i commend the cast of Think like a Man and not compartmentalizing the movie as a "black movie" i think it was pretty well done.

 The token white guy though… lol i mean, there was another “white” (?) guy in it who wasn’t token at all, but that other dude, whoo, boy was he white lol and they made sure he was so overly awkwardly white that you were really smacked in the face by how white he was lol the plot easily could have survived without his pressence. he was merely there for the sake of being The White Guy they include in their gatherings. which, again, was baffling cuz they had a white guy who got no such treatment
Jonathan Kos-Read is 'the token white guy' in Chinese cinema (LA Times)

The rich, arrogant foreigner comes to China for business, but he ends up falling in love with what the script invariably calls an “Oriental beauty.”

He pursues and tempts her for a few episodes, but in the end the virtuous lady makes the proper choice of staying true to her Chinese love interest.

Well, most of the time.

“Occasionally she’ll stay with me,” shrugs Jonathan Kos-Read, an actor from Torrance who’s made a career out of playing foreigners on the Chinese screen. “But if she does, she’ll either live in unhappiness, or she’ll die.”

Headcanon that there’s a universe where Hollywood has the Token White Guy, instead of a token everything else.

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Hello! This might be a boring question, but could you list some standard white male FCs, around 25-35? Sort of along the lines of Charlie Hunnam or Chris Pine? I need a token white FC in my group and I'm so stuck?

I’m literally in love with the idea of a token white guy, but I do need an age range or physical characteristics.

Namaste Y’all - Connor Method

Cranes line the sky wherever you go. An ambiguous line between construction and deconstruction characterizes the buildings of China. Mounds of trash, anywhere and everywhere. Loose safety standards and 17/18 year old kids who sleep on metal bed frames on the roofs of factories, only to wake up to work another 14 hour day…everyday. College students driving $500,000 Mazzeratis next to frail 60 year old men on rusty bicycles falling apart, massive 10 liter empty jugs tied hap-hazardously to the back for just enough money to eat a meal. Tai Chi in front of bumping night clubs. All American obsession and deep-seated American hatred. Toddlers held up like Simba over public trash cans, relieving themselves not-so-gloriously. Being a celebrity for just being white. Token black guys hired to “MC” at clubs and act like a 1990’s gangster stereotype: massive gold chain around the neck, backwards hat and a long t-shirt. 

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love so many things about this photo - the woman cutting the mango for me, her apron that had some sort of Chinese(?) characters (I see them quite often in Accra), the woman in the back who probably just returned the church wearing that amazing dress, the token white guy in the tore up ad, KFC in the background, and the beautiful assortment of mangoes (my favorite fruit) #osu #accra #mango #streetvendor #ghana #visitghana #westafrica by ghanapost