! Iwatobi Swim Club merchandise for sale! I am off to uni in a few weeks and am try to earn a bit of extra cash :’)
I am in the UK & willing to ship internationally! PAYPAL ONLY. Just let me know which country so I can calculate postage ^^

• Haruka figurine w/original box (originally purchased for £30GBP) - £15GBP + shipping -SOLD-

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All official merchandise, I can provide more pictures if requested c:
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Hi there :DDD !

I’m still packing ma suitcase for the EnglandTrip tho I gotta go in a few hours and I still need a shower and stuff, haha x'DD
so, you already know that, but I’ll be gone for a week T^T ! with probably no ( good ) Internet :’D aahhh…damn… We will be traveling a lot, so i won’t have time to stalk the Internet anyway >w>)“

you gotta enjoy the 6th Episode without me v.v) ! have Fun <3 <3 ~ I’ll be excited for the Spam under the Servamp-Hashtag once I return home xD
and of course for the Spam for my 18th birthdaaaaaaaaaaay ! 8(>///////<)8 NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3 I can’t wait, Jesus Christ HELP XDDDDD
yeah, I’ll arrive on the 13th of August, in the morning xD
It’s like : the last day of the trip in London - driving with the bus in the evening - through the night - BIRTHDAY - PARTY in the BUS - back home x'DDD

anyway, enjoy dat little SakkunChibi ~ I really adore his Animedia-style *^* and those shoes were perfect for my trip x'DD haha <3 ( ok those shoes looked like the flag of the UK, but now in higher Quality one can see that those are mostly random stripes which look like the flag…. xD ? who cares =////=) )
I hope to get the original Image of this sooooon *3*)~ <3 SummerMelancholyyyyyy ~

So, see you soon :DDD !


Your Magical Girl


A/N this is not weird, there are much weirder things! I need to start watching that, it’s on my to watch list for two years.


Y/N P.O.V.


I’m having a girls night with my friends and we are discussing each other’s sex lives. “Y/N what about you and Dan?” one of my friends asks. “He is very gentle and it’s nice and stuff but…” “what but?” my friend cuts me off. “if let me explain you would know.” I say laughing. “no really what you wanted to say?” my other friend asks. “I love him and sex is good but he is always so gentle and it’s getting kinda boring.” I say looking down at my hands. “well, you are going to go shopping with us tomorrow! We are going to change that.” My friend says. “prepare for a less boring sex life!”

[The next Day]

“Hey Y/N ready for some shopping?” my friends ask. “yeah, Let’s go.” I say not sounding exited. I’m not going to admit it to them but I’m very excited for this shopping trip. “where are we going first?” I ask. “Victoria’s Secret.” My friend says, I let out a notable sigh of annoyance. I hate Victoria’s Secret everything is way too sexy for me. “I know you don’t’ like it but you know you don’t have a choice.” My other friend says smiling.

We entered Victoria’s Secret, my friends immediately pointing out very sexy lingerie. Everything they give to me to try on is lace and see trough. They push me into the changing rooms, insisting to see every set I try on. Don’t tell them but I actually like how everything looks on me, that’s why I ended up buying four sets.

“Okay now all we need is a nice and sexy, maybe provocative dress and then we are done.” “okay, I trust you guys.” We walked through the shopping center going into  various stores, never buying anything because apparently nothing is ‘sexy’ enough. We pass my favorite store ‘tokyotoys’. “can we go in here for a second, I need to pick up the next volume of this manga I’m reading.” “okay we go in and you pick up your book.”

We enter the store and while looking for the manga my eye falls on a very cute ‘sailor moon’ outfit. “do you think this can work?” I ask my friend, pointing at the outfit. “roll play?” she questions me. “Yes, maybe he’s into that, I don’t know. “you can try.” She says. “are you really going to try that?” my other friend asks. “yeah, why not.” Is say. “well the only thing I can do in that case is wish you good luck.”

[The evening]

I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, I’m wearing a see trough black bra with an matching thong underneath my sailor moon outfit. I’m tugging on my skirt. was this really a good idea? What is he doesn’t like it? What if he laughs? I have to keep myself from not taking the outfit off. I hear the front door open, I freeze. I slowly get up from the bed facing the door. Dan is home and he can enter the bedroom any second. The door opens.

Dan is standing in the doorframe with an expression on his face I’ve never seen before. A mile creeps on my face. Before I know it he is walking over to me pushing me on the bed. “why do you have to be so sexy?” he growls in my ear. I can fell his growing bulge against my thighs. Wow, I never thought it would be this affective.

I reach between out body’s, undoing his belt. I remove my hands running my hand over his chest and back. Be supports his weight on one arm. He reaches between us undoing the zipper and button of his jeans. Pushing the down just far enough to release his cock. He moves my tong aside, not bothering to take it off.

He is not gentle when he pushes in giving me zero seconds time to adjust to his size. Trusting violently in and out of me while rubbing my clit giving me maximum pleasure. “how many times can I make you come in one night?” he says in my ear. Oh god, what is he planning. A few more trusts and I’m screaming out ad my orgasm take over. “one” he says. He keeps pushing in and out.

It doesn’t take long for the both of us to orgasm together. “wow, you should wear things like that more often.“ he says breathless. I look at him and I get an idea.

“You haven’t seen the good part.” I say. I get up smirking, slowly taking of the cosplay outfit, revealing the see trough bra and thong. His eyes widen when he sees the lingerie. He gets up wrapping his arms around me. “why are you so fucking sexy.” He whispers sensually I my ear. He starts tickling my sides “Dan!” I giggle.

“ready for round two?” he says, throwing me on the bed again.

Preference #118: Pouty Pet Names

Jack: “But Jackie Jack! You promised you’d stay home with me today!”

Finn: “Finny! Don’t leave! Stay with me today! I miss having lazy days with you.”

Dan: “Aw look how cute my little Dannie-poo is in the baby onesie!”

Phil: “But Phil-Bear!!! You and me were supposed to go to Tokyotoys together!!”

Ben: “Bennie Boo!! Stay with me and do nothing. I miss you so much.”