tokimeki memorial: girl's side


Super Easy Valentine Chocolate
Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3

The base (Milk choco) and the toppings (Berry chip, Almond and Argent) are available from the beginning of the game.

To put only one topping on your chocolate, you have to select two other toppings and press start directly (without putting them on your base).

TMGS3 Premium new CG - How to get them

So I received some asks asking me how to get them, and here’s some from what I gotten. (I haven’t gotten all, so once I got them, I will update this post!)

If anyone has any info or there’s any errors, feel free to reblog and add on.

Affection: :D and above (? possibly (: will work too)
Trigger: Use Student Council command a lot and it will trigger automatically
Time: Summer-Autumn (I think there might be a spring-winter version too)
I unlocked this CG on summer, after using the Student Council command a lot. It happens after school automatically so you don’t need to do much. I also have Tamao at XD when I unlocked this. (but i’m sure it can be lower than this)

Affection: :| and above
Trigger: Date him at the Karaoke
Time: I don’t think it matters
I got it by dating him at the Karaoke when he’s at :| and when he first appeared which would still be Spring. I don’t think it matters which season you date him.

Affection: :| and above
Trigger: You must had seen the conversation between Shitara & Ruka when you go out shopping alone (the one where Shitara tells Ruka that his mom is worried about him). A few days/weeks later, Oosako-sensei will say there’s extra lessons at the Zoo on the Sunday. Choose to go.
Time: Spring-Winter (I think there’s a Summer-Autumn version too)
This also gives you a new ADV for Shitara, where he talks about how he’s actually jealous of the Sakurai brothers relationship.

Affection: :) and above
Trigger: Automatic
Time: Sports festival
I got this CG when Arashi was at (:, and I wasn’t using the sports command or Judo command that much, so I assume this is automatic as long as you got the right affection.

Affection: :D and above (?)
Trigger: Choose to walk home with him (don’t go for tea)
Time: Summer-Autumn
I only triggered him when he’s at XD, and this event didn’t happened to me when I have him at (: at the other file, so I assume it has to be :D or higher. This also unlocks his new ADV which shows a more teenage side to Kouichi X3

Below the cut are the ones which I haven’t unlocked yet –

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