tokidoki for hello kitty

magicalflyingsquidwithahat  asked:

Hi Sea Fam, I am a high anxiety person who has recently found comfort in collecting/ kinda playing with children's toys. (think stuffed animals, hello kitty, tokidoki, and num noms to name some examples) I don't understand how such childish things relax me. I'm supposed to be a 23 year old adult doing big tough important adult things. But here I am trying to hide small toys with me in my pockets to comfort me while I go about life .Haha. Is this normal? I feel like this is something to hide.

Listen, friend. Friend. Friend.

Today I saw a plushie keychain shaped as a poop and I got. So excited. Friend. Mate. It had, a bow. and hearts on it. It was a fashionable poop plush keychain.

There’s nothing wrong with liking simple, cute things. Or, poop plushies. There’s nothing weird about it. You can pay bills and do taxes and go to work and then come home and admire your wall of disney collectibles. A lot of people collect. Just google “vintage toy collectors” or even “comic book toy collectors” and look at their just, houses filled with toys.

It’s 100% normal, and 100% awesome. I’m so glad that you’ve found something that comforts you and that you enjoy them.

-Lou the Lobster