i commend the cast of Think like a Man and not compartmentalizing the movie as a "black movie" i think it was pretty well done.

 The token white guy though… lol i mean, there was another “white” (?) guy in it who wasn’t token at all, but that other dude, whoo, boy was he white lol and they made sure he was so overly awkwardly white that you were really smacked in the face by how white he was lol the plot easily could have survived without his pressence. he was merely there for the sake of being The White Guy they include in their gatherings. which, again, was baffling cuz they had a white guy who got no such treatment
Jonathan Kos-Read is 'the token white guy' in Chinese cinema (LA Times)

The rich, arrogant foreigner comes to China for business, but he ends up falling in love with what the script invariably calls an “Oriental beauty.”

He pursues and tempts her for a few episodes, but in the end the virtuous lady makes the proper choice of staying true to her Chinese love interest.

Well, most of the time.

“Occasionally she’ll stay with me,” shrugs Jonathan Kos-Read, an actor from Torrance who’s made a career out of playing foreigners on the Chinese screen. “But if she does, she’ll either live in unhappiness, or she’ll die.”

Your Token White Guy Hot Take on Bernie Sanders

I’m a white dude, so, naturally, I have opinions on all the things. Before I get started, though, I’m going to say that for real, comprehensive critiques, you should maybe pay attention to Ta-Nehisi Coates on Sanders and reparations, or This Week in Blackness on Sanders and reproductive rights (also Sanders’ response to Black Lives Matter protesters in the past at Netroots and in Seattle). Don’t rely on the white dude to tell you what people of color have been saying far better. If you still want my hot takes, though, here you go. I’m primarily posting this here so I can share it if Bernie Stans try to harass This Week in Blackness over MY tweet that Elon and TWiB retweeted.

Bernie Sanders is great on the economy. I love him on health care. I think he would have just as much obstruction in congress as Obama has had if he were to be elected.

Bernie Sanders is TERRIBLE on just about every other issue. He is trying to learn on race, but he still sucks horribly despite constant callouts and attempts to educate him. His latest statement claiming that “reparations would be divisive” proves just how badly he sucks on race. As if EVERY OTHER POLICY he has proposed is not divisive. As if EVERY OTHER POLICY he claims to have is not divisive and damn near impossible to achieve (note: I’m not saying I don’t support those damn near impossible policies - I do. I’m just saying that they are ridiculously divisive and difficult to achieve).

Let’s be clear here: reparations? That is part and parcel with economic justice as a whole. If you won’t work for reparations, I don’t really believe you will work for economic justice at all. You’ll just work for your pet causes, which seems to be a recurring theme for Bernie.

Bernie also sucks on reproductive justice. He doesn’t care to address the Hyde amendment, which prohibits federal money from being used to assist with reproductive health. Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Hyde amendment. This makes Clinton MUCH FARTHER LEFT (and much more CLEARLY left) on reproductive health than Bernie, and this has been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood, who both endorsed Clinton based on her stance on reproductive health.

Rather than using the loss of those endorsements as a chance to learn or prove that he actually does support true reproductive justice, Bernie decided to label the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood as “part of the establishment.” As Elon James White of This Week in Blackness pointed out, this is actually a somewhat tenable argument. HOWEVER, when your entire campaign is built on “I’m going to fight the establishment,” declaring two of the biggest organizations supporting reproductive rights and reproductive justice as “part of the establishment” sends a very…interesting…message.

And this calls back to the same problem people of color have been pointing out with Sanders since his abject failure at Netroots Nation: He does not know what to do when he is called out of his wheelhouse. He will sail all day on breaking up banks, single-payer healthcare, and giving folks a(n insufficient) $15 minimum wage, WHICH ARE ALL IMPORTANT, but if someone dares to point out that he is weak in other areas of his platform, he either ignores them or attacks them.

I still like Bernie, but Bernie stans? If you’re looking at him like a Messianic figure, you’re going to be disappointed. He’s just a dude who is slightly more left on many things, slightly more right on others, and just as clueless as every other white man when it comes to race and women’s rights. And, it should be noted: if Bernie is just as clueless as every other white man when it comes to race and women’s rights? He is probably just as clueless as every straight, cis man when it comes to LGBT issues. PERHAPS less so on gay rights, given his voting record, but certainly just as clueless on trans rights.