“I appreciate that, man.
        Try not to tense your legs so much.
        You’ll wipe out less.”

                                                            Surfing tips & marijuana?
                                                     How much better could this job get?

                       She slid the box over the counter, smiling brightly around the rolled piece of paper clamped between her teeth. Isolde hopped up onto the stool, her pale legs dangling over the side as she plucked the joint from her mouth and exhaled deeply.

                       As many upsides as their were to working on the boardwalk, there seemed to be more downsides. Like the fact that the ocean seemed so close, yet so far.

                        “The waves are pretty gnarly today. Aren’t they, Ringo?” Her attention is directed to the tabby kitten that splayed itself across the counter, its bright pink nose nudging against the blonde’s arm in response.

                                                                Was she pouting?

Sweet dreams are made of this,

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who am I to disagree? 

(☾☆)   Rosemary wanted some fresh air so she took her sketchbook and headed towards the park. There, she situated herself quiet comfortably on one of the benches and began to draw. While it was still clearly a work in progress the formation of a tree was beginning to show. Various animals ranging from deer to birds surrounded it. Her hand moved swiftly as the movements came natural to her. As she continued on with her work she smiled softly.