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Stunning Jewelry Outline City Maps 

Israeli based artist Talia Sari constructs stunning brooches, necklaces and rings of street maps of the most famous cities in the world. A true romantic piece of memorabilia, Sari aims to bring a small piece of Paris, New York and Tokyo to one’s everyday life. 

You can find more stunning designs on her Etsy shop.

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Miniature Cities Pop Up On The Foods That Are Iconic Of Them

To remind people of the relationship between their city and the typical meal that defines it, illustrator Bea Crespo and photographer Andrea G.Portoles have collaborated on a photo-illustration project titled “BrunchCity” that features miniature landscapes of famous cities popping up on the foods that are iconic of them. 

Impressive GIFs of City Lights at Night

London-based designer Troy Hyde’s ingenious photography project titled, Lightscapes are composed of satellite images of the world’s most brightest and busiest cities. Hyde transforms each image into a GIF by adding a flickering element. Each twinkle signifies the livelihood of the “hustle and bustle” found in large cities such as Las Vegas, Cairo, London, Tokyo and Madrid among many others. The aerial also view gives one the impression of hovering above the illuminated cities by plane. By reversing the perspective of the night sky, the artist urges us to look down on Earth at the sparkling cities, instead of up at the starry night sky. 

Las Vega, Neverda

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Antwerp, Belgium

Cairo, Egypt

Chicago, Illinois 

El Paso, Texas

Tokyo Bay, Japan

Hong Kong, China

Houston, Texas

London, England

Los Angeles, California 

Madrid, Spain

Montreal, Canada

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

São Paulo, Brazil

Seoul, South Korea