Photo Credit: Anthony Myers

This is my dad. He watched Avatar: The Last Airbender with me ever since it first came out in 2005. He wanted to see what a convention was like and I asked if he’d want to cosplay. He chose Iroh and asked me to make the costume. He had a great time making people smile and it was definitely fun bragging that he was my dad. People asked if his beard was real and he and Zuko were even reunited at one point! GUYS. HE EVEN SHAVED HIS HEAD FOR THIS. He said if he was gonna do it, he’d do it right. And it paid off! Anyway, I wanted to share this with everyone and let them see how awesome he turned out!

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How to make a widows-peak hair extension

This is a rough tutorial of my process while making a clip-in widows-peak for my Equius cosplay. I want to use the wig also for a young Snape cosplay sometime in the future so I didn’t want to sew it in.

Aside from gluing down the hair it’s actually pretty easy.

• Measure and sketch out a template, leaving room for it to overlap the hairline so the wig clips have something to grab onto.

• Once you get a pattern you are happy with, cut it out and place it over the wig. If you are not satisfied try it again until it looks right.

• Trace the shape on fabric similar to the wig color. If the fabric you are using is prone to fraying, paint both sides of your shape with fray check or a similar solution and let dry completely.

• Cut out the shape and sew the wig clips on the underside with the open side facing down. |-v-v-v-|
This helps the teeth grab the hair and hold the hairpiece in place.

• glue hair onto the hairpiece starting from the back (top most part) and going toward the front. Make sure you are using a clear-drying glue. On the front-most two layers I used Mod Podge because it dries more clearly than my craft glue… But it takes a lot longer to dry and isn’t as tacky…


Place the clip on right above the edge of the hairline and gently pull down to thread the teeth into the hair. Close the clips. And wear proudly!

I will add a horn tutorial soon.

Okay, even I impressed myself this time. I mean, I’m happy with the art itself, but it took me a record-breaking two days to finish this. It’s usually like… 10+ days. When convention season is nigh, there is no rest for the wicked!

And I don’t know how obvious it is, but I tried to have the area surrounding the moon hint at a Bill shape, with some constellation type lines. I’m happy with it. <3