I’m excited to present:
“Mr. Carefree Butterfly”

I want to thank the incredible talents that I had the privilege to collaborate with, and everyone who supported me during this 4 year long journey at CalArts.



here’s my first year film! it was such an incredible experience making this - I hope you guys like it!


it’s……up……my first year film in CalArts………

Putting “CalArts 20XX” after my work is totally my life dream so now I can die happily.

I kind of hate my film(?) and hope i’ve spent more time on it but I’m happy with the experience this year. Thanks so much for everyone who’ve helped me!


An ungrateful daughter journeys through her subconscious with her magical pet fish in order to learn to appreciate her mother. My BFA3 Film at CalArts.

Music: “Endlessly” by Dabin Lee (

Watch other films made by my classmates:


PHEW my final film is done! I’m glad I can finally share it with you all! ^^

It’s about LOooOooVE! I hope you enjoy!


This is my final and fourth year film at CalArts!!  "Family Spirit" is about a family of ghosts that sit down for dinner only to realize there is another unwelcome presence at the end of the table.

Enjoy!! :) 


my second year film is up! check it out its called ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS DUDE n it’s a film about how everything is serious


this took me forever but was so worth it ;-; first animation my dudes

would you guys want a continuation of this, a keith counterpart, a fluffy shallura one, a fast klance one, or didn’t like it and want no more animation? pls let me know your thoughts in the comments cause this is all new to me <3

music - choreo

Originally, I was just gonna note how strange it is that–

–the doorframe shrinks to roughly half its original size–

–in the closeup, but now, I just noticed the footprints don’t actually go into the building the bad guy supposedly entered… so I’m confused and thinkin’ he might actually be a ghost after all.

The continuity, it’s messing with my brain! I can’t even structure sentences well anymore!


Hi everyone! At last, I’m excited to share this music video I directed my third year. It was worked on at CalArts and Gobelins and everywhere in between, and was a product of a lot of help and patience. Speaking of, I had some great additional animation by Joël Durand, Valentin Lucas, and Andrei Sitari

This is also one of two films I’ll be releasing this year. In the next few days or so, I’ll post my fourth and final thesis film. Thanks for watching!!