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You Have Me

Kim Hanbin (B.I)     x      You (Reader)

GENRE: ANGST, FLUFF, lil bit smut

Hanbin had one week off work and he decided to spend his time with you in your house.

Tok. Tok.

“Who’s that?” You asked.

“I MISS YOUUU!!!!!” Someone  yelled from the door.

“God dammit, I almost got a heart attack.” You opened the door.

And Hanbin hugged you abruptly, “I misssss yooouuuuu”

“But first let me take your bags.” He kept on hugging you when you’re busy taking his bags and close the door with your feet.

“God. Stop hugging me.”

“I can’t, you’re so squishy I love you.”

You just lay yourself there on the sofa when he’s clinging into you like a koala and he won’t let you go.

You chuckled, “You miss me that much?”

“Hmm hmm” He nodded.

“How’s work?” You touch his perfect nose.

“I don’t know I miss you.”

“God dammit Hanbin why are you doing this? We’ve been apart for only 3 weeks.”

“It felt like 3 years for me though.” He kept drowning his head on your shoulder and you can’t help but to play with his face.

“So my baby boy miss me this much, right??” You started to kiss his cheeks.

You truly understand that your boyfriend needs affection and love as many as he can gets and of course you didn’t mind to gave him that because you love him too much and he just too cute when he got the attention he wants.

After he took a shower, you finished bake a cookies for you two. Hanbin sat on the sofa while you pick the cookies from the oven. You took the cookies, put em on the table and you hugged him.

“You smell great.” You kissed his cheeks, he held you tight inside his arms. Finally you feed him a piece of cookie and he smiled because of your actions.

You both giggled while you clinging into him watching the TV.

The next morning, you tried to wake him up.

“Baby wake up!”

“Let’s eat breakfast!”


“Kim Hanbin!”

You removed his blanket and there it is.

His peeeeeerfect chocolate abs.

“Oh dear.” Your heart still thumping very fast everytime you look at it.

You covered him with the blanket again and you sat beside the bed. You started to stroke his hair and his face,

“Baby let’s eat breakfast first..”

“Wake up, baby.”

You keep caressing his face and smiled because,


He pouted his mouth, “I’m sleepy.”

You sighed and you started to kiss his lips. “It’s 9 in the morning.”

“Kiss me again.” He said with his cracked voice

“Wake up and eat breakfast first.”

“Kiss me first.”

You laughed at him and started to kiss him again, his forehead, his eyes, his nose, his lips, his neck. Pleasing him with your lips.

“Now, wake up baby boy.” You took his hand and he finally wake up. Holding your waist to the dining table.

“Good morning.” You smiled in front of him. Feeding him the cereal.

“I might go crazy if you kept smiling like that.”

“You mean, like this?” You smiled and sat on his lap.

You linked your arms on his neck, started to talked about your vacation plan with him. Your fingers playing with his hair,

“We could go to the Disneyland for the second day. But you—“  He attacked your lips when  you’re talking.

“Damn baby you’re so hot when you look serious like this.”

You winked at him he collapsed, “Ya! Don’t die. I need you…” you circled on his chest.

“I love you so much.” He held your waist tighter.

You spend your time clinging into him and cuddling.

When it gets dark, you yelled at him when he’s on the bathroom.


He ran from the bathroom to your bedroom. You walked closer to him,

“What’s wrong,babe?” he asked with his concerned eyes

“Good night hehehe. I love you.” You took his neck and kiss him.

He can’t help but smile like a crazy person and he jumped with you to the bed.

After he fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, you didn’t wake him up.

It’s 11 a.m and he just woke up from his sleep. He ran to you at the sofa and hugged you again,”Babeee, why didn’t you wake me up??” he kissed your cheeks.

You looked at him and left him alone in the sofa. Hanbin is pretty shocked about your sudden behavior but he kept trying for the rest of the day.

“Hey I’ll sleep in the floor lilke this if you kept ignoring me.” And you didn’t even take a look at him. You entered your bedroom.

He invited Bobby to come over, and to look at your reaction.

Bobby stood in front of the door, “Hello, guys…..” he looked at how you sat in a different chair with Hanbin.

“Bobbyyyyy” you ran to him and hugged him, “How have you been?”

“Hey there, you haven’t even hug your boyfriend for today.” He glared at you.

“How’s Hawaii?” You continued your conversation with Bobby.

