For Tomorrow (明日のために)
DANB's Gee & Super Junior's SungMin

September 28th.

A very special day is starting right now. It’s Rwo unnie’s birthday!
Well, you asked me to sing something in Japanese, Korean or English. I chose to sing 明日のために with SungMin. Maybe I’ll sing in English and Korean for you later, ok? This is just Part 1, anyway. There’s more to come :)

Uh, this is the second birthday that I’ll gladly celebrate with you, I’m so happy! I remember those times, it was just the two of us, but now we are a big family. I want to celebrate many many birthdays to come along with you and our friends. Someday, maybe I’ll play piano for you live, and something that’s not happy birthday to you, but a song that you really love. I’ll try hard to learn it so next year I’ll be able to do it.

I wanna thank you for being this special person you are… Sometimes I just don’t know how and I lack of words to express my feelings. Because it’s really hard to find someone like you, we’ve met some years ago and you were always by my side, even far away in body. You taught me so much, I hope to keep it all and be able to teach someone and pass it on. I wanna be a unnie like you, funny, creative, talented, careful, smart and understanding. Even tho I can’t sing well, I hope the song permits me to express what I want to say…

You’re not online now but anyway, 생일 축하합니다!