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Honorable Mention Anime of 2014

10) Amagi Brilliant Park

9) Tokyo Ghoul

8) Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

7) Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

6) Noragami

5) Isshukan Friends

4) Love Stage!!

3) Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

2) Gugure! Kokkuri-san

1) Ao Haru Ride

Reon Yuzuki and Nene Yumesaki, Graph 02/2011

About Today’s Photoshoot

Yuzuki: As the ones who had to plan this shoot, we had a hard time deciding on what kind of atmosphere we wanted the shoot to have among the variety of scenes. Because it’s been two years since Nene and I became a pair, the theme we came up with for today was “A couple that’s been going out for two years, but is still lovey-dovey!” (laugh) And I wanted something more concrete to go with, so I asked Nene “What would make a girl’s heart flutter?” and this is what she came up with.

Yumesaki: (laugh) As Chie-san said, we thought a natural-feeling photoshoot would be best, so we didn’t really plan out how it would go.

Yuzuki: Yeah. The scene in “Meguriai wa futatabi” where I used Nene’s lap as a pillow was really popular among fans, so we recreated that.  After that we did Nene’s favorite idea, whipped cream on my nose! (laugh) We couldn’t get the ice cream she originally wanted. (laugh)

Yumesaki: Ice cream isn’t really a winter thing, is it (laugh).

Yuzuki: Instead of that, we used the whipped cream from the top of the cafe au lait. I think it came out well!

Yumesaki: I think so too! We started off already really excited about it (laugh).

Yuzuki: (laugh) Why’d you think of that?

Yumesaki: When I was trying to come up with ideas, I thought something with a story would be more interesting for fans. I thought it might make their hearts flutter a little.  Or even better, wouldn’t it be good if I could make them feel embarassed to be watching such a cute scene? That’s the kind of thing I was focused on.

Yuzuki: (Explosive laughter)

Yumesaki: But on the other hand, it’s not a girl, it’s Chie-san doing it, so I think that might make their reaction stronger.  

Yuzuki: Nice! I don’t think there’s ever been a photoshoot quite like this (laugh). If we’d just become a pair I think the pictures would be a little different, but I’m glad these pictures capture us as we are now.

What about you is similar, and what is different?

Yumesaki: I get told a lot in letters that our facial expressions are similar.

Yuzuki: Oh! All the time! Like on the CS broadcasts?

Yumesaki: Yeah! We really do make the same faces.

Yuzuki: We look the same when we’re laughing hard, right? And the way we hold our hands and that kind of thing is the same.

Yumesaki: And our timing when we lower them (laugh).

Yuzuki: That’s what I’m told! When we’re together, don’t people say say we look like a married couple? Isn’t that the kind of thing that happens?

Yumesaki: I’ve caught myself thinking that too.

Yuzuki: What’s a way we’re not similar?

Yumesaki: Definitely in how much we care about details (laugh).

Yuzuki: Yeah, you’re right (laugh). I usually do things in broad strokes - I guess you could say I’m the kind to eyeball something instead of measuring, but there are some things I’m really precise about, too…   Since Nene came to Star Troupe, I’ve come more and more to think that maybe I’m more detail-oriented  than I thought.

Yumesaki: (laugh)

Yuzuki: When we appeared on Tokyo Friend Park 2, I had thought I had a good grip on the big picture, but got really upset when I was SUPER terrible at it. Nene cheered me up by telling me “Anyhow, let’s just keep trying!”  Even when she’s not feeling well, she always looks past it to focus on the positive.

Yumesaki: I guess I ended up wanting to take care of you… When you’re moping, I always think “Oh no! What should I do, I’ve got to do something..!”   First I see if I can get your mood to change.

Yuzuki: It’s true, I love traveling, so she’ll buy me a stack of travel magazines.

Yumesaki: I’ll beg her to “Please, just look at the sea!” (laugh)

Yuzuki: It’s true (laugh).

Yumesaki: I feel like you have a really clear minus sign written on your back when you’re like that.

Yuzuki: (laugh) You always cheer me up when I’m feeling like that.

Yumesaki: Are you still looking at the big picture when you’re like that, I wonder..?

Yuzuki: No, you’re just that positive! If we understand each other this well on just this little thing, I guess we’re familiar with all the sides of each other.

What’s one unexpected facet of your partner?

Yuzuki: It surprised me that oh, Nene’s more of a big sister to the underclassmen than I thought!

Yumesaki: (laugh)

Yuzuki: When she came to Star Troupe, all the upperclassmen kept saying how cute she was! But when I saw her gently helping and guiding the underclassmen, I realized she was actually really good.

Yumesaki: Hey, hey, hey, no (laugh). There are a lot of musumeyaku underclassmen now and they all want to keep improving and getting cuter. I just want to say that I’m really impressed with Star Troupe’s musumeyaku. I’m still working as hard as I can to improve too, so even though I’m not qualified to be giving out advice, I want to help how I can.

Yuzuki: No, I think that’s great, really! You can learn a lot from teaching others, and it can make you really focus on improving yourself. I’ve been wanting to do that myself, and I think you’re doing great! (laugh) I’m happy, really happy (laugh).

