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In all seriousness, are these hints? Foreshadowing?
It’s not like either of them was alone at those times: even though Hide didn’t know anyone in Asian History class, he must have known people in other classes, he musta had acquaintances - but he still felt lonely without Ken.
Same goes for Ken or rather Haise: at the time he was surrounded by people who he considered his family and yet, he was also lonely without Hide.

You can feel lonely even when you’re not alone if that one special person isn’t with you. And maybe, that special person is Ken for Hide and Hide for Ken.

popcornpages88  asked:

Hi! Your art style is so beautiful!!! I noticed you take ideas in, so I was wondering if you could draw a kagune? It can be canon or your own design, I'd just love to see one in your style :)

ahh thankss<3 i think i’ve mentioned before but my fantasy sucks really bad, so i hope you don’t mind me drawing kaneki’s kagune c:

if you want to use this drawing or else, give me credits. Thank you -w-



Unpopular Headcanon:

Hide gives and gives and gives and seems to never run out of love for Kaneki despite never getting the same affection back.

And although he says that he’s okay and happy with what he receives, he’s tired.

(Even stars burn out, and soon, Kaneki will move on with his wife and child while Hide and his warmth will disappear from the cosmos, a once brilliant star forgotten and turned to stone)


DSC_1224 by Zengame