tokyo ghoul spoiler

Can we talk about how much of a genius Ishida is for a second?

The prefix re- indicates repetition or withdrawal. Continuations of re- in the context of Tokyo Ghoul could be reborn, reunion, or return. The latter is most likely the meaning Touka had in mind when she named her cafe since she was sure that Kaneki would return to Anteiku. But Ishida also intended re to mean king, which it means in some languages like Italian. 

And then there’s the bicolored colon, one of them black and the other one red, just like Kaneki’s eyes. If we consider that Touka included it in her cafe’s name, it’s probably symbolic for Kaneki, as in “This is his place to return.” But with re meaning king, it can also be read as  One Eyed King. 

So the cafe :re has multiple meanings, similar to the original Anteiku which both meant Antique and peaceful ward, and also referred to the names of Yoshimura’s wife and child, Ukina and Eto

Hirako is so fucking metal. Like he legitimately sat down and wrote out that resignation letter before this battle, planning that sick burn who knows how far in advance. Putting it in an easily accessible coat pocket ready to whip it out at that exact moment. Zero chill.

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 86

-Kaneki is crowned the One-Eyed King and Pageant waves his way to kick some ass

-Eto:Don’t Worry deary Mommy and Daddy made sure your throne would be ready for you

-I’m shocked that Mougans whole head isn’t on fire considering the amount of product in it.

-Touka is a living Taser

- Ya know I hear all this bullshit about medics being weak, but who saving your fav… MA BOI BANJOU

- You know I heard roasted Rabbit is delicious

- Aura and Mougan can’t TAKE that sick burn

-Kaneki: Bitches better bow down 2 da king

-In the distance Furuta dramatically falls down his chest pounding ears burning Furuta:They revealed the OEK without me

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:King: Aura and Mougan thought they were going rabbit hunting, until they themselves became the hunted.

Weren’t Zero squad offically supposed to be “clearing out” the underground ghoul areas in the past few months according to the CCG?

And aren’t Kaneki and friends headed underground? Did Arima like… prepare a place for Kaneki underground, instead of just destroying all ghouls?

Which is why Zero Squad are headed down and out the bottom of Cochlea into the underground escape? I mean if Arima really was the old OEK he couldn’t just have been following the CCG’s orders all the time…Right?

“Because I want to take this fucked up, piece of shit world, fuck it up even more and then give it a factory reset.”