I’m in a small room, it feels so spacious. I felt the gap inside my heart, widens. It felt long, a mere minute, a second. I wish I could spend them with you. Is this a world were I can’t even hope? If I lie, tears will fall from your eyes. I’ve already piled up countless mistakes, those were when I held your hands, and stood by your side.

Wig: check! (needs to be styled)
Gem: check!
Skirt: ordered! (needs to be painted)
Jewelry: ordered!
Armour: needs to be assembled
Beads: ordered!
Belt: needs materials/needs to be assembled
Hoop Skirt: needs to be adjusted


s-eojohnny  asked:

The whole permission-thingy right before the B*eksoo kiss is the biggest confirmation we can get. I can't think of any other way to interpret Kyungsoo's stare or Jongin's nod, seriously ;;; Anything else just doesn't make any sense... Kyungsoo in fact WAS wary if Jongin would be okay with this, so he looked into his direction to get approval. what a sweet and tender moment, omg♥

dude…. i’m with you 100%!!

That nod of approval and then averting his eyes when the actual kiss happened… like?? what else do you need? you can’t fake that moment tbh..