tokens of my affection

Hosted a Valentines meetup today, I had a great time. It was a role play type meetup. We all won Mr. Yan’s initial modelling contest but had to compete in a second round for his affection with a valentine. Winner received a token of affection. There were some really great (inappropriate) valentines. :)

My Coord:
Dress and head bow: Angelic Pretty Jewel Marine
Wig and shoes: Bodyline
Hair accessories: Handmade
Wristcuffs blouse and socks: unknown(gifts)

Concrit is always appreciated

My sweet Rey,

I should have known that you’d find some way to slip through my fingers, but I am not particularly discouraged. It can only be a matter of time, especially now that I know you have been relic hunting. I know what he’s after. Supreme Leader wants it too. But which of us will get to it first, I wonder? Perhaps we’ll see each other during the search :)

I enjoyed our duel immensely, yesterday. It was such a pleasure to cross sabers with you again, and this time, without the world falling to pieces around us. It really was just the two of us. There is something intensely intimate about our battles, don’t you think? So physical. So passionate. Focused only on each other, tense, sweaty, locked together in a frantic quest for climactic victory. My heart beats faster, just thinking about it.

I admit, I have been preoccupied by our mid-duel chat, and your allusions to some Force vision(s?) that I apparently featured in. From what little you told me, it sounds rather like a seduction of some kind. To be perfectly honest, I am dying of curiosity, but you apparently did not want to go into detail.  DYING, Rey. But I am too much of a gentleman to ask. Unless you want to tell me. I have no doubt that there is quite a bit of detail to be had, judging by the absolutely adorable blush on your cheeks when you spoke of it.

However, I do take exception to your accusation that I am somehow responsible for the behavior of this vision. Rey, I cannot teleport at will to and from some obscure seaside cave, nor can I control what a dream-version of me does. I assure you, I’d kick his ass for you, if I could! You know I would always defend your honor. But I know how those visions work - it’s only what you take with you. If you’re having seductive visions of me, then it sounds like you have some special feelings you should probably come to terms with…

Since it seems it will be a while yet before I have you at my side, I will resume sending you these small tokens of my affection. I noticed that you sustained a scrape on your left elbow, in yesterday’s commotion.  Enclosed is a little something to hasten your recovery.

Stuck on you like a bacta patch,


PS. I would be more than happy to help you explore those special feelings further, should you so wish ;)


To be continued….


I’ve never celebrated this day.  I’ve always thought it trite and ridiculous.  I still do.  But it’s clearly important to you, and I think you view it as a way to celebrate what you feel for me in a special way, and so I am returning the favour with this letter, with your breakfast in bed, and with these flowers and this small token of my affection.  That is what you are meant to do, yes?  I apologise if the details are wrong.  I’ve never paid this holiday much mind.  But, you must know that the sentiments are deeply and sincerely meant.

You have changed my life for the better, John.  From the very first moment we met, you were like a warm and glorious Spring sun rising on the bleak, wintery landscape of my life.  Your smile.  The small, but trustful gesture of lending me the use of your phone when I was in need.  The fact that you actually did show up the next day, to look at the flat.  I wasn’t sure you would.  I want you to know how thrilled I was to pull up and see you standing there waiting for me.  

And then there you were, meeting me stride-for-stride from that moment on.  I was so very shocked when you flirted with me that first night at Angelo’s, when you were so quickly digging about for my relationship status.  I know you didn’t view it as flirting, but it read that way to me, and I was stunned that you might even consider such a thing.  Most people were instantly put off by me, but not you.  You were a remarkable exception, and your companionship was something I wanted desperately, from the very beginning.  But, I was so afraid of ruining it all, so I shut you down.  

You don’t know how much and how often I have regretted that, especially as it has become clear to me that you have loved me, in your own way, from the beginning, and that if I had, perhaps, acted more favourably in that moment, we might have arrived at where we are now, in much shorter order, and with much less suffering.  Of course then we would not have Watson, and she is quite the tiny wonder, isn’t she?  So, perhaps things have turned out for the best.

And so now, here we are.  Just the two of us (well—three of us), back beneath the same roof.  And you are staying.  Forever.  

