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Let's just take a moment to remember the dark ages of Disney park characters.

Prince Caspian. I’m sure this lasted like two weeks. 

I don’t even know what this is. Jessica Rabbit. Okay. That’s cool. But is this a fur character or a face character? Why was this a thing. 

Let us never forget the days of the mowgli face character; where they hired a guy to run around in shorts. A moment of silence. 

And finally: my absolute favorite. Flounder.

I cannot come up with a caption for this. 


“Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour” John Drury & Greg Paul, 1986

Today’s Disney castles tend to feature some kind of place of interest within them, whether it be a lavish restaurant, unique shopping or art exhibits. However, for 20 years, Tokyo Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle featured an expansive, (and dark!) walkthrough beneath it. Set up as a guided tour of the castle that is taken over by the forces of evil, guests traversed past Disney villains, dark dungeons, evil brutes and malicious mirrors, concluding with a showdown with the Horned King from The Black Cauldron. In Disney fashion, the villains are defeated and the mantra of “Good Conquers Evil” is declared. Upon its closure in 2006, the attraction was converted to Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall.

Art ©️Disney


Electric Horses by Jared Beaney

“Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition” Christian Hope, 1980s

Indiana Jones Adventure is one of the crown jewels of theme park design and has been delighting Disneyland visitors since 1995. Part of what makes it so special is the Enhanced Motion Vehicle ride system that tosses, turns and jolts guests during their journey through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. This piece, by Christian Hope, shows off some studies of the ride vehicle along with a few storyboards. Note that this art was developed for the far more-elaborate version of the attraction, Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition.

Art ©️Disney