toilets are gross


imagine if you will a toilet that has two seats like those two-scoop ice cream cones.

He Wakes Up Sick


Harry sat up abruptly waking you up in the process. “H?” you questioned sitting up. He ran to the bathroom without giving you an answer. You quickly went after him. Only to find him bent over the toilet. “Babe” you cooed  grabbing his hair to hold it back. 10 minutes later Harry was still bent over the toilet dry heaving. You put his hair in a bun and stood up to go to the kitchen. You returned to find him with his head laying on the side of the toilet. “Babe, that’s gross” you giggled. You sat down behind him pulling him into your chest. You wiped his forehead with a cold cloth and held the cup up for him to drink. He cuddled closer to you. “Thank you love, you always take care of me” Harry smiled up at you. “You know H, you can tell me if you’re pregnant” you said making him laugh. He let out a sharp breath, “Don’t make me laugh!” he cried.


His alarm went off on his bedside table, he normally turned it off before it could wake you but today was different. You automatically knew something was wrong. Reaching over to turn off the alarm you brushed across his arms, and felt that he was burning up. You checked his forehead using you lips, like your grandma always did. He stirred from under you. “Loubear, wake up” you said softly. He let out a whimper but didn’t open his eyes. “Louis you need to wake up and take some medicine” you commanded, slipping out of bed and running to the medicine cabinet quickly. When you returned he rolled over on your side of the bed with the covers wrapped tightly around him. “Please get up and take this Louis, you have to get this fever down or I’ll be taking you to the hospital” you pled with him. He opened his eyes, “I am not going to the hospital” “take the medicine then” you said shoving the spoon to him. He took it quickly giving you a sweet smile. “Make room” you gigged getting back in bed to hold him until he fell back asleep.


“Baby” you heard a raspy voice pulling you out of your sleep. “Zayn? Are you okay?” you asked confused. He shook his head slowly, you knew then that his throat was giving him trouble again. “Z, why didn’t you tell me last night your throat was starting to hurt” you sighed. He always did this, avoided the pain until it got too bad. “It…didn’t” he said slowly, you could tell that it hurt him just to say two words. “Don’t talk babe” you said getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen to get medicine, warm tea, and his cough drops. You returned to find him with his eyes closes with a pain etched in his features. “I’m going to call and leave a message for them to fit you into the schedule. Zayn this can’t keep happening, you are ruining your voice” you scolded him. He sulked, it wasn’t even his fault. “Don’t give me that look, you’re going to have to give up smoking or singing…and I’m not going to let you stop singing” you smiled.  


“babbbyyyyy” Niall cried pulling you out of a deep sleep. You growled at him and rolled back over to try and fall asleep before you woke up completely. “babbbbbe” he called again this time a little louder. “Niall Horan, you better be dying!” you snapped at him. His lip started to quiver and his eyes turned a pale blue. “I don’t feel good” he pouted. You were wide awake instantly, “what’s wrong’ you panicked. “My throat, my head, my nose,” he started listing off things that were hurting him. You smiled to yourself, he always exaggerated the common cold. “Come here baby” you said pulling him closer to you. You felt his lips spread into a smile on your flesh. “I’m going to get you some medicine” you offered. “No, stay here” he pleaded. “I’ll be back” you said pulling yourself from his grasp. When you returned he had cocooned himself into the duvet, hiding his face. “Niall!” you playfully rebuked at him. “I don’t need medicine, I just need your loving” he cried. “Niall take this medicine!” you yelled at him. “No!” he said shaking his head. “I will call your momma so fast Niall Horan!” you threatened him. “Fine!” he said opening his mouth to take it quickly. “Are you happy now?” he asked. “Very! Now come here and let me give you that loving you are in desperate need for” you joked with him.


One thing Liam couldn’t afford was being sick on tour so his body always seemed to wait until he made it back to his flat to completely give up on him. The common cold he could handle, a scratchy throat was no problem, sore muscles he could deal with but when a migraine hit, it would take every ounce of his strength to make it through the day. All you could do was lay in bed with him in the dark and casually rub his temples, warm up a heating pad, and give him medicine every four hours. You would sit in silence with him the whole time, only speaking if he worked up the strength to ask you a question. Every so often you would kiss him softly or pull him closer into your chest. You hated seeing him like this, but you knew his body was tired and this was the only way it could get him to sit back and relax.

Thanks for reading!

K, 2015