sorry for lack of posting!! I went to this and took lots of pics with Undertale folks…. ^Q^ ahh I wish I could get everyone! These are just a few pics I took. To me, cosplaying isn’t fun unless you have other people to have fun with ^~^)/ I hope to get back to drawing now lol..

Things they don’t warn you about before your first Anime Convention:

  • depending on where you live, hours of boring car rides
  • cramming your props into the little seating space you have left
  • the weird looks you will get if in cosplay during the long trip
  • getting all of your luggage to fit onto a cart in one go when you reach the hotel
  • fighting crowds to the elevators with a huge luggage rack behind you and waiting for nearly an hour for an open elevator
  • getting there and your hotel room is MUCH smaller than expected
  • cramming your other 8 friends and their luggage into the room you promised to them
  • getting sleeping arrangements organized
  • sleeping in unintentionally, not sleeping at all, or falling asleep at the worst possible times
  • putting on the cosplays while everyone else is running around, digging through their bags, on a 20 minute race to meet the opening of the convention
  • fighting the lines to the elevators, and losing, then taking the 12 flights of stairs down to the lobby where the door is locked, then back up 2 flights to find an unlocked door that actually IS the lobby and not the basement
  • getting separated from your con-veteran friends in the sea that is same-character cosplayers upon first arrival 
  • vic mignogna
  • elevator parties
  • public restrooms with lines forever
  • the creepy sweaty 40 year old men that hang out around the raves that insist on trying to dance with you
  • sweat
  • you will be deaf for about 4 hours afterwards depending on how great the rave or rock concert is
  • “this ATM is out of order”
  • sometimes the staff isn’t really all that friendly
  • having to use your actual hair because your wig never came in
  • very strange people joining your apples to apples game with your friends
  • your room being next door to the block party where you can hear every tap of the mic and every bump and grind of the teenagers in the next room
  • If anything or any costume looks like it could be a threat (or very revealing) towards anyone unfamiliar to and outside of conventions, do not take it. Do not wear it. Change first or send a friend. (i. e. swat gear, swords, plastic rifles, weapons in general, boobs hanging very far out the sides of your “sexy jutsu” cosplay, thongs, bikini type wear)
  • General creeps asking if you could come back to their room of come to yours while you get something
  • busted escalators
  • getting everything packed back up for the ride home
  • the long ride back and everyone’s either asleep the entire way or is suddenly very rude
  • getting home only to realize you suddenly have 4 pairs of underwear in your bag, 2 bras, and a sock… and none of them are yours
  • post-con depression

Sorry I’ve been pretty silent the last few days guys! Been at Tokyo in Tulsa with my sis, her fiancee, and a few awesome friends!!
Since I had Friday off I got to put Hondo back on! Wanted better bar pics but since I had been up almost 40 hours straight I just ran out of steam and the drinks were so much Dx
So have this kinda cute pic my sis took. Still gotta fix him up for Otakon XD
Any drink suggestions for Hondo for Otakon? I like sweet drinks that don’t taste like shit… But I’m willing to order piratey things…? Suggestions would be great XD
Don’t suppose any of you guys saw me at TnT?

Mark your calendars guys!

Tokyo in Tulsa is soon approaching and that means oh my god it’s time to get our cosplays started and ready.

So obviously that means we have to discuss photoshoots! It’s still a ways off but I’d like to get everything prepared now so everything will be /just peachy/ around con time and I won’t be stressing out like last year fingers crossed heavily. So, lets go through everything. (I’ll post this again and reblog a lot around Con time!)

Homestuck photoshoot for Saturday July 12, at 4:13 (The famous number~!)

We’re going to meet out front on the steps facing the Doubletree this year. Last year we crowded the hotel lobby so bad it was ridiculous! D: So we’re going to have some really nice open space for this meet. However that said, we’re going to have to make sure we don’t crowd the walkways. Thats super important because a lot of people will be going up and down those steps so make sure we leave lots of room okay?

Time: 4:13 p.m. On the time sheet it says 16:13:00 in military time for clarification.

Where: Steps facing the DoubleTree hotel!

Why: Better for lighting last year my pictures were soooo dark and the space was so cramped

General Rules of the Con apply. Don’t endanger other people or their cosplays. Don’t be rude to other cosplayers. If someone is making you uncomfortable, tell staff and dont stand back and let yourself be in potentially harms way! Please no ship hate please. Please please. And no drama. We have enough of that already okay? Say nice things or nothing at all!

If anyone has any questions or concerns please direct them at me in my ask or on my skype withered.angel. Let’s have an awesome tnt this year!


So, it was said that someone wanted to do some community service and do a cantown thing and donate cans again. So, for this meet if everyone would like, you guys can bring some cans to donate to local food pantries for people who need them. Sadisticbutsweet has offered to collect and transport these cans to the shelters of choice and make sure they get to people who need them! Its not required that you bring cans by any means. If you would like to, go for it. If you dont want to then thats okay! We will all still have lots of fun anyways.