Initially I could have easily gone with Chrono Cross, Yasunori mitsuda is probably my favorite composer of all time.
However, every dog has his day or in this case “dogs”. Masanori adachi and Sotaro tojima.
This would (in my opinion) be the best writing to ever grace the 16bit era. The music took full advantage of the processing power the snes and it sounded amazing. It truly creates an atmosphere very much becoming the to Castlevania.
Yes my choice is undoubtedly
Super Castlevania 4. Not only was their fresh new music such as jazzy interpretations, classical string filled tones and hauntingly somber ambiance in the background, but of course the familiar tunes from the previous Castlevanias.
Only done in a way, that is really for me at least,
Filled with so much emotion and attention to detail. It is truly beautiful music.
I remember being quite young and recording the music on a voice recorder just so I could listen whenever I could. This soundtrack means a lot to me, and is the basis I use when determining whether a score has been thoughtfully approached and applied to the subsequent content.
The music for this game set the bar……for me.

*note: I’m not entirely sure how to put my music in this post, and I also have no clue if the YouTube link is put correctly. *