Cosplay photoshoots at Tokyo in Tulsa!

Hello everyone! I will be at Tokyo in Tulsa, offering cosplay photoshoots!
I am photoshop certified and can edit photos with special effects, if you would like.
Price start from $50 for 30 minutes, per person. Photos with special effects will have an added $50, per person.
Contact me for more information at


sorry for lack of posting!! I went to this and took lots of pics with Undertale folks…. ^Q^ ahh I wish I could get everyone! These are just a few pics I took. To me, cosplaying isn’t fun unless you have other people to have fun with ^~^)/ I hope to get back to drawing now lol..

Colssalcon is still over a month away but I wanted to get this post made. (I’m also going to TNT so if you’re going to that and are interested feel free to message) Basically, due to unfortunate circumstances, I have TWO kara jumpsuits that are useless to me and I want to try to sell them to people who can actually use them. Both of them are never worn besides the one time of trying them on.$30 each. The two sizes are the same jumpsuit just in a different size. Asian Large has these measurements= Height:170cm-175cm Bust:95-103cm Waist:74-81cm Hip:98-104cm.
Asian XXL= Height:180-190cm Bust:111-121cm Waist:87-97cm Hip:110-120cm. If interested message me!!


Tokyo In Tulsa was fun! Borderlands on Saturday and Steven Universe on Sunday!
Handsome Jack/Jasper: Tumblr Instagram

Lilith/Lapis: Tumblr Instagram

Maya/Peridot: Tumblr Instagram

Axton/Mayor Dewey: Me! (Instagram)

Reminder!!!! I am hoping to put together a Mystic Messanger Q&A panel for Tokyo in Tulsa. We still need people to try out!!!

I have lot of fun plans to make this enjoyable for anyone involved! From games, to prizes, and plenty of cats. It will be pg-13, but it might not be spoiler free. That has not be decided.

Here is the characters we need for the panel:

  • MC: Taken
  • Yoosung: Taken
  • Jaehee:
  • Zen:
  • Jumin: taken but is willing to be Unknown instead
  • 707: Taken
  • V:
  • Rika:
  • Unknown: taken but is willing to be Jumin instead
  • Vanderwood:

Also might be willing to allow other Cheritz game characters to make a cameo because they don’t get enough love and the it’s the same universe thing >w> (in other words, hit me up if you are a Nameless or Dandelion cosplayer. Ilu)

If you are interested please pm me with who you want to be, an example of your cosplay, and we can discuss things from there!!!!!! >:D

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