tokka week 2013

Ember Island

                Toph jumped when water hit the side of her face. She blurrily sensed Sokka standing behind her. She kicked her foot and sand shot up to hit Sokka squarely in the chest.

                “Hey, that’s not fair!” he shrieked. “I can’t bend!”

                “When has that ever stopped you?”

                Sokka ran forward and tackled Toph into deeper water. She rose up, gasping, and started splashing and kicking around, even though she could touch.

                “Sokka! I can’t swim, you idiot!”

                Sokka’s eyes widened and he hurried over to his girlfriend.

                “I’m so sorry, Toph—”

                Toph dunked his head under the water. “Gotcha.”

Tokka Week Day 2 - “Some Things Never Change”

Even when they grow older, Toph and Sokka will still be having those heart to heart conversations when Toph is complaining about something.

First submission for Tokka Week 2013, I won’t be participating in all prompts but there would still be more like this to come~

this is really rushed sorry guys for the disappoint this is also very late o welp //weep

At Last

                Sokka bounced his knee, his stomach churning. The betrothal necklace was heavy in his pocket. He hoped she liked it. He’d spent weeks making it.

                She walked into the room. Toph.

                His breath caught in his throat. He gulped. He felt something smack his shoulder. It was Katara. She made shooing motions at him.

                He stood shakily, his hand in his pocket.

                “Toph?” he called. He took a deep breath. “I…um…will you marry me?” he said quickly.

                She grinned. “Yes, of course! Don’t know what took you so long, Snoozles.” To everyone’s surprise, she kissed him firmly on the mouth.


                Toph and Sokka stumbled out of the building, laughing hysterically.

                “The characters!” Toph wiped tears from her eyes.

                “Did you see—did you see The Pebble?” Sokka doubled over. “‘The next Boulder’! Ha!”

                They laughed some more until they had calmed down somewhat. “I should head home—work tomorrow,” Toph explained. “Can’t wait until next month.”

                She walked away. Sokka jogged to catch up to her a few minutes later. “Toph, wait!” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her near and kissed her. Toph pulled back instinctually. Sokka began a string of apologies. She shut him up with a kiss.