alright so in my texturepack i made the Diamond horse armor make your horse into an Eva Unit 01: You Are (not) A Pony. Should i continue with the Eva theme for the rest of the armors or do you guys know of other cool looking robots/armored horses i could stick in here?

I felt bad about promising a texture pack and then not putting anything out for months. Other things keep taking my attention.
SO to remedy this a bit, i’m releasing a beta version of my texturepack (AKA anything i have done so far)

There are a couple screw ups in it. Like the beacon texture refuses to work for some reason… and the villagers arn’t skinned yet. but it’s mostly done.
So I’m putting it out here for ya’ll to mess around with it while i’m procrastinating on my life finishing it up. I’m not gunna put it on the forums until it’s complete so this’ll be our little secret i guess.

ill put an upload link for the texture pack tomorrow by the way. i want to work on it a little bit more right now (it’ll still probably be unfinished when i give the link tomorrow tho) 

Mobs i got so far
Things I still gotta do

-villagers( and zombie villagers) 
-Wither skeletons 
- the wither thing :v

Silverfish don’t have enough pixels for me to make any big changes
unless i paint them purple of something.
should i paint them purple? i dont even