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Story Time!

This is the story of my time last night going to get Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE…

So I get home from work at about 630PM and figure that Gamestop closes at 9PM and it takes me 15 min to get there, so I have plenty of time. I fuck around of the computer for about an hour and 15 min making it 745PM and then me and my girlfriend leave to go to Gamestop then afterwards grab dinner.

On the way there I talk about a “Plan B” if they ran out of copies, which would be going to the Cape Cod Mall Gamestop and do dinner in Hyannis(which is like another 20 min away). We arrive in the parking lot at exactly 8PM, she heads into Marshals and I head to Gamestop. Right as I’m about to grab the door to Gamestop they shut the gate down over the doors! (they closed now) Confused I looked at the hours and they say the close at 8. I scream internally then RUSH over to Marshals. Luckily she was in an isle next to the door I tell her “PLAN B PLAN B!” and we leave. I knew the Gamestop would be open in the mall till 9 because thats when the mall closes

Thankfully we hit all green lights while driving to Hyannis and we get to the Gamestop with no problems. I walk in and ask the employee if he had any copies left. He tells me that there is one left in stock but it may be a pre-ordered one (right when he said that my brain was like “WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU PRE ORDER IT?!?” So he searches for a few min with no luck, he goes into the back to get a co-worker for help and he said that that last pre-order copy was picked up but there should still be ONE left. He moves aside a copy of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games to fine the last copy, which is NOT pre ordered so it IS MINE! I was wearing my Fire Emblem Awakening shirt which he really loved and commented on it.

The guy that found it asked if I’m ever back in that Gamestop tell him how the game was. So if you are the guy who works at the Gamestop in the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis MA, One thank you for finding me that copy and two it is really fun and I’m having a blast with it!

Hey Guys!

So, since the Knott’s meet up we had was a bit of a last minute thing, we thought about trying a different approach!

Since Canon Keeper is here in SoCal visiting Trash Queen and I, we decided to take a trip to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. We also though, “Hey, why not make it a gathering for the SoCal peeps???” So we are! To those of you who live in Southern California or are visiting Southern California next week, feel free to meet up with us on Saturday, September 3rd! We would be meeting at the Little Tokyo Shopping Center/Mall at 12:00 pm.

Again: September 3rd, Little Tokyo Shopping Center. It is a mall with a Sakura blossom logo on the side of the building. We will be there at 12 pm waiting for you guys for an hour, so until 1. We will give you signs and specific clothing that Trash Queen will be wearing so you will know it’s us. 

Soooooo, until then, stay awesome, my dudes!

*$* Commander


~Kai chuckles so cutely, he was so happy to get the first place in top

~he even made and offered “me” some accessories and wanted me to show him around in Tokyo (as we went in Tokyo shopping Mall like a date)

it’s unexpectedly enjoyable his route, and I began to like him pretty much~ 

(♥ω♥ ) ~♪