toke woke

Sorry I took forever and got so backed up again lol. I’ve been taking videos nd just not posting nd forgetting so here I am finally smoking some keif before work. Hope everyone had a good day I just got home from work lol. @thesquidbat @i-dont-really-mind-im-a-victim @weedstop @chocolatemamashighdeas @empressgreyofphoenix @black-stoners @fairysquaadmother @hollyselfe @kush4kae @bongtokingprincess @bakedloaf @excusemewhileikisstheskye @talkingtrashcan @whoduhthunkit @dezloratzki @jaivturkey @pink-tanto @paradisiak @cloudyheadedstoner @little-brown-alien @sunflowerjawn @atomicnorthernlights @hazeltail @baebeebunny some of yall tagged me but idunno which some cause i wasnt paying attention when i was tagging just nooooow so I’m tagging everyone to toke up after you woke up so i can see your beautiful sunshine morning faces. 😙✌💚💚

Good Morning 💕 The wonderful @this-is-all-temporary tagged me to take a toke! 💨
I just woke up from a party last night 😂😵

🍃 Let’s have @weedstop @stonerjpeg @smoketogethighcustheworldissolow @crownvetch @wutangkilllabeez @ladyabigale @flowerr–child @hybridfairy @godshideouscreation @pokinsmots @dont-panik @weed-breath take a toke! 😘
Have a great weekend everyone~
Tag me in whatever 💁🏼