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When I first started watching game theory and gtlive, I didn't know how much stephanie contributed. So when I heard that gtlive was mat and his wife, I wrongly assumed she was the token chick in the show. but five minutes into my first gtlive I saw their sheer chemistry and how much funnier they are together and was all "I was wrong, I like her." and since then, if steph is gone from the stream, for even a short amount of time, I miss her.

I don’t know what I’d do if there was a gtlive without Steph ;-; I probably wouldn’t even be able to watch it… And like I totally relate that Mat and Steph’s chemistry as best friends and as a couple totally make GTLive what it is. Like you can’t have GTLive without their relationship :)

guys……… i have started doing something really petty, like, really petty…………………………….. so whenever racing drivers come to the nürburgring they try to hit me up because i am the token chick here, regardless if they have wives or girlfriends……….. so i will agree to go out for dinner with them but after they have paid, i fake an emergency call and get outta there lmaoooooooooo which left them having to pay dinner and having blue balls……… three times i have now eaten like a king and scammed rich asshole cheaters i feel so good……………………………………..


i uh…. drew everyone… (except dosh king and the random peeps from honnouji bc that would be too much but maybe later???) NOW WITH MORE DOSH

i also know these two gt3 drivers from south africa and i swear to god they are the most stupid guys i know ahhddjfjf don’t get me wrong they are lovable but downright dumb, that is what these rich boys get for dropping out of school at like 12 to pursue a karting career and one of them is for some reason terrified of me which is hilarious and i just have the best times with these dumbos ahshdfjfj being the token chick in a racing series really has it’s perks sometimes especially when i get to mess with rich kids


“I’m an Acting major at the University of Minnesota. Already it’s such a competitive field, but then on top of that you’re told that there’s only so many ‘types’ that you can fill. For Caucasian people, it’s like, ‘Oh, well, there’s the blonde, and the brunette, and this, and that,’ and then it’s just like: the token black chick. And that’s it, and there’s one role, and you have to fill it. So I’ve been spending a lot of my life and my acting career basically telling myself what I can’t do. Like, ‘I can’t play that role, because it’s Romeo and Juliet, and that’s historically a white role.’ Not only having society tell me that, but then myself starting to believe that has made it so difficult for me. And then finally one day waking up and being like, ‘Fuck it.’ There’s no point in telling myself what I can and can’t play, because that’s just holding me back. If I’m convinced that I can’t play this role, then of course no one else is gonna be convinced. Not just in theater, but generally in life. Stop telling myself that I can’t do something because I’m black.”

“How did you figure that out?”

“When I was 16, 17 I was in this production of A Wrinkle in Time, and the people playing my mom and dad were both white, and my little sister was white. And I was the black person. Every time I told people about the show, their first question would be ‘OK, but how are you guys related? Are you gonna play it like you were adopted or something like that?’ After the 50th time of having that question, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a bullshit question.’ People are willing to go see Beauty and the Beast and see dancing and singing teacups, and are willing to believe that 100%, but the second that a white couple has to have a black kid, they can’t believe it.”


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Is it okay to have a story WITHOUT diverse characters?

The answer to this is yes and no. 

Honestly, I don’t want every writer out there to start shoehorning in diverse characters for the sake of diversity alone. That’s how you end up with token black characters, token gay characters, token chicks, etc. What I do want is for more writers to realize that the world is an incredibly diverse place, and diversity is only natural.

The honest truth is that a vast majority of stories out there feature white characters - more to the point, white male characters. The thing is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with stories that feature white male characters. I’m writing one myself. The problem is the lack of other types of people being represented in fiction. If we as a society can push more diverse characters to the forefront of public knowledge then the existence of books that aren’t all that diverse will be a non-issue. 

Real Talk for a Minute Here

I am a bisexual white woman. I’ve been in an interracial relationship, and I have several mixed race family members. My friends are white, Mexican, Vietnamese, and black. The world of literature as it is today does not represent my experience any more than it represents the experience of the many black, Asian, Hispanic, etc., readers out there.

