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Osomatsusan × Namco Chara Pop Store (2017)

hang out with the sextuplets at Namco amusement arcade.

【Shibuya Marui, until June 16】
Shibuya Marui 7F, 1-22-6, Jingu, Shibuya, Tokyo

【Namco Aeon Mall Dainichi, until June 25】
Aeon Mall Dainichi 4F, 1-18, Dainichihigashi-machi, Moriguchi, Osaka

【Namco Hakata Bus Terminal, until June 25】
Hakata Bus Terminal 7F, 2-1, Hakata Station Chuougai, Hakata, Fukuoka

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As someone who's planning on a trip to Japan, any must see locations?

oh boy oh boy i have a lot of favourite places, and keep in mind I live in Yokohama so my suggestions are going to be around here, but here’s a few: 

Minato Mirai - a terrific place for shopping and touring, especially at dusk where the cityscape is gorgeous! it’s near the bay so it has a very cozy feeling to it, a lot of seagulls flying around and many pretty parks, a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel, 4 shopping malls, and China Town close by! 

Akihabara - if you’re into anime, this is the place for you! there’s a lot of anime merch stores, theme cafes (maid cafe, madoka magica cafe, gundum cafe, etc), electronics stores, etc! 

Kamakura - we locals call Kamakura “Little Kyoto” because it has a lot of shrines and temples in a more compact space where in Kyoto, there are many shrines and temples but in a more wide area. If you like Japanese history and traditions, this is for you!! Kamakura is great for one-day visits to all the shrines in the area, and it’s a very traditional-type town. It’s really my favourite place to visit, there’s so many traditional stores in Komachi Doori where they sell Japanese sweets, gifts, and many other goods you wouldn’t see any where else. Personally, I love the Zeniarai Benten shrine, to get there you go through a small cave, and then a few Toriis which gives it a nice feeling, I think. It’s between crevices in a mountain so it’s a small area, but very pretty nonetheless. “zeniarai” means “money washing,” and in one of the caves a bit into the area there is a place where you put your bills and coins into a little basket and pour water onto it to cleanse them. it is believed when you cleanse your money, more will come back (the faster you spend the money you washed, the better!) THERE’S SO MANY OTHER GREAT PLACES IN KAMAKURA BUT I WILL BABBLE ON AND ON SO I SAY CHECK OUT THE WIKI AND SEARCH AROUND YOURSELF IT’S REALLY WONDERFUL

Tokyo Solamachi - This is a little shopping mall right under the Tokyo Skytree, which is the tallest tower in Japan next to Tokyo Tower. The little mall has a lot of nice stores, good for gifts and looking around! They also have a planetarium and an aquarium, but if you have a chance to climb the Skytree, it’d be a nice opportunity to get a nice look around Tokyo from above. 

Hakone- a mountainous prefecture, there are active volcanoes in the area so there are a lot of hotsprings! There’s also many different museums, personally I loved the Glass Museum. There is also the Yunessun Spa Resort my family visits often, it is a spa resort with hot springs and a several water parks. It’s a very nice place to experience traditional Japanese hot springs and also relax. 

ugh gosh and if you’re into Disney (AND EVEN IF NOT, IT’S FUN FOR EVERYONE HONESTLY) I recommend the Tokyo Disney Resorts! There’s two different parks, DisneySea and DisneyLand, where DisneySea is more close by the sea and is more bayside-based than disneyland. I’ve been to DisneySea twice already this year, and planning another trip to DisneyLand next month IT’S THAT FUN OKAY I LOVE IT A LOT I WISH I COULD LIVE THERE

Story Time!

This is the story of my time last night going to get Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE…

So I get home from work at about 630PM and figure that Gamestop closes at 9PM and it takes me 15 min to get there, so I have plenty of time. I fuck around of the computer for about an hour and 15 min making it 745PM and then me and my girlfriend leave to go to Gamestop then afterwards grab dinner.

On the way there I talk about a “Plan B” if they ran out of copies, which would be going to the Cape Cod Mall Gamestop and do dinner in Hyannis(which is like another 20 min away). We arrive in the parking lot at exactly 8PM, she heads into Marshals and I head to Gamestop. Right as I’m about to grab the door to Gamestop they shut the gate down over the doors! (they closed now) Confused I looked at the hours and they say the close at 8. I scream internally then RUSH over to Marshals. Luckily she was in an isle next to the door I tell her “PLAN B PLAN B!” and we leave. I knew the Gamestop would be open in the mall till 9 because thats when the mall closes

Thankfully we hit all green lights while driving to Hyannis and we get to the Gamestop with no problems. I walk in and ask the employee if he had any copies left. He tells me that there is one left in stock but it may be a pre-ordered one (right when he said that my brain was like “WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU PRE ORDER IT?!?” So he searches for a few min with no luck, he goes into the back to get a co-worker for help and he said that that last pre-order copy was picked up but there should still be ONE left. He moves aside a copy of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games to fine the last copy, which is NOT pre ordered so it IS MINE! I was wearing my Fire Emblem Awakening shirt which he really loved and commented on it.

The guy that found it asked if I’m ever back in that Gamestop tell him how the game was. So if you are the guy who works at the Gamestop in the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis MA, One thank you for finding me that copy and two it is really fun and I’m having a blast with it!