tokyo woes

I’m reading tokyo mew mew (I’m too lazy to watch anime rn) and I just got to the part where masaya gives ichigo the bell choker and he says “you’re my all-time favorite little kitty” and honestly, if I read this in middle school I would have eaten this shit up, now I’m just like exhausted.

au where world-renowned fashion designer tsukiyama shuu’s latest fashion line was an absolute failure, and the guy ends up drinking himself stupid at the “filthy, low-class nightclub” where kaneki works a part-time job, and poor kaneki has to listen to the fucking idiot pour out his heart and soul about his failure until tsukiyama falls dead asleep at the counter (without paying for the ‘shitty, no-grade beer’)

he really doesnt want to take care of the guy, but its closing time and none of his co-workers are particularly fond of having to take care of a funky-looking stranger in a funky-looking suit, so kaneki takes it upon himself to half-carry, half-drag the useless, inebriated piece of trash to his house to stay for the night, and sighs as he realizes he has to skip his classes the next day to nurse tsukiyama through the major hangover that the idiot is bound to have

when tsukiyama wakes up, he has to deal with the worst hangover ever, but everything’s a little better because he gets to shamelessly and unabashedly leer at kaneki’s butt whenever he makes requests for things like water, or aspirin, or food, or having the temperature of the room set lower because its too hot, then having the temperature of the room set higher because its too cold, and having the television turned on because its too quiet, then having the television turned off because its too loud…

though kaneki is extremely annoyed by the requests, he doesnt say anything because tsukiyama is a guest, but by evening-time he kicks tsukiyama out of his house with a firm slam of his front door, and releases a huge sigh of relief, because thank god im never seeing him again but sadly for kaneki, tsukiyama shows up the next day with a bouquet of flowers (and an equally funky-ass suit) to thank kaneki for his kindness and ask him out for a cup of coffee, and though kaneki rolls his eyes, he says yes anyway

thinking back to the good old times where he could walk to school in normal clothes without gaining unecessary attraction, taking care of tsukiyama was the worst decision that kaneki had ever made because his fucking shit of a boyfriend threw out every article of normal-people clothing he owned and replaced it with the world’s ugliest clothes ever

kaneki is not amused


IT IS EVIL THAT THEY MADE TWO COVERS. (The one on the right is special edition with a book case and the prologue chapter.)

Cover slip says WHY SO PRETTY HEICHOU?! (Ok, it’s a comment from Hisayama who said “this Levi is soooo pretty!!”)

Shounen Magazine also has attached this week a special Heichou cover for Vol 13, which was very tempting. I WANT ALL THE HEICHOU!