“It was hot, very good—by the way, what’s wrong wi—“

“I wish I could go to Hawaii.”

“This man right here could take you to wherever you want just kiss me today for goodness sake!!!”

“Wait, what?” Bobby laughed

“She doesn’t talk to me.” He glared at you, starting to get annoyed.

“Why?” Bobby kept laughing about the situation.

Oppa, can you help me—“

OPPA?!?!??!” Hanbin yelled and jump from his seat.

“—I need to write a lyrics. Can you help me?” You asked him for help.

“but you have Kim Han—“


“But seriously, why are you doing this?” he asked you slowly after he got mad

“I don’t know. I’m just…”

“Hey don’t do that. You’ll hurt him.”

“I know. But I don’t feel like I want to talk to him.”


Hanbin suddenly  made his appearance in front of you two, “Hey Bobby I’m sorry but I think you need to leave because I’m going to have a serious talk with her.” He took your arms and bring you to the bedroom. Bobby laughed and leave immediately.

“Look here, young lady.”

You looked at him, “What?”

“Finally. You talk.”

You covered your body with blanket and hug your pillow.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you know how much I get hurt when you hugged Bobby like that?”

“Do you know how much my pride get hurt when you asked him to help you write lyrics?”

“When you have me?”

He started to raise his voice.

“If this is some kind of joke, it’s not funny.”

He lays beside you and look at your face.

“I don’t know… I just… I don’t know.”

“I’m sorry….”

“I didn’t know that it’ll hurt you this much..”

“I’m just… I don’t know.”

You yourself can’t give him any explaination and kept saying sorry.

“I’m sorry. I love you so much. I didn’t know why I act like this.”

“Hanbin I love you I’m sorry.”

You tried to put your arm in his body, and he smiled immediately.

“It’s okay baby girl. I love you too.” He gave you his warm smile from his thick lips.

“Don’t do this again, understand? Eventhough you’re cute when you’re like this. Hahahah. But I need your love so stop acting cold in front of me. AND STOP HUGGING BOBBY, CALLING BOBBY OPPA, AND STOP ASKING FOR HIS HELP!!!!!!!!!” he pinched your cheeks.

“Alright, I understand I’m sorry.” You kissed his neck.

You know that Hanbin has this unconditional love for you and you’re thankful for him.

(161006) Wonho’s Talk Tok Update
Even the whole of today, you accepted the hyungs and dongsaeng’s teases and played with us with bright energy. My younger brother Jooheon who didn’t even enjoy once because of our tight and tiring first schedule today and on the contrary, encouraged us; it’s been a while since I hugged you from the back and it seems even warmer. Aren’t you the one in our team who smiles the most? Thank you. It’s your birthday but it seems like we’re the ones receiving the present.

translated by shownope ϟ take out with full credit.

(161006) Kihyun’s Talk Tok Update
Joohoney one hunnit
It’s your birthday but we were as busy as bees soit just zoomed by but
Happy happy birthday and above all, even with Monbebes, we are all congratulating you
Seems nice that we got tospend it like this together
Congrats and have strength this era and let’s work hard fighting!

translated by shownope ϟ take out with full credit.

You’ve thrown my pieces
away —
far from my reach that I couldn’t put myself back
into whole again.
Were you exhausted
because I couldn’t pick them on my own?

I am lost
within the forest you’ve made,
while you burned the gardens inside of me
and disappeared.
You said you won’t leave though,
but you did; you left.

So why, despite everything,
is your voice still my lullaby?
the clock inside my room is louder, that I can’t sleep

Tik, tok
tik, tok —
it’s 10:58 PM and my surroundings are
quite troubling,
and everything just seems so plangent.
—  What happened when you said you’ll never get tired of me? (eusie.)

▪Model:Jackson by me
▪Juice Box:jennisims
▪Top:youn-zoey (recolored for personal use only)
▪Bottom:pipisims4 (WIP)
▪Poses:flowerchamber & dearkims

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that when TMZ published this (check the date, July 12th 2006)

They were forced to retract and clarify, ON TMZ ON their website, A DAY LATER (July 13th 2006)

And when Beyoncé was accused of faking her pregnancy:

(note, TMZ says they don’t believe the conspiracy, they just report on it, I’m using the video to establish when the controversy sparked)


Same day…

But, once again, Louis Tomlinson is out there being the exception to every single celebrity rule:

tik-tok it’s been two weeks…