Yumesaki: Really? Thank you very much.

Yuzuki: Since you’re taking such good care of raising Star Troupe’s musumeyaku, I can focus on taking care of the otokoyaku!

Yumesaki: They’re in good hands!

Yuzuki: What’s it that surprised you about me? I wonder if people know that I’m actually shy, or that I’m tidy…

Yumesaki: You’re right, it’s that you’re super super tidy. It really startled me during the Paris trip, when you had disinfectant wipes in your shoes! In the variety store, you pulled them out and said “Here, use this!”

Yuzuki: But your hands get dusty looking around stores like that, right?

Yumesaki: It was kind of an antique variety store.

Yuzuki: Yeah. I told everyone to wipe their hands. (laugh) Y'know, I guess that is a little unexpected. I guess I seem more like (brushes hands together briskly) “That’s clean enough!”

Yumesaki: Actually, I’m the one like that.

Yuzuki: Yeah, I know! (laugh)

Yumesaki: Hey!

Oh! And how often you pull a muscle!

Yuzuki: Is that surprising? Isn’t that only surprising because you think I’m Kinnikuman?

Yumesaki: Yes, you are, you’re all muscles!

Yuzuki: Apparently I look impervious to injury and like I never get sore, but I’m aaaalways sore (laugh).

A moment on stage that you’ll never forget

Yuzuki: The last scene in “Aisuru ni wa mijikasugiru” at the Chunichi Theater was completely unlike anything before.

Yumesaki: Yes.

Yuzuki: The audience, the stage, the spotlight on me, even that I was wearing a costume… I lost all sense of whether I was me or my role.

Yumesaki: The last scene was really sad and heart-rending. But I was so happy to be peforming it that I thought I’d die.   It was really special.

Yuzuki: Yeah, that’s how I felt too. You’ve changed so much since then, Nene. And I’ve learned so much myself about being an otokoyaku, even if there were challenges along the way… And that time when I was able to move past the “form” of an otokoyaku to something beyond… that really left an impression on me. And when I thought “Nene feels that, too!” That really touched my heart and made me happy. Since that was what I had been hoping for, that the two of us would become like that.

What do you think is most important for a top pair?

Yuzuki: From the time you’re chosen as top you’re never apart from your partner on a regular basis, so it’s important to decide that you’ll always deal with each other honestly.  Even though it’s been more than two years since becoming a pair with Nene, she still follows my lead. Like I hoped, we’re still impressed by the things the other can do. It must be because it’s destiny that the two of us became a pair, out of so many Takarasiennes! It’s that feeling that makes you want to protect your partner. Not just protect, but I think you also have to walk through life together and grow together.

Yumesaki: (With her hands clasped to her chest, touched) I…

Yuzuki: You’re? (laugh)

Yumesaki: I’m so happy to hear those words. I’m so honored to have been destined to be your partner like this… In acting, in singing, in dancing, I’ve been able to learn so much from you. I know it’s an individual process, but thanks to you I’ve learned what’s essential in creating out a role, how to bring it out naturally out of myself.

Yuzuki: (Nodding) You look satisfied with yourself (laugh).

Yumesaki: (laugh). Lately in rehearsal, I feel like I’ve learned how to act without lying to myself. And if I can do that, than somehow, is it strange to say that I don’t feel like I’m under as much pressure..?

Yuzuki: No! That’s it, that’s it, I’ve always been hoping you’d get there! Musumeyaku also have to create their role, a “female” role, and I think there are difficult periods with that too. I’ve been wanting you to move beyond that, too. The point at which you finally realize that is when everything changes for you about performing, both in rehearsal and on the stage itself, and it makes it incredibly fun and even more rewarding for me too. I’m really glad.

Yumesaki: Since when we were paired up for “The Winds of Buenos Aires” so long ago, you’ve told me to lay everything bare when acting. And I always intended to, but… During rehearsal for “Aisuru ni wa mijikasugiru”, I even started actually crying.

Yuzuki: Yeah.

Yumesaki: While that was happening, it seemed like everything I had thought was essential for acting disappeared, and I was okay with that.

Yuzuki: I hope that we never forget these important lessons and that the two of us can continue to create more and more variety in each show.

Yumesaki: I’ll do my best!


Jun - BMW (he also has an Audi)
Nino - Mercedes-Benz (he also has a Mini Cooper)
Sho - Pajero (probably the one he won in Tokyo Friend Park 2007 *snorts*)
Aiba - Porsche
Ohno - FOREVER WITHOUT A LICENSE. (because he prefer fishing boats)

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(pic: twitter)


Takeru and Haruma on TFPII ~ 2010. COCKBLOCKED ON TV

Gif 1: As usual, HT blissfully minded their own business and stood very close to each other. Gif 2: the hosts decided to loudly cockblock them by telling them to separate!! Gif 3: Haruma made pouty face while Takeru hid his embarrassment by laughing with sexy sensei 

Gifs by ohyesididnotjustdothat