tokujou kabachi


“His ability to comprehend and his ability to express. I honestly bow my head to him. It’s not enough to say that he is smart and can think really quickly, Sho-chan is really good at anything. Even now he can understand exactly what he’s trying to say and say it. So, there’s no conflict between the words he wants to say the words that he uses, this is an affirmation of his ability to express. And also, I don’t think that it’s something that anybody can do.”

“During the Vancouver Olympics, it’s a complete mystery when he ever studied or read over his materials.  Filming for "Tokujou Kabachi!!” alone had to be busy, and he wasn’t reading anything during our Arashi-related work either.“

"Sho-kun is someone who can really grasp the mood of a situation. Sometimes you’d be hopeless, sometimes you’d be stupid, but these are things that only those who are truly intelligent can do. This open-minded willingness to do anything for the sake of everyone makes me feel like we can definitely continue on together. Sho-kun, I’m glad to have met you.”


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