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This show… HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Thanks to someone on TokyoHive….. I now know of this wonder series (and love it) Abe Hiroshi is such a great actor (and so uuuber hot #^^# Yeah he’s like my mom’s age but…… he’s still hot >_>)  So this series is called “Kekkon Dekinai Otoko/The Man Who Cannot Marry"  So pretty much Abe plays this guy who is very VERY sarcastic and standoffish… Pretty much not a people’s person.  He is use to being alone (and is not bothered with it) so he will pretty much share whatever thoughts he has without concern of others.  After eating one night he had a bad stomach ache (his next door pretty neighbor, Kuninaka Ryoko,) was about to tell him off (they never met but he blast his classical music while she’s always squealing over her dog, Ken-kun who many think is her boyfriend ^^;;) but heard him calling out for help before she knocked.  this pretty much gets the series on the roll and how all the characters meet each other.  He encounters a doctor (who is the opposite of him… but she too is single) and she notices his stubborness when she was telling him she would have to examine his butt for the lump (not cancer) in his intestine or something….

The comedy is very funny…. character’s expressions…. the things they say… it kinda reminds me of Nodame Cantabile but it’s not that in your face anime-like comedy… but it has that similar feel.  I guess because also both the main dudes are very similar. (Chiaki is very similar to Abe’s character in this series… both alone and enjoy it… but a bit careless of other’s feelings)  It’s not really fast-paced but I like that.  It’s taking it’s time but not being draggy with it ^^ I like how it shows Abe’s routine… he goes rents a movie (obviously has sexual needs… he wants to rent a porn DVD but just feels awkward to go in that section lol) goes to the same convenience store and such. So it makes it more natural and realistic. 

It’s so cute to see Abe and Takashi standing next to each other… Takashi is kinda tall but Abe… #^^#  I just love the interaction among everyone.  I will make an entry for the second episode! Kyaaah I love this show!