Someone said that a good bagle shop near my alma mater in Tokyo. Last weekend I took my daughter there to take part in a seminar on the entrance examination reform and dropped in the bagle shop on the way there. All of bagles I bought tastes awesome and are the best ever. I made a bagle sandwich with pastrami, scrambled egg and cresson. This bagle sandwich is the second best, I think. The best for me is ”"bagel and lox" by Russ & Daughters, NY.

Mater’s Tall Tales

I’ve been feeling sad and lonely all day, so when Netflix suggested I watch Mater’s Tall Tales, I was like, okay fine, I guess I’ll bite. They cheered me right up! I love how Lightning somehow manages to be incredulous but also deeply invested in what happens, in spite of himself. They’re also masterfully made, honestly–in that they were definitely constructed for both people who are 50+ and people who are 4- given that they’re all Mater versions of classic TV programming of the 50s/60s (and prior). That kind of nostalgia can be a huge boon when your four-year old wants to watch the same cartoon for the 47th time this month. (And I say this as someone older than four who still does this, so no shade toward four-year olds.)

The Tokyo one was what really got me, though, because it’s the final one and it breaks the pattern of its predecessors, all of which featured a tag scene that corroborated Mater’s tale. In Tokyo Mater, however, the curtain comes all the way down, and we see–outside of Mater’s reality–Guido having “modded” Mater with a bunch of plywood appendages.