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Bill & Tom interview for face culture in Amsterdam

M&G / Q&A - Room 483 Vips #DMLyon

- Gustav said that the best uncle isn’t in the room but among the band members, it’s Bill
- They’d like to visit Cannes and Saint Tropez, too
- They said they’re like a couple, the 4 of them in the band, but without sex
- They sleep around 6/7 hours a night, but last night Tom slept 9 hours
- Bill and Tom teased them (the fans) about the fact that they hesitated between Black, Ich bin nicht ich and Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei
- Gustav said Bill was clearly the best uncle, and that when Tom saw his daughter, he basically didn’t give a shit
- Their favorite shows until now are Amsterdam, Hamburg and Paris
- “Do you still believe in true love ?”
Bill : “hm… yes i try”
Tom : “… he’s slowly growing up…”

Dream Machine Tour Frankfurt

- I was first row at q&a
- Bill considered the idea of playing “attention” live again bc of my question about the humanoid b-sides
- We smiled really widely on my photo
- I was second row at the show
- The show production is amazing and they put their heart and soul into the show
- “Better” broke me
- I’m happy that my love for them is still going strong after 12 years

hello all i have one (1) ticket (fanzone, priced at 80€) to the tokio hotel dream machine tour concert in prague (monday april 3rd at 8pm in sasazu club) that i can’t make it to so if anyone is interested in buying it off me (happy to let it go for less than i paid and will negotiate price) pls let me know

it’s an e-ticket so i can just e-mail it to you and you can send money to my paypal