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Erm, yeah. This is my Boboiboy theory. The scene above shown the very first meeting between Boboiboy and Yaya in Boboiboy Season 1 Episode 1.

The point is that after several times rewatch this episode I realized something. Well, the scene started as Boboiboy read Tok Aba’s note when out of nowhere, Yaya popped out in front of him as she called his nickname. The surprised boy asked her how in the world did she knew his name. I don’t know if it just me or what, but as soon as Boboiboy asked the question, Yaya looked like she was finding a very good answer to replied him. (You can see the screenshot above) At last, she said that Tok Aba had told her earlier.

Rewatching this scene made me think, what if Yaya in fact has known Boboiboy before the series even started? I mean as a childhood friend or anything. (In season 1, both of them were 10 years old) Well, we all know that even before Boboiboy got his elemental power, he was a forgetful boy. I mean, Boboiboy already forgot Yaya’s name after an hour and called her Mimi instead, which made the girl angry.

Well, Tok Aba is Boboiboy’s grandpa and Yaya is Tok Aba’s neighbor. If you think logically, Boboiboy and his parents must had came to Tok Aba’s home once in a while as they related as a family during holidays like Eid and others. So Boboiboy and Yaya might had met each other sooner right? But if it’s true, why did he forget? Although he was forgetful, it’s kinda impossible to think that Boboiboy forgot everything without any single trace in his memory.

So, what I think is some events happen in the past which made Boboiboy forgot everything. I read the Boboiboy Galaxy’s comic and in the bio, its been said that Tok Aba was indeed a pro in building and repairing mechanical’s equipment but in the end decided to open Tok Aba Kokotiam. One of the thing that might been exposed in Galaxy series is the reason of the existence of Boboiboy’s white hair. If we put Boboiboy’s past, Tok Aba’s past career and his old friendship with Yaya in the past together, I believed something big had happen then. Something that resulted of him forgetting all the events in the past. And maybe because of that reason, Yaya decided or had to shut her mouth and acted as that was her first meeting with Boboiboy​.

So, this is it. Basically this is just a theory and maybe I’ve overlooked some things or just to overdramatic. 😅😅

Then, thank you for reading.😊

Too much realization in just one day and all I think about is how to get away with all the things that has been bothering me for quite some time and lately I realized that there would always be a time that you need to let these feelings out of your system even just for a while. Having no doubts on whatever you will say even though you are not really okay and feeling oh so away from the real world which means you are not in yourself and you just want to tell that person how you really feel. And the truth behind those bars that has been crashing you in just a short span of time.
—  Tik Tok; (a.s)

graviolabr  asked:

Hello! After seeing 123976 asks questioning the apology issue I must say I agree 100% with you. Actions speak louder than words. I was very happy with 5x20 and 5x21, I realize now how hushed olicity was and I'm happy we get a more meaningful and deep relationship for them. I really enjoyed the "fake finale" and the different ending of for once Star city not being in danger. Did you like this new approach? Also I know it's tok early but you have any wishes for season 6?

….what I meant about the gazilion asks was n case you are wondering if everyone who follows you disagrees… because so many people are so permanently unhalpy with Arrow and your positive view. Just wanted to say I agree, I’m happy with arrow and I love your positive view! 😀 virtual hug!


Thank you so much for that, @graviolabr. :D I must admit it got pretty lonely throughout a lot of this season, with not many people sharing my view, but it was always lovely to have people like yourself patiently listening to my ramblings, so thank you for that. 

And yes, I’m enjoying this new approach and the fake ending this season. It works perfectly for S5 because I believe as I’ve said for a while now, that all of TA need to be firing on all cylinders to be able to defeat Chase. So, having them all come together and take a breath works for me… and particularly works if we’re going to end on a cliffhanger where we won’t know who lives or dies over the hiatus, so we won’t have that little moment of calm at the end of the season like we usually get. I’m assuming, anyways. 

As for what I want for S6, I don’t have much of a wish list beyond there being a kickass villain (preferably female). I just want to see the team in action and the team within a team in action (OTA, Olicity). More Thea and Quentin would be awesome, so fingers crossed on that one. But other than that, I’m just happy to go with the flow with the writing. I’ve found that the best way to have the most fun with Arrow. Seeing as we’ve more or less completed Oliver’s journey, it’ll be interesting to see what new challenges they throw his way. Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of the ‘kill/no kill’ or ‘am I a monster’ debates. Time to move onto other big life questions. :D



👆BoboiBoy Season 3 Episode 4 👆

The scene above shown the moment when Adudu finally succeeded in becoming a well-behaved alien which brought joy to Boboiboy, Gopal, Ochobot and Tok Aba. However, Tok Aba’s praise towards Adudu was kinda odd to me.

Here it is:-

BoboiBoy: Congrats Adudu! Congrats!!

Adudu: *blushing*

Tok Aba: I’m proud with you! You’re a grandson I’ve never had!

(Atok bangga dengan kau! Kaulah cucu yang atok tak pernah ada)

BoboiBoy: 😕😮 ??


Why did Tok Aba said something like that? It is supposed to be a manner of speech? Or did he meant he never had AN ALIEN grandson? Or did the words itself had it hidden meaning? Or it's​ really meant nothing?

Honestly, I’m so curious with Tok Aba’s word! Plus with Boboiboy’s reaction. Hmm… 😮


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