tokyo 2020


How does it feel being two of the best swimmers in the entire world?

Day 7 & 8 | Olympics/New Beginnings | 


The Olympics Closing Ceremony has been wonderful but the preview to the next Games is the highlight. The level end theme from Super Mario Bros. as fireworks went off was a brilliant choice. As was having Yumiko Shiina (Ringo Sheenia) performing the song while characters like Hello Kitty, Pac-man and Doraemon helped Prime Minister Shinzo Abe get to Rio on time via a Mario costume and a Warp Pipe. Bonus points for a cameo from Captain Tsubasa too. Even more bonus points for a brief musical interlude between performances that featured a track from Akira, the legendary anime set (ironically) during the 2020 Olympic games… in Tokyo. 

2020 can’t come soon enough, especially as I’m aiming to be over in Japan by then, teaching English.