New cover for my crow zero fanfic

yea i finally found the perfect image of her with the bad boys. hehe. 

please read it if you’re interested . let me give the synopsis about the story :

Minako Oda was raised by a yakuza clan after saved Hideo Takiya’s life when she was little. After junior high she decided to live by her own and have been close friend with Tokio and Serizawa an always visits them at Suzuran School. Despite her high IQ , her dream is to become a school teacher.One day, she met this wild new student and realized it’s her long lost adopted brother . How will she cope the situation reunite with Genji  while fall in love his mortal enemy , Serizawa and bearing her illness besides Tokio?

you can read it at , archiveofourown , or wattpad under the same tittle . I suggest you read it at wattpad cause i insert images that suits each parts that may help you imagine the scene . (*^▽^)/

Quick question

(because I’m lazy and I haven’t looked for the tag)

Is there a Crows Zero (movies) fandom on tumblr?

And if there is, would it be interested by “crowsplay” pictures some of my friends and I did for Otakon 2012? We kind of went incognito and I think it’s kind of sad, we had a lot of fun putting together female versions of Genji, Serizawa and Tokio :)