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Ghoul Wars

At the end of the volume 4 of Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida included this self portrait of him drawing Darth Vader. In one of the Young Jump interviews when asked who his ideal father would be, Ishida responded with ‘Darth Vader’. Why is this relevant? Because Tokyo Ghoul references a lot of classic literature, and if you consider anything that has a profound and lasting effect on a genre of storytelling that is immediately recognizable as a classic, then Star Wars could also qualify under that label. 

If you were to comb through Tokyo Ghoul for Star Wars, or ideas that occur in Star Wars as a motif to be referenced in Tokyo Ghoul you’d find the works actually have a quite a few points in common. Particularly in a few areas.

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Say, remember when Hide didn’t understand Eto’s books?

…But then later he kind of did? I wonder wha–

“With the exception of her short stories, in all her books, the main character loses someone precious to them or even dies themselves. It’s hard to read. No matter how skillfully expressed or refined the words are, behind it is an unidentifiable sadness, anger, emptiness…a dark expression shows through. Succumbing to despair, not being able to rely on anyone for help… and therefore ending up just wanting to destroy everything.” -TG RE 39



So, there’s the implication that Eto fed Kanae part of her own kagune, and she previously demonstrated the ability to detach it if she needs to. And now it seems like her kagune is growing out of Kanae’s back.

Did she turn Kanae into a meat puppet? o_O

I previously compared her kagune to ventriloquist dummies due to the fact that they could talk, but I didn’t think that the whole puppet thing would actually have relevance.