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When a TV performance looks more impressive than its music video


Hello Tokyo! (03/20)

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Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka | Osaka | Nagoya | Tokyo

Mitsuki: Okay, let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by IDOLiSH7, and it takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Sougo: We started this tour in January, and it felt like it passed by so fast. Thanks to the fans’ warm support, we finally returned back to Tokyo safely.

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March 25

Editor’s note: For Fifth Harmony’s Asia Tour, we will be updating the content of each day according to the time zone where most of the girls will be in.

It’s Tokyo’s turn for the 7/27 Tour!

Lauren had a great morning:

Look at the girls bonding backstage!

Lauren even retweeted the video of them clubbing last night:

The girls are happy :)

On Normani juggling tour and DWTS, here’s what her mom had to say:

Catch up here for Ally’s IG takeover:

Some fan gifts:

The girls got the special signage made by Japanese Harmonizers!

Show time!

They had a blast performing for Tokyo!

Another one tomorrow!

Dinah couldn’t sleep, so  she had a little Q&A on twitter!

in light of recent events, Lauren’s probably reached the limit of her patience:

Respect Lauren, please!

Anyway! The girls are off to Osaka tomorrow to play a show in Kobe.