Forever.  It’s such a beautiful word.  I know there are no guarantees in life, but I know your heart, and I know when your heart is set and rooted, and when it is not, and this feels real.  This feels like always to me.  You mustn’t doubt my commitment either, John.  There has never been, and never will be anyone else.

Thank you for making me your family.  Thank you for accepting that you are mine.  I find, lately, that I am continually warmed by how right, and how sublime it is to watch one’s best friend become their family.  You are the family I choose, and I will choose you over and over, day after day, for the rest of our lives, in small ways and large, no matter what may come.  You have my word, and you have me—soul, heart, and body.

It is strange to look forward to the days ahead.  I have not felt that in years.  Not since the day I came back to London, and realised that I had grossly miscalculated, and had lost you.  But now—now I wake up every morning, eager to open my eyes, to see you lying next to me, to see how peacefully you sleep under this roof, and in this bed, and eager to see what new joys and adventures the day ahead may hold.

It’s hard to fathom the fact that it is just a little over a month since my birthday.  So much has happened since then, hasn’t it, John?  We are so different.  Still ourselves, of course, but happier, more settled.  I feel safe again.  I feel safe in this, with you, with the life we are building.  And when I say ‘safe’, I don’t mean boring.  You could never be that.  You’re an eternal mystery and adventure, and I am very eager to jump back into a case with you again later in the week.  But, I do feel rooted.  Like finally, for once, I do not have to fear losing you.  It’s nice to feel that.  For a long time I wasn’t sure I ever would.  I wasn’t sure you wanted it, wanted me, and now I know you do, and it is the best feeling in the world.

Well, I have prattled on, haven’t I, and most likely kept you from your breakfast.  So I will kiss you and then let you eat.

I love you .  I love this life we share.  I love our family.

Thank you, John.  Thank you for everything.

Yours always,


Blind Dates - Taeyong

Sorry, this took me so long to post and that I have been gone for the last three days. My german teacher has been at me about the exchange I’m going on so I had to do extra work so I’m very sorrryyy. Pray for me I have to make a new friend in german so this will be harddd. Hope you enjoy this have a good day - Em x

Request: Can you do a scenario your friends set up a blind date for you and it turns out your brother’s best friend Taeyong? Thank you

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1562

“Yeah, but y/n,” your friend said to you practically pleading you at this point. “You haven’t been on a date in months and months,”. You still shook your head.

 “And I don’t want to go on a date especially when I don’t know who it is and you won’t even show me a picture. What if he murders me?!” You pointed out picking up your bag and standing up from the bench you had been sitting on.

 “I promise he is not a murderer,” Your friend replied. She had the cheekiest grin on her face. “I also promise he is super nice and most of all super-hot. You will love him y/n,” She insisted.

 Her phone rang and she picked it up. You used this small time to edge further away from your friend so you could avoid this situation.

 She noticed you backing off and rolled her eyes moving the phone away from her face for a second.

 “I already told him you would meet him today!” She shouted to you. Damn, you sighed. She knew this meant you would show up. You weren’t mean enough to stand someone up. You were sure they were probably very nice; your best friend wouldn’t set you up with a psycho.

 Well at least you hoped she wouldn’t.

 The only real reason you were opposed to going on a date was because of this guy you had had a crush on for as long as you could remember. He was only a few years older than you but he was your brother’s best friend so he probably only sees you as a little sister.

 There was no way you and Taeyong would ever happen. You decided to put your feelings aside and meet this new person.

 You quickly went home to change and do your hair a bit better. Usually, your brother and Taeyong hung out on Tuesdays so you were surprised to see your brother eating Tuesday pizza by himself.

 “Hey Doyoung,” You said to him brightly placing your keys down on the windowsill by your door. “No Taeyong today?” You asked him, leaning through the kitchen door before you went upstairs.

 “Nah, he stood me up for some date he is going on. I’m not sure what happened to bros coming first.” Doyoung said.

 “Don’t be mad because Taeyong has a date and you don’t Doyoung.” You teased him.

 “I do have dates!” He protested, “Just not on Tuesday. That’s our day. He said he really liked this girl and had waited for ages to get a date with her so I will let it slide.”

 You knew you had decided to let Taeyong go but your heart still sunk just a bit when you heard how much Taeyong really liked this other girl. But you kept the smile on your face.

