How unbelievably incredible! Our campaign has ended and we’re ecstatic that we went OVER our initial goal with 155% and over 700 backers!

 In 2012 we were just sitting around watching western films and conceived this idea. We knew we had something that we were passionate about, but we never knew we would get this far with it. From the moment we first made Long Gone Gulch public, to the moment the Kickstarter campaign ended, has been an unforgettable ride, with ups and downs, but all for the best. We’ve even made some new friends along the way. But the ride’s not over. A whole new journey is starting soon, the journey of actually making the pilot! We are going to try our hardest to make this the best we possibly can. After that, who knows what will happen. Thank you again, everyone, for believing in us and our weird little project, we’re so excited to make this and we hope you all enjoy it! These characters and this world will come to life thanks to you!

Again! We’re honored to have you all pledge and show your love for the project!  We’re so excited to create something special for you all. 


Here it is! My second year film, “A Girl Can Dream”!

I had very little sleep while rushing to finish this short, oof

Special thanks to @popcornpr1nce and my friend Jacob for lending their voices!