tokyo mew mew lettuce


PLEASE CHECK OUT!!!! this Grade-A tokyo mew mew content i commissioned from THE AMAZING, TALENTED INCREDIBLE QUYNH!!! i can’t gush enough about how beautiful this is, so make sure to full view since tumblr’s so weird about sizing!! also i’m going to have to actually insist you go buy art from her sorry i don’t make the rules i just enforce them


  • *Mew Ichigo, dangling from something*
  • Mew Lettuce: Ichigo! Don't let go!
  • Mew Ichigo: Why on earth would I let go?
  • Ryou, arriving: Ichigo, don't let go!
  • Mew Ichigo: Okay! But can you guys give me any other advice?
  • Blue Knight, also arriving: Mew Ichigo, don't let go!
  • Mew Ichigo: Yeah, we're pretty much on the same page!