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Sometimes I’m completely okay with being single, but lately it’s been killing me. I’ve been so lonely. I just want to have someone to cuddle with, someone who I know thinks about me as much as I think about them. I just want to know that I have that someone special that everyone around me seems to have. It doesn’t help when even in my dreams I’m the third wheel. I try to be happy for my friends but I just get in such a funk. It’s so upsetting. Can’t I just find a guy that truly wants to be with me and won’t decide I’m no longer good enough and randomly just leave my life? I’m so sick of being hurt and being sad. It sucks.

Honestly I'm highly insecure

. Like I’m not fishing for comments when I say I don’t think I’m pretty. I’m not waiting for you to tell me that hot guy will fall for me when I say he’s too good for me & I’m not pretty enough for him. I think I’m average. If that. Yes, sometimes I look presentable but I’m NOT that pretty & I’m NOT gonna be able to get the guy I like. I just know it. I’m not looking for compliments, I swear. That’s just how I truly feel.