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  • Ore Monogatari

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Okay, it’s been awhile since I’ve recommended any movies so here we go.

So I’ve watched a lot and have found that many of them revolves around the idea of one person from a time period talking to another person from the past or future. American versions would be Frequency (2000) or The Lake House (2006). However, I highly recommend watching the Korean and Japanese versions of this type of genre. Here’s a list of all the ones I’ve watched if anyone is interested in checking them out:

Ditto (Korean 2000)

il Mare (Korean 2000)

Calling You/Only You Can Hear Me (Japanese 2007)

Tokyo Girl (Japanese 2008)

>> On a side note, the girl from Calling You is exactly like how I used to be in middle school. I wish I had watched it back then; it would’ve given me a lot of encouragement to become the person I am today. It’s okay though, I found my way :)



Yooooo check out these stickers I’ll be selling at Sac!! I plan making the rest of the Yona characters as well as a couple other character sets so keep an eye out for updates! Hope to see every one at the con :D

((I’ll also post what table I’m at and what the prices of each will be once all that’s worked out))

I was looking for a japanese romantic movie and found this.. It’s called “Tokyo Shoujo/Tokyo Girl”. Nung 2008 pa siya pinalabas pero ngayon ko lang siya napanood :3 and worth watching naman talaga, sa mga di pa nakakapanood, try to watch this one. Panuorin niyo nalang, ayokong mang spoil eh. One thing na nag caught ng attention ko is yung plot, na may similarity sa isa sa movie dito sa pilipinas. If alam niyo yung movie ni Iza Calzado and Dingdong Dantes na Moments of Love. Almost same talaga yung idea, pero syempre madami pa ding differences. Tinignan ko nga agad kung anong movie yung unang narelease dahil may mga time na na aacuse yung ibang Filipino movie na nanggagaya lang PERO, sorry dahil 2006 narelease yung Moments of Love. Siguro coincidence nalang talaga. hahaha! So yun lang, gusto ko lang i-share and ang cute nung leading male actor. HAHAHA!

anonymous asked:

Is Tokyo Ghoul a shoujo manga? (hints: Touken, Tousaki, Ayahina, Seiaki, Akiramon (sorry), Shuuneki, Tsukikane, Yoshimura x Ukina, Nishikimi, Mutsurie, Mint cookie, Takeyori, etc, etc, etc, etc x∞)

yes, you couldn’t be more accurate. this whole time we’ve been reading a shoujo manga. it’s just taking us forever to get to the love triangle now tbh, but we’ll get there eventually, no worries.