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03.03 Happy late Birthday Shuu

*trash lid slowly opens* *peeks* it’s been 84 years….

Sitting at the bar, Warren lifted his cigar to his lips and looked across the bar at the person. Taking a deep toke from it, not breaking eye contact, on his wedding finger was a ring, filled with a red fluid which seemed to be moving inside on its on. Taking the cigar from his lips, he exhaled the smoke slowly and in a teasing manner before flicking his eyebrows. Resting the cigar on the ash tray infront of him, he brought his glass of whiskey to his lips and took a sip.

Love doesn't exist - Sam Wilkinson - Part 2

Side note: Okaay i didn’t no my Sam fanfiction would get so many notes! But thank you so much!:)This part is not so exciting but it’s a bit fun, i think. It will be more exciting in the next part I promise! Well Enjoy :))

Part 1 –>

English was finally over and now it was lunch time. I was, as usual, sitting with Kate, Sara and Elena my closest girlfriends.“ You’ll never believe what happened in English class today” I said with big eyes.“ Uh there was one who  puked over Mr.Carter?” Sara asked, I looked around at the other girls and we start laughing.

Yes Sara is not exactly the brightest knife in the drawer but we love her anyway.“ Just tell us girl” said Elena and all keep their mouth shut.

“ Okay” I said, and toke a short break “ Sam started in my class” I said and looked nervously at them.

“ Why? Isn’t he Ms.Novels student?’‘  Sara asked ” well she was apparently tired of him and send him over to Mr.Carter 'class’’

“ It’s one of the reasons why I like Ms.Novel, she always tells the truth” said Kate’’ but who is he sitting next to?“

I looked around nervously at them,and then looked down at table” OMG Rose he is sitting next to you!“ Kate cried and looked at me with a smirk. Everyone looked at us and in that case I could not help looking in the direction of Sam and his friends’ table.

I shouldn’t have do that because I meet Sam’s soft brown eyes, he smiled his usual smile and.. But it was not a smile it was now more of a smirk than a real smile.” Aww how cute you two look at each other’’ said Sara, I looked quickly away’’ it is not sweet, I hate him and I will always do’’ I said rigid

“ Ohh by the way Sam is also going to that party this weekend, the party you would consider as you probably remember” said Kate and smiled at me.
“ If he coming then i’m not coming” I said to Kate, looking sad at her “why” did she just say in a hand came slapping down on the table, I was startled and jumped up from my seat’’ what the fuck dude?“ I said as I looked up and saw none other than Sam

” take it easy princess I just want to know who it will be at,“ he said and all the girls looked at me with confusion in their eyes. I slid my hand through my long brown hair” do not call me princess and what are you talking about?“ I said perhaps more confused than the other girls.

” Did you forget we have a project there is going to be done?“ asked Sam and looked at me,” Oh,“ I started” yes I forgot’’

“ Who will it be at? he asked,” I do not have time today’’ said and looked away. But it was a lie, I had time today but I’m not wasting my on him
“ Okay so were going home to you after school” he said, turning around and before I could answer back, he was gone.

“ You’re such a bad liar” Elena said and the others laughed’’ anyways what is this project about?“

” It’s about ourselves, we have to answer each question and put it into a power ponit presentation and show it to the class’’ I said as if it were the last thing I would do and it was true.

Before they could ask more questionsrang the bell again, the bell saves just me all the time, thank god!

The last class was quickly over and now I just had to go down with my books, so I slipped  swiftly past my locker to unload some books of.
There was no eye to see but i still seemed I could notice someone looking at me but that thought I shook quickly away again, I closed my locker and turn around only to be greeted by a hard chest that threw me into my locker.

I looked up and saw Sam with his smirk “ are you done so we can go now princess?” He asked and I just looked annoying at him and muttered,“ do not call me princess”

He bent down to my eye level and said “Oh princess I can call you anything I want to,”

I pushed past him and went out to the parking lot.

I got in my fiat 500 a nice little car and Sam got into his car, I led the way and soon we were at my house. I really could not stand that I have to work with Sam, I just want this project over quickly as possible.

When my mother saw me come in with a boy she ran and hugged me’’ I knew it! I knew it! Elliot hurry down here Rose has a boy home with her’’ she cried.

“ Mom no we are not,” I managed to say until she interrupted me again, Sam just stood there and looked at my mother as if she was insane
“ oh tax I knew you still had something inside you” she said stroked me on the cheek and my dad came running down the stairs, it looked so comical because he was about to fall.

“ HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!” I cried and looked annoying over at them both but mostly my mom, mom looked at dad and Dad looked at mom. There was an awkward silence until my mother said,“ well sorry about that, but I am Rose’s mother Anne” she said, reaching her hand out so Sam so he could shake’’ I am Sam nice to meet you.“

And my dad did the same and when he had met my so embarrassing parents we sat inside at the kitchen table.

” What did your mother mean with that you still had something inside you?“ Sam asked and looked confused at me .. Fuck.

Part 3?