This week’s prehistoric animal is the torvosaurus. 

Image source: Tojosan on Flickr.

It was a theropod dinosaur, specifically a megalosaurid—related to spinosaurs—living in the region from Colorado to Portugal during the Jurassic Period. The Torvosaurus genus contains two species: T. tanneri and T. gurneyi. T. tanneri was a large and heavily built dinosaur that grew to about 10 metres (32.8’) long, making it one of the largest carnivores of its time, along with Allosaurus. Should you wish to travel back to the Jurassic and acquire one as a pet, you should know that a torvosaurus could weigh 4 – 5 tonnes. It had a long, narrow snout.

It has a few other names: Edmarka rex is probably T. tanneri, and Brontoraptor is a sort of nickname. Torvosaurus means “savage lizard”; I can’t come up with commentary sarcastic enough for that name. T. tanneri is named for Nathan Eldon Tanner, the first counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and an important figure to the collectors at Brighma Young University, who discovered the Torvosaurus genus; T. gurneyi is named for James Gurney, a paleoartist, the creator of the Dinotopia books, and surely among the humans most deserving of having a dinosaur named in his honour.

Posted by Christian  H.