• For Tomorrow (明日のために)
  • DANB's Gee & Super Junior's SungMin

September 28th.

A very special day is starting right now. It’s Rwo unnie’s birthday!
Well, you asked me to sing something in Japanese, Korean or English. I chose to sing 明日のために with SungMin. Maybe I’ll sing in English and Korean for you later, ok? This is just Part 1, anyway. There’s more to come :)

Uh, this is the second birthday that I’ll gladly celebrate with you, I’m so happy! I remember those times, it was just the two of us, but now we are a big family. I want to celebrate many many birthdays to come along with you and our friends. Someday, maybe I’ll play piano for you live, and something that’s not happy birthday to you, but a song that you really love. I’ll try hard to learn it so next year I’ll be able to do it.

I wanna thank you for being this special person you are… Sometimes I just don’t know how and I lack of words to express my feelings. Because it’s really hard to find someone like you, we’ve met some years ago and you were always by my side, even far away in body. You taught me so much, I hope to keep it all and be able to teach someone and pass it on. I wanna be a unnie like you, funny, creative, talented, careful, smart and understanding. Even tho I can’t sing well, I hope the song permits me to express what I want to say…

You’re not online now but anyway, 생일 축하합니다!

【THANKS TO POST】 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hey girls, my birthday was some days ago and I thought of writing a thanks to post to thank everyone (oh really? really.) but I didn’t write this till obviously now.

Unnie, you made me a funny and cute edit, two videos and yet you sent me an email. I saw it just today! I feel like reading it forever, so sweet.
Mari, I woke up and saw the cute post you made to me >3< It made my day. And when I came back home, you posted a video of you! And all your lovely words… I still can’t believe it.
Hae, you, for the first time, told me really sweet things. But I can feel your love everytime you treat me unwell, don’t worry!
Viisa, I logged on msn and was full of freak outs, you worried about not managing to do something for me and it’s really kind of you, since you’re passing for hard times.
Lobis, you didn’t just wished me a happy birthday, you wanted everyone to do it, too… I appreciate it a lot.
For my five girls, thank you very much. Not only for the gifts and wishes, but for being my friends. Even thought I just do stupid things you girls still caring for me and praising me… >3<
Even though I promised that I’d stop doing idiot things, I didn’t… I’m sorry. But I still love you all and hope you girls still love me, too. That’s ok to have some misunderstanding, because we are six. But let’s fight for our friendship just like our Oppas did and still do, for sure.
Because even if the road we walk is barren, we are in the end, DANB, right?!

To. Wonnie,
Wonnie kept my request in mind and did a long (that wasn’t that long in the end… yea, I want more) video for me. And knowing that I want her little brother to me, she made he appear on the video, and it was really really really funny and cute. Also, Wonnie~ I love it when you put random things/extras/behind the scenes/bloopers on the final of your videos! Thank you very much for attending my wishes and marrying me again. If we ever fight, let’s manage to marry once again afterwards.

To. Min,
Min, the wife that never once rejected me or left me, the sweet person that told me beautiful things and made me feel confortable to outflow about things I wouldn’t if it was someone else. Thank you very much for all this. Thank you for promising me something even though I didn’t promise anything back. Thank you for keeping your promise and worrying about me.

Least but not last,
To. My lovely vitaMIN and HyukMin shipper Ayra~
I still without words. Your post was unexpected and really sweet. Ten years from now, I hope you’ll be able to say “I met you ten years ago” instead of just feeling like it :) Even though sometimes I scold that bicha oferecida I call bias, I’ll always be your angel~ You have a special spot on my heart as my sweet and lovely and cute little sister. So if you ever need something, call me. Also, the name of my monkey with pornlegs is ZhouHyuk 8D Our plushies 짱!

To. Everyone,
If you that is reading this right now wished me a happy birthday or/and made something for my day, thank you very much for the time you spent preparing things for me, for the kind words, for the good wishes and for being part of my day.
Thank you very much, I really love each one of you.

 tokumeigirl replied to your postYou keep filling my askbox with these sweet chain stuff and soon there won’t be any space for real asks and….wait, I never get asks. O______O By all means, go ahead, you made me smile today, thanks!

At least now my askbox will be permanently “full” LOL

Same here.

There’s 4 “Go on anon”, 21 "Give ♥ this ♥ to the ♥ twelve ♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ you ♥ know ♥", 8 “❤ LOVABLE PERSON AWARD ❤” and 3 “Shoot this arrow" already. O_O