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Tokyo Ghoul Re: Ch. 63 First Spoilers

Hachikawa side:

Shikorae chews on Hachikawa’s nose and mouth, and then rips part of them off. Hachikawa pulls out his Quinque and fights together with Ayumu. He sends Mutsuki on ahead.

Hachikawa and Ayumu fight with Takizawa. A ghoul grabs Ayumu’s hair and reveals her face. Hachikawa and Ayumu are killed by Shikorae and Takizawa.

Mutsuki runs into Torso up ahead.

Eto side:

After being caught by Sasaki, Eto appears on live television. Sasaki watches her. Eto announces to the world that she is a ghoul.

re: Side:

The team at re: (including Touka) watch the TV broadcast in amazement.

Kaneki’s organ damage and ghoulism.

I was thinking about Urie’s recent “issues” beginning to unfold, so I went back to look at Kaneki’s transformation. Basically I’m looking at what injuries probably occurred when Rize stabbed through Kaneki’s abdomen and possibly why he had stronger ghoul “symptoms” (like not being able to eat human food) when his RC cell counts were still under that of certain Quinx.

     If you have been reading Tokyo Ghoul for a while you might already know but there were some strange (or at least unexplained) things about Kaneki’s descent into “ghouldom” First of all while we are told that high RC levels are the major factor in half-ghoul’s being about to eat human food or not however while in the hospital when he was already having issues with human food.

    This was despite the fact that Kaneki’s RC cell level while in the hospital was only 911, which was below “ghoul levels” of 1000+ and below Shirazu’s RC cell level of 920 and we all saw multiple examples of Shirazu eating happily and boisterously throughout Tokyo Ghoul :RE.

Possibility #1: Biology

    This could possibly be because of Kaneki’s base RC-cell levels. While we don’t know what the base number for the quinx were we do know Kaneki’s RC cell counts were a full 30 points below healthy human low limits. (almost triple the twins which were only 9 and 11 points lower than normal.

    Kaneki’s low RC cell levels could have been a sign of ill health for some unknown reason (maybe Kaneki’s mother didn’t actually die of exhaustion maybe there was some non violent reason Kaneki’s dad died when he was so young). But possibly they could just mean there was some twist of Kaneki’s biology. Making the “normal” range lower and thus the higher range lower as well. (So if 170 was “normal” and equivalent to 200 there is a possibility that Kaneki’s 911 was more like 941, which is still below “ghoul” levels, but higher than any Quinx).

OR may be the low RC count was just a sign of some deeper biological difference that made him more susceptible to becoming a ghoul. Something ghoulish maybe? Because it’s theorized full ghoul’s might not produce RC cells and only absorb them from what they eat.

(semi-realistic organ images and rambling under the cut)

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Spoiler Text for Chapter 63 of Tokyo Ghoul:Re

Hachikawa gets his nose and mouth chewed on by Shikorae
Shikorae then rips part of his face off
Hachikawa takes out his qunique
(The quinque isn’t Black Dog)
Hachikawa and Ayumu start to fight together
Hachikawa makes Mutsuki go on ahead
Hachikawa and Ayumu are battling against Takizawa’s group
However, Ayumu gets caught by a ghoul and her hair gets pulled back
At that time, her real face can be seen clearly
Hachikawa and Ayumu get caught by Takizawa and Shikorae
Hachikawa appears to be dead
It is unknown if Ayumu is dead or alive
Mutsuki, who went ahead, ends up encountering Torso

Eto, who was caught by Kaneki, is standing in front of a TV camera
(It is unknown if this is in Cochlea or not)
Kaneki is watching the scene
A live TV broadcast begins
Eto announces that she is a ghoul to the public

Members of re are watching the situation on TV

The tiny sliver of Shuu’s face on the right is no joke one of my favorite images of Shuu in the world. He’s just been to hell and back convinced his entire family and staff has been killed or taken by the CCG, some in front of him. He’s seemingly been betrayed by Ken and he’s only pushing through for his family.

And then he see’s his father’s face, his eyes widen in shock and hope almost as if he can’t believe Mirumo is real until he turns his head.

…Damn it Ishida making me cry, with something so small.

I can’t believe I doubted that Yomo was Hikari’s little brother for so long

They even seem to share the same angry snarl

And their love for high spots

It was thrown at our faces since the beginning and I never noticed

… how