Since the release of the Tokyo Ghoul Trump set that Ishida illustrated I’m sure a lot of people are desperately trying to get their hands on a set however it’s important to remember than producing your own cards from scans that people upload is incredibly disrespectful to Ishida-sensei, who worked so hard on these illustrations for the raffle winners.

I know it’s really tempting to get a trump set of your own but if Ishida wanted it to be sold he would have put it on the market and for all we know it could possibly still happen, or maybe he could do a rerelease/another raffle. If Ishida did ever decide to sell these and there were already (most likely) cheaper copies going around it would be a big loss for him. The illustrations he did are his work and he has the right to distribute them as little or as much as he wants.

By scanning and producing your own sets of tarots you’re stealing his work (the irl equivalent of reposting). Even getting scans and pictures of the cards is already such a blessing but the physical production and distribution of his work is copyright infringement, so please don’t support these bootlegs if you happen to see them! You wouldn’t sell prints of another artists work without them explicitly telling you they allow it so please do the same for professional artists as well.