 “Well I would love to stay and chat but I have a date of my own in half an hour so I gotta go change real quick.” You laughed running up the stairs.

“You’re both traitors!” Doyoung wailed. His antics almost made you forget about Taeyong.

 You brushed your hair out and put on your favourite top and jeans before grabbing your phone and sprinting back down the stairs.

“Bye lonely brother!” You called to Doyoung before running out of the door grabbing your keys from the windowsill.

 The address of the café your best friend had texted you was only a minute walk from your house which was lucky. Any further and you would have been late. You walked into the familiar café and the little bell tingled.

 You, Doyoung and Taeyong would come here together as kids and the lady who owned it was practically family.

 She smiled as you walked in. There were only a few school kids and an old couple. You couldn’t see anyone your age anywhere. You made your way to the counter to speak to the lady who owned the shop.

 “Ah, I could have known you were the girl he was having the date with.” She said smiling. You were confused.

 “He just left something in his car and he will be back in one minute.” She said. “But he already got this for you,” It was your favourite smoothies from the café. Your friend must have told him it was your favourite.

 You thanked the little old lady and sat down at the only table with a coat left at it and no person. The coat looked familiar but then you thought lots of guys must have coats like that.

 You waited to minutes before pulling your phone out and checking your texts. You didn’t even notice the guy come back and sit down in front of you until he cleared his throat.

“Um hey y/n,” He said. You looked up and almost choked on your drink.

“Your Taeyong.” You said to him with disbelief.

“Last time I checked yes,” he chuckled slightly.

“What are you doing here?” You asked incredulously. “Doyoung said you were on some special date you had been waiting for ages for.”

Taeyong’s cheeks were tinged slightly with red as he looked at you and smiled.

“Well um… this is that date. I would have asked you myself but I was scared you would think of me like a brother and umm…” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“What,” is all you managed to say.

Taeyong looked down at the table and then back up at you again, swallowing before he spoke.

“You see y/n, we have known each other for a really long time yeah, but every time I see you it’s like the first time. I always liked you even when we were little kids and we pretended to get married in the playhouse in your back garden and Doyoung got really mad and I said he wasn’t allowed to shout at my wife,”

You smiled thinking back, that was a great day.

“We were only six but you said that when we were older we should be together for real. I know it faded away because when we were twelve Doyoung and I, were mean to you but I was just trying to get your attention. I have always liked you but I could never say it. We always say I love you to each other but I feel like it’s the same way you love Doyoung. But I love you in a different kind of way y/n. A way that makes me feel like I’m flying whenever you laugh or you smile. If you don’t like me back I understand and I hope we can still be good friends in time. I have been asking y/b/f/ for ages to set up this date because I had to say it. I love you.”

You stared at him not really processing his words. Taeyong blushed even harder.

“Um…can you say something? Or make even a sound to show me you’re not dying or something?” Taeyong asked looking slightly worried. You blinked a few times before realising reality. Pull yourself together y/n.

“I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting to meet you today,” His face fell. “Nonono! Not in a bad way. In fact, the only reason I was putting off meeting the person today was because I liked you. When Doyoung said, you were going out on a date with some girl you really liked I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart.”

“You so dramatic,” Taeyong joked smiling now.

“I’m trying to make this cute.” You said glaring at him.

“Everything you say is cute,” Taeyong winked.

“Just because you are better at romantic confessions than me doesn’t mean you need to show off.”

“I don’t need a romantic confession I just need to hear you say three words y/n. That will make my day far more than anything else you could ever say.” He replied.

“Fine,” you grinned. “I love… this smoothie. Its great you should try it Tae.” He frowned and crossed his arms, pouting.

He looked too cute for you to mess with him anymore.

“Ahh don’t be like that. I love you Taeyong.”

Taeyong stood up and walked around to kneel next to you. He pulled out a bracelet made of beads. It was the one you had made together when you were six. It said T ♡ /_/.

“You kept that for so many years,” You asked happily tears almost appearing in your eyes.

“Of course. It was a token of affection made by me and my love. So I kept it to give to my love when I asked her this.”

“y/n will you be my girlfriend?” He asked.