The main characters in my novel may be white men, but there are also black women, a young Muslim girl, LGBT individuals….

And it’s not because I wanted to create a rainbow-colored dream cast of diversity. It’s because I wanted to write a story that represented the world that I live in, and when I look around me I don’t just see straight, white people.

The answer I would *like* to give is that your story should feature just as much diversity as is right for your story. If you’re writing a story set in a suburb in the 1950s, it makes sense that you’d have a primarily cishet white cast. If you’re writing a story set in modern day Ireland, you’ll probably have mostly white characters, but you need to strongly consider whether some of them might be gay, trans, etc. (You would also need to consider other forms of diversity that are more representative of the culture.)

But if you write a story set in New York City in the 1990s and 2000s I am going to look at you really, really funny if you walk up and tell me this group of friends is all white, dates (mostly) only other white people, works (mostly) only with other white people, and all happen to be straight. Even the effeminate coffee shop manager. 

And I’m going to look at you reeeeaallly funny if you tell me that your fantasy world has dragons, demons, and sorcerers but everybody just happens to be white and straight.

However. That’s not the answer I’m going to give because I think that, as writers and - hopefully - as people who want to be socially responsible with our writing, we have a lot of room to make real change by means of representation. 

I think that there are VERY limited instances in which you might get away with saying, “Well, this story that I have chosen to tell doesn’t really need diversity, right?”. But why is that the story you want to tell? 

Right now is a really exciting time to be a writer, guys. A mainstream cartoon for children just made a same-sex pairing canon. There are LGBT characters on mainstream television sitcoms. The amount of media featuring POC is steadily on the rise.

Do you realize how many of the writers who lived before us would have loved the opportunities that we have to explore these issues? To write these kinds of characters? To be overt about these issues rather than coding them in subtext?

In a few decades time, it will be perfectly reasonable to say “your story should feature just as much diversity as is right for your story” because there will be plenty of other media out there to fill in the gaps.

But right now the onus is on us as writers to be choosing to write diverse stories and diverse characters whenever possible. And you know… these stories are usually way more interesting, anyway, so why would you choose to do otherwise?

Seriously guys, I got a really good feeling for Bamon

First of all, hey there! 

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I know it’s been AAAAAGES since I was last in the Bamon tag (is that still a thing BTW? This new Tumblr thing SUUUUCKS).

Anyway, I have no clue what BonBon’s flashforward is gonna be, like NO CLUE!!! I just hope they move her once and for all away from the status of token black chick/magical negro. But I do think that Bonnie’s flashforward mystery man will be Enzo, and you know what? I’m down with that since I do like me a little Bonenzo AND so far, Enzo is the only guy who’s never been with anyone so it’ll be refreshing to see our BonBon not get any other girl’s sloppy seconds so yeah for that! 

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Plus who wouldn’t love a good Bonenzo/Bamon love triangle? I’m here for it!

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Why the sudden optimism over Bamon happening romantically you ask? Well, to me, the biggest clue is just how SILENT everyone from the writers to the actors are when it comes to any questions about romantic Bamon. Notice how they never shut down Bamon, all they ever do is change the subject by stating the obvious aka “they’re friends for now”, “Damon is still in Eggbert land”, “as of now we don’t know”. Like OBVIOUSLY they’re not going to be like “Well Bamonators, Merry Xmas, Bamon is finally gonna happen! Look out for episode 15!” I mean Bamon happening is in itself a HUGE reveal if not the biggest ever, so no self-respecting writer would ever reveal such a big thing!

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To me the question is not WILL Bamon happen, but WHEN will Bamon happen? And that I have no clue although if I had to put in a guess, I’d bet on episode 15 (you know how the writers seem to enjoy surprising us with glorious Bamon milestones every ep 15… Remember THE HUG?) I just hope that whatever happens will happen once the storyline catches up with the 3 year flash forwards. So let’s just wait and see…

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OMGSH guys I’m so excited!!! What a time to be a Bamonator!!!