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A Ghoul like you PART 1 PART 2 PART3 

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Oshiete yo
  • Me: *on the train just chilling*
  • Brain: you know what's sad
  • Me: please don't start
  • Brain: if Victor was a ghoul and he fell in love with Yuuri. Yuuri didn't know at the beginning, but he found out when he heard Victor throwing up in his bathroom. Victor got sick because he kept forcing himself to eat the human food.
  • Brain: Specially Katsudon because Yuuri loves Katsudon and Victor wanted to love it too. He also forces himself to eat mama katsukis cooking because he genuinely loves the whole Katsuki family.
  • Brain: Yuuri offers himself to him kimi style and at first Victor refuses because wtf yuuri you're supposed to run away screaming
  • Brain: eventually the whole family, the nishigori, minako and the patrons of yutopia found out and are overly protective of Victor because holy shit he makes their little Yuuri happy so who cares if he's a ghoul
  • Brain: they are so over protective that they would lie to the ghoul inspectors
  • Me: ...that's actually really nice and cute?
  • Brain: you want the angsty bits? What if yurio was really related to Akira Mado
What about a Tokyo Ghoul AU for OtaYuri?

-Yuri is a ghoul that goes to school because his adoptive parents (Victor and Yuuri) and owners of a coffee shop wanted him to experience what it’s like to go to school.
-The he meets a mysterious human named Otabek.
-Yuri from the start always smiled and felt relaxed around Otabek. Otabek would be a little more chatty and show more expressions around Yuri.
- You would never see one without the other.They walked from home to school and back every single day. They spent weekends together and Yuri even introduced Otabek to his parents.
-Over time they both fell in love with each other.
- One thing that was keeping Yuri from telling Otabek how he felt was the fact he was a ghoul and he hasn’t told Otabek about that.
-Yuri eventually decides to tell him over a cup of coffee.
-The coffee shop his parents own is closed for this day and Yuri brings Otabek over.
-After Yuri makes himself and Otabek coffee they sit down.

Yuri shifted his legs nervously under the table and tightly grasped the cup of coffee in his hands. He stared into his cup, not having the courage to look Otabek in the eyes.
“I… I have something to tell you….” he said in a soft but serious voice.
Otabek looked at him with a look of concern and silently urged him to continue.
Yuri started to shed tears of fear. Fear that Otabek would hate him. He was so scared that the words he was about to say would change everything.
“What is it that you have to tell me?….” Otabek’s voice broke the silence that filled the room. He leaned across the table, bringing a hand to Yuri’s cheek and gently wiped away his tears.
Yuri leaned into the touch of Otabek’s warm and loving hands. Looking into his eyes Yuri’s fear was chased away and what replaced it was his feelings of love for the person in front of him.
“I am…. a ghoul….”
Otabek continued to caress Yuri’s cheek with his thumb. He gave the blond a smile full of love and acceptance.
“I already knew….”

Private Eye Nagachika is the gummiest gumshoe in town. He’ll leave no rock un-turned, no clue un-traced. But he may have met his match in Sasaki; the popular lounge singer from the rough side of Tokyo and rumored hired killer. Sasaki has hired the detective to help him rediscover his forgotten past and the two of them get on like a house on fire. There’s just one problem- Sasaki bears a striking resemblance to Hide’s missing childhood friend, the only case he was never able to solve.