You nodded as he stood up and wrapped his arms around you tightly, hugging you.

He pulled back and slipped the bracelet onto your arm.

“You don’t know how long twelve-year-old me waited for this moment.” HE said to you, eyes shining brightly.

“I could say the same thing,” You said reaching up to brush a strand of his hair that had fallen in front of his eyes back. He leant in closer to you and pressed his lips to yours softly.

“And fifteen-year-old me definitely dreamed of this moment many a time,” he joked. You lightly pushed his arm.

“Well, fifteen-year-old Taeyong better be glad he waited until now. Otherwise, fifteen-year-old Doyoung would have had something to say.”


I’m experiencing a deep infatuation with all the gorgeous lilacs frolicking in my back yard.  As a token of affection to the spell they’ve cast over me, I’ve started a batch of flower and stone infused salt featuring a cheerful obsidian and lots of lilacs of course!

  The salt has a myriad of magickal and culinary uses.  Stay tuned and either later on this week or early next week, I’ll post a nifty instructional on how to make your own :)

anonymous asked:

Would it be okay to ask you stuff about how you worship Hermes? You seem pretty enthusiastic but I thought it would be polite to ask first :)

Of course, of course! I’m always happy to talk about Hermes. Thanks for the ask, please feel free to message me with questions. But, I’m going to use this as an excuse to make a post about Him. ^_^

How do I worship Hermes, huh? Well, my style is a bit fly by the seat of my pants (heh pun.) I affectionately call myself a “bastardized pagan.” My methods are many and varied, but I’ll try and make a tidy list for you here.

🍓 I talk to Him and pray of course, though my prayers look something like this:

Dear Lord Hermes, Light of My Life and Song of My Soul, Great Guide and Feather-footed Master of Flirting, You honor me with Your Lovely Presence and if it’s not too much of a bother, I pray You accept this token of my affection. *plays a song that reminds me of Him*

Hermes speaks in the language of Flirt with me, and so this is how I speak to Him. He seems to approve.

🍓 I offer Him bits and bobs that I pick up, which remind me of Him. Most recently that included: a patch I embroidered for Him, a compass that doesn’t point north, a Scottish souvenir shot glass I found at a reclaim shop for a dollar, a little button that says “Shop Til You Drop” I found at that shame shop for a dime, and a shiny piece of glass I picked up while on a trip with friends.

🍓 Food and libation wise, on my altar I give Hermes non-perishable sweets that are in wrappers and water in His special glass. If I offer perishables, I set it on the altar and go “Hey! It’s for You, My Dude. I’ll eat it so it doesn’t go bad in a few minutes.”

🍓 A lot of my worship revolves around thoughts and feelings as offerings. Every time I get behind the wheel of a car for instance, I think about and pray to Hermes. He is the reason I got my driver’s permit this year. I knew it was something I needed to do and He wanted me to do it. And of course, I do a lot of Hermes stuff on my blog, that’s another way I worship Him.

If you wanna know more, hit me up!

All of you

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You’ve been remembering your past with Balor and it’s made you want him. Will he want this version of you ? A.n. Part 2 of a thousand, millions years. Part 1 which can be found here and Part 3 which can be found here

Tags: @the-geekgoddes @wweobsession1029

The only trouble with remembering your past lives with Balor was that it had begun to blur the lines between reality and memory. You remembered an Ireland from long in the past where you had a small farmhouse, a well worn home you’d lived in for most of your marriage. You remembered with absolute certainty the amount of times you’d kissed a shirtless Balor on the cheek as he said goodbye before he went to start the days work. You woke up with vivid images of a sweat soaked Balor trying to wipe away the sweat that had collected on his brow, the collected moisture sliding over his collarbones, slipping down his bare chest and dipping into his well-defined stomach muscles. With memories like that it was all bound to have some kind of effect on you.

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do you love nyota? ( rewritten from x )

he deliberates. trying to find an answer; something thread deep, complex, like that of a maze. and yet, it is asked of him, as if the reply should be so definitively simple. it is not. LOVE, were a human emotion. illogical. but he can find no other reason for what he feels. for what he yearns for; a void, unfulfilled in its absence. no matter how inexplicable. she is unlike any woman he has ever encountered. strength and beauty. challenging – - she is the shadow at the end of the board. a figure, no less a queen. while he waits on the other side in the guise of a pawn. indeed, he would do anything for her.

and then it’s here, he realizes, just how easy the answer really is, perking his gaze with a single reply. ❝ yes. ❞

Context: in our group we have a half-orc barbarian/fighter who is literally a wall because he has a AC of 20,an int and wis of 7 and 8 respectively, and a charisma modifier of +4.

Barbarian: (trying to woo a bar wench and rolls a 19) YOURE PRETTY
Dm: you woo her so hard she gives you her panties as a token of her affection.
Barbarian: I eat them…

Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips: 5

Just updated Chapter Five of my Bughead Fanfic: Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips! Here’s a preview:

I slam it back shut when she wiggles the handle a bit. “Don’t,” I say quickly. “It’s just my service book and a bunch of crap,” I try to say calmly but she takes the opportunity when I have to change gears and I feel like hitting my head on the steering wheel.

“What’s a bet whatever’s in here is rubbish from the last time I was here,” she says, fingering through receipts and burger wrappers. “What’s this?”

My ears start to burn and I pull my hat down on my head, wishing it would engulf me. I’m not usually one for keeping trinkets and small tokens of affection, I didn’t keep any reminders of my childhood with me – mom was in charge of that – I have a small collection of photos in my closet at home, but I did keep one thing in the car with me at all times.

She had it in her hands, her finger running over it. “It’s nothing,” I mumble.

Betty scoffs and then points at the photo. “This was the day you got the car!” she says laughing, grinning at the smiling faces in front of her. “Look, you, me, Kev, Archie and V! Oh, my god, it’s like it was just yesterday!”

I briefly look at the faces myself and groan internally. It felt like it was yesterday, parked outside Fred’s place, trying to keep my cool when really, I wanted to hug Fred so tight I wouldn’t have let go. “Archie was such a shit driver back then, hardly Fast and the Furious material.”

“Though you both thought you were Vin Diesel.”

“Can you blame us? Though, we both had too much hair.”

She chuckles again. “Do you ever wish we could go back to those days?”

“If I kept up with all the wishes, Bets, I would lose track.”

“Hmm,” she says quietly. “Same here.”

We pull up to the neon lights of Pop’s. It was busy tonight and I could already smell the shakes. Betty wastes no time in jumping out of the car, grinning at the lights like she’s finally come home. She walks ahead as I stay in the car, was it so wrong of me to want to bang my head on the driver’s wheel? Or think about driving away? Of course, it fucking was.

She left the photo on the dash and I pick it up. Kev laying on the bonnet as if it was some high ended European car or he was some sort of show girl. Ronnie and Archie laughing in the background.

But it was the two people in the front who only had eyes for each other, a blonde girl wrapped up in the arms of a shy, smiling boy. Hair flowing as he tilted her back, lips locked against not only each other’s, but a smile.  

I flip the photo over, reading the writing of Ronnie: the love tale of Jughead and Betty.

Oh Ronnie, if only you could predict the future.

As always, you can read the full thing here: Vanilla Lips and Cigarette Tips. My only payment are your reviews, so please review! Love you all like Juggie and Bets love each other.

I had rather hoped that you’d read the love letter I left you.

But I guess even the smallest tokens of my affection for you is insignificant …

—  My Heart Bleeds Poetry #18
Charlene Pablo ( via @inevitable-realities )

The Little Things – A Hiddleswift Drabble

She awakens as the smell of fresh brewed coffee starts to tickle her nose.  For a brief, exciting moment, it tricks her into thinking he is there but then she remembers him whispering about the automatic timer in between goodbye kisses at the front door.  At his front door.  The thought, along with others from the day before, brings a smile to her face.  

He had found her packing her small bag beside of his suitcase on the bed.  He was leaving in an hour for the States and she still had filming to do.  She laughed when she saw him in the doorway, a cheeky grin upon his face, and muttered something about it being weird her being in London without him.  She had known of his plans long before and had made her own plans to retreat back to her rented penthouse as he was leaving. Brandon would be arriving to whisk her away just as Tom would be heading to the airport.  

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