30 Days Challenge!

Due to the collective Tokio Hotel down in the Tumblr fandom I want to start a little challenge on my blog. Prepare for 30 days full of secrets and confessions!

Day 1: My personal favourite Tokio Hotel Song!

Of course everyone has her or his own favourite song. Some think about the amazing lyrics, others about the melody or the way it makes them feel.
For me the goosebump moment is very important. When I listen to a song, then it should go deep under my skin. Unfortunately I couldn’t just pick up one song. So this is my personal top three of the most amazing TH songs!

1. Gegen meinen Willen: Just imagine cute, little, 12-year old Bill and Tom, sitting in an old storehouse and writing about the divorce of their parents. Dealing with the biggest pain, they have faced until this time. Yelling at their mom and dad for acting against their sons and sharing the same fate with thousands of their fans! Even thinking about their hurt, makes me feel incredibly bad.

2. World behind my wall: I feel like, this song is a scream for freedom. It’s just like, the boys want to urn the walls down, which they had to build up around them to protect themselves.

3. Better: This songactually became my favourite after the concert in Munich. Bill sang it so full of love and pain, his voice was even shaking. I got goosebumps imediately! I will never forget the moment, and how deeply sorry I felt for Tom going through this pain!