tokugawa ieshige


Myōjōin Temple, a sub temple of Zōjō-ji, was built by its 46th chief abbot, Ven Jōgetsu, to house the memorial tablet for the 9th Tokugawa shogun, Ieshige. Zōjō-ji was one of the two funerary temples for the Tokugawa shoguns and Ven Jōgetsu also performed Ieshige’s funeral ceremony. Myōjōin additionally housed a complete collection of important Buddhist texts from Ming Dynasty China and served as an important place of study for the Jōdo sect. Numerous other items, including some associated with the famed priest Hōnen, as well as the memorial tablet of the 10th Tokugawa shogun, Ieharu, are also housed within the temple.  Text and photography by Rekishi no Tabi